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    posted a message on New Minecraft Server Seeking Experienced Staff Must Apply.
    Specific Skill:I am great with building redstoning and i know all the commands for world edit and admin commands.
    Will you Grief:I swear i will never ever grief.
    Will you abuse:I have never abused my powers and i never will so no.
    Are you Loyal:Yes i swear i am i have never not done what people told me if there owner :D
    How will you benefit the Server:I can make sure no one hacks our cheats and i can help do lots of things.
    Servers you have been staff on:I have been Co-owner and admin on 2, and i have rented 1 before.
    Hope it helped :D
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    posted a message on Help need staff and make my server no hamachi and building spawn
    Email:(put you email)[email protected] MAKE SURE ITS pr0 With a 0 not a o :D

    ING: (in game name)frog8fly

    Are you good with tecnical stuff?:Yes

    Are you a good builder?:I am an AMAZING BUILDER il show you on server

    Good with Redstone?:Yes very

    Respectful with the players?:I am very respectful and nice

    Respect the rules and player's creations?Yes i will.

    Not a hacker?:I do not hack

    Are you nice?VERY im very nice

    How much time do you play minecraft:Few hours

    When did you started playing minecraft?:2 years

    NO A TROLLER?:I do sometimes but usaually not :D
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