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    posted a message on @Petition to overhaul diffuculty
    Quote from KyoShinda

    Those tweaks make minimal differences. If you get surrounded by a bunch of good-AI zombies that can bust down doors, they'll still do the same damage to your easily-obtainable iron set. Do you see my point yet?

    My point is, zombies shouldn't be tweaked.

    Difficulty isn't just how strong mobs are, it's multiple factors.

    The biggest flaw right now, being how fast you are able to reach that point where zombies aren't a threat, it needs to be cut down a lot.

    So, cutting down on iron ores helps, and so does adding a new set of mobs that are buffed, or stronger, or ect.

    As difficulty isn't about adding a mob that has more HP and stronger hits, but also a mob that has abilities, such as flying..
    Understand my point?

    Torches/Lanterns just delay the steps between say, iron and diamond. Even if only slightly.

    And, the other one will make overall more mobs spawn throughout the world. Not much more challenging, but more encounters of mobs does add challenge.
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    posted a message on Where the heck are any mobs?
    I know you feel strong about your suggestions, but please stop posting soo many threads about it.

    Let the records state that I agree the game needs more challenge, and that reducing caves and ores would be a plausible solution.
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    posted a message on @Petition to overhaul diffuculty
    I guess overall I think general tweaks to things, and small game play additions will make it harder. :smile.gif:

    Complete overhaul shouldn't be needed though! /pointofthread
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    Quote from WildCreeper

    Torches burning out is the worst idea I ever seen.

    This is what would happen with a newbie player:

    1-Oh! Im going outside for killing pigs!

    2-Cool! I got some pork! Now I'm going home!


    4- *player dies and respawns*

    5- go back to step 1.

    And, also, it's rather annoying also for a veteran player to see his underground mine full of monsters and having to lit it all again.

    Seriously guys. People can talk about herobrine and guns, but I just can't stand burning out torches.

    But the other ideas are pretty good IHMO.

    That's the exact reason why "Lanters (which are a new craftable)" will be introduced.

    They can be crafted using iron and glass and an torch, or something like that. Point is, it does add challenge.
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    posted a message on @Petition to overhaul diffuculty
    Well this was added because it is in a sense, it's own suggestion to overhaul difficulty.

    And as to how this is a useless thread, it's not? A useless thread would be something similar to "LET'S ADD INTERNET TO MC", pointless suggestion.

    This thread suggests thing, that Notch himself (I know, Jeb is lead dev now) has said he was going to add/has added already.

    And making mobs spawn in higher light levels would make it more diffuclt...
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    posted a message on @Petition to overhaul diffuculty
    I'm not going to lie, I briefly read what you have all posted. Mostly looked over graphs and such, mainly because I have nearly no time right now.

    But, anyways.. I will have to strongly disagree with your ideas. The game does need a more difficult feel, but I believe it could be solved in a more simpler way. Let me explain:

    You have been on these forums since Nov 10th 2010, which means I must assume you have played since then. This means you have, in reality, likely experienced the Halloween update.

    I want you to, try and remember 2 things from that.

    1) Mobs spawn at higher light levels, the lower you go. (adjust this however)


    2) Torches burn out, with lanterns to replace them.

    These sound like much nicer, cleaner ways to improve difficulty to the game.

    1) Adjust the "Mobs spawn at higher light levels the lower you go" To a tad bit more complicated system, but more rewarding.
    Make is so anything below level 40, have their own algorithm vs anything above that. This will make it so at night time, there are many more mobs potentially, and caves also have many more mobs. As stronger mobs should not be needed. (Though, dungeons/strongholds should be way more harder)

    To review, this system will add nearly nothing (so far), and still greatly adjust mechanics. (It will also re-invent current mob grinders, allowing for efficiency once again)

    2) Make torches burn out. Simple, it could get annoying...But have lanterns be a permanent light source. The, widely unknown reason why this was never implemented, was because the OLD lighting system would have been far more buggy. With the new system however, it will work much cleaner and nicer.

    To review again:
    Torches burn out, lanterns (new craft-able) can be used as permanent light source.

    Another suggestion I have, is to independently create a algorithm for each mob. Such as slimes have. In doing so, they should completely revamp how all that part of the code is currently... coded?

    And instead of adding stronger variations of mobs, just make new mobs.

    Bats would be amazing to have in ravines, for example.

    This is my suggestion to improve difficulty.
    Really basic, and doesn't change all too much. (well, besides my second to last part of it)

    Other ideas/tweaks are welcome!

    Also to note, it does get very easy after playing for awhile. But it's very much hard in the beginning parts, and even mid-game.

    Mobs hit plenty hard enough already, no need to beef it up there.

    However, perhaps a mob (bats) that deal a bit less damage, such as 1 heart.. But completely ignore all armor. Or make it so say, Endermen ignore all armor up to diamond?
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    posted a message on Finding A Perfect World Without Seeds?
    Yea, it's possible!

    As to all the idiots that don't understand the question...
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    posted a message on i don't know whether i should buy this game or not...
    One of us... One of us...
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    posted a message on how is the fire charge different from flint and steel?
    If you put it in a dispenser it will shoot a blaze-fireball
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    posted a message on My argument against the Silk Touch "fix".
    I agree with ice, but NOT mob spawners.
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    posted a message on Offensive Language
    Believe I saw Jeb tweet about something regarding a ban to someone on the translation page thing..
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    posted a message on Silk Touch can suck my Golden Pick
    Exp is meant to disappear when you die, that's what makes it more valuable.

    Second, enchanting is random.. Try using Iron tools, as they are a good balance between gold and diamond, since Diamond is the hardest to enchant and gold is the easiest.

    Not to mention, this is a pointless thread..
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    posted a message on Do We Dislike Torches That Expire?
    I loved the idea of this, but sadly I believe it was because of implications regarding "I don't want it, because what if I misclick and my house is wooden!" (while relighting the torches)

    That was a huge complaint.
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    posted a message on Mini-Map
    Interesting idea, though I REALLY dislike it when people suggest recipes for things.

    (Except for obvious things, such as the compass suggestion way back when)
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    posted a message on I found my 2 year old Alpha world (Video/Download)
    Some people would have kept their worlds and still be playing them. I would have, but it got terribly corrupted, before any support or anything happened.

    My current world is great though :smile.gif:
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