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    NAME: Shawn

    AGE: 15

    IGN: SparkyRocks45

    DISCORD: Spark#0463

    POSITION OF CHOICE: Head Admin/Admin/Mod

    WHY CHOOSE YOU: A good staff looks at everyones perspective for making a decision, someone who works well with others, has good ideas to bring to the team and I feel I have the those traits of a good staff, I have many traits to bring to a staff team from managing staff to being on a build team. When it comes to being an Admin/Mod, I look at everyomes side of the story and if there are any, witnesses before I make a decision, When it comes a person being reported for hacking, I look to see if there is any evidence and determine whether he is not hacking/possibly hacking/hacking, if he is possibly hacking I will get further evidence before coming to a conclusion.


    I worked all the way up to Admin on a server called orecraft which merged into flame survival (something like that), I had to reapply for staff and chose to become a builder and was accepted for a while before it ended up shutting down

    If u have any questions, feel free to DM me

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