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    posted a message on Looking for Co-Owners, Mature Staff, Good Builders & BASIC SCRIPTWRITERS!!

    • Age & Date Of Birth: age 90 date of birth 69 bc

    • Maturity level 1-10: Well there's no -69 you said 1-10 so I guess 1

    • Fun-Loving level 1-10 (weighed just as heavily as maturity level): Well theres no -21 you said 1-10 so I guess one.

    • Why YOU SPECIFICALLY are the best possible choice for this position. I want examples, & Original ideas you've had that can improve the server & stuff like that. NOT the generic, "I'm what you said you are looking for. pick me so that i can grief the crap out of your server..."
    • I'm the best choice because I won't vote for your server which means I can ddos and grief your server even more!! Ps: I know how to use the broadcast command. I hope you can use my knolage.
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