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Housekeeping at the Ymca. Also a vounteer. I'm 21 years old white male. I play minecraft in flat mode creative and just starting working on the it. Plan to make a big cool town, village, city or just cool structures. I play whenever i can. I play with a headset with a micro phone, i dont real care if my friends have a microphone headset. Anyone welcome. I will destroy any srructure inappropriate or take out anyone who is disrespectful or bullying. Iswear and don't really care if anybody else swear in the game. I starting a creative mode in structure mode too.

If you add me thanks and please be kind and respectfull and have fun too.

- Fungamer960 AKA Thomas John Hanthorn 🏗🔨⛏🛠⚒🔧🏹


Minecraft creative mood, shooting games, pokemon game

Location Crown point indiana

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Minecraft Fungamer960 PSN Fungamet960

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Skype [email protected]