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    Well done! Thank you for sharing.

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    IGN: Serp_

    Age: 18

    Discord Name: mattserp#3662

    Why you'd like to join: I really like the description of the server, and I look forward to playing with others in a town.
    A wee bit about you (just a few sentences:) I live in the US, I'll soon be going to college. I casually play video games and I love music and history and talking to interesting people.

    Play style (eg. redstoner): I don't play a ton of survival, I would mostly be interested in helping out where I can, and deciding what to focus on when I see what's needed. I also might like to organize fun community things, like contests and games or whatever. I'm down for anything.

    Pictures of builds if you have any: No pictures on this computer, sadly. I'm not a great builder, anyway, but I can manage to pull something decent together with enough time.
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    In-Game Name: Serp_
    Age:(preferably 16+) 18
    Discord Tag: (EX: unknown#1234) mattserp#3662
    What is your favorite thing about playing Minecraft?: Working with others to build something cool.

    Why are you interested in joining?: I hope to be part of a chill, smaller community.
    Do you agree to our server's rules?: Yes.

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