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    Staff Application:[/b]

    Age: I am currently 11[/b]

    Skype: I don't feel comfortable giving my Skype out infront of any other people at this time, please PM me and I'll give it to you there :)[/b]

    Time Zone: GMT+![/b]

    Experience: Well I haven't really had any experience in staff roles but I am aware of the expectations of a staff member and will meet then at any given time.[/b]

    Why you want to be Staff on SimplyVanilla: Well SimplyVanilla seems like a very nice server with a good, caring owner that's dedicated to what they do and helpful staff members to assist his/her role. I want to be staff on SimplyVanilla because I love interacting with people and helping people out. Some people don't really like interacting with other people but as a staff member, It's one of the most important things.[/b]

    Why you're the best contender for this position: I am the best contender because, as stated above, I just love helping people out! I am very eager at what I do and I never give up, no matter what the task is. As well as being helpful in-game, I would also be active and helpful on the forums of SimplyVanilla and post frequently to update users of the server. An average person would say the job of a staff member is 'taking care of hackers' but that's not my interpretation of a staff member. Although hackers are a big part of a staff members role, taking care of the server is another, and making a good impression of yourself.[/b]

    That's all I have to offer at this stage but if I get accepted, there will be a lot more to come.[/b]

    Have a nice day and take care! -Benxus[/b]

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