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    Meanwhile, with the Mercs...
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    Quote from 64bitgenius

    ehhhhhhhh.....no sand, and no gravel. some redstone genius could MAYBE figure it out; possibly by using powered rails that go down with sticky pistons, collect the block, and come back up, block by block, so that there would be no problem of pushing more than 12 blocks. it'd be one hell of a project tho.

    Or just use invisible stairs. . .
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    So I made two buildings so far. All of this is for a map inspired by Bioshock. For those who don't know, Art Deco is an art style.

    Here's the first one I made.

    And the third one I made, I deleted the second because it was off centered and messed up.

    So what do you guys think?
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    A boss battle? I completely disagree. Its too small for a boss battle, WAY too small, its about 10 - 15 blocks square. I think its just a room that the "Miners" dug out, I think if its anything, it should be like a mining station, furnaces, chest, crafting tables, etc.
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    "Hell" Doesn't exist in minecraft. The Nether is another Dimension. And Mojang is working on the sky dimension NOT the aether, The Aether is a mod. So basicly, what your saying is irrelevant. Also, Please stop calling these things "Hell" and "Heaven" Because Notch said when he was originally making minecraft, that he wanted NO religion in his game.
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