About Me
Hello! Name's Frits191.
I am a Sectional Moderator for Minecraft Discussions.
I have moderated MC Discussion since 07/July/2013 and onwards! (1 Year+ currently :D)
You might see me going through topics in discussions, or you'll see me helping people in support!
I usually listen to music (I love hardstyle!), and I play a lot of games.
Whatever I'm doing, if something's bugging you, feel free to ask for help!

Remember: If I gave you an infraction and you are not sure why, feel free to ask!
I will gladly explain to you why you received your warning/infraction.


New to the forums? Not sure if you are allowed to advertise your server/youtube channel?
Read the rules first!


Need to speak to me?
Do you have a burning question which needs an answer?
You will most likely find me on:

Skype: mm.maurice
Steam: frits191
you can also send me a PM!

Have some gifs!

MLP, Coding, Minecraft, Hardstyle, Fallout, Anime, doctor who, generally doing nothing
Location The Netherlands

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Minecraft frits191 Xbox frits191 Steam frits191

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Skype mm.maurice