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    Map does not load in that version.

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    EP #3



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    You stumble upon a crystal. The crystal gives you knowledge, skill, etc. in exchange for defending the crystal from waves of enemies.

    Defend the Crystal is a map idea I had for some time. The goal of the map is to defend the crystal until the final wave is over. To do that, you are able to build structures on the land to support the players in the front line, or go out and fight yourself.

    There are 'builder' classes and there are 'fighter' classes. The 'builder' classes provide the infrastructure and the economy to support the fighter classes, while the fighter classes attack enemies trying to get to the crystal. Between waves, there is a period of calm, where the fighter classes can go out to complete optional sidequests to obtain powerful artifacts.

    NOTE: All that is listed is not final.

    Builder Classes

    The Botanist plants plants to generate materials and to clear the blight on the land, allowing the builder to build on them.

    The Builder creates structures using the materials from the Botanist's plants, setting up various infrastructure and defense mechanisms.

    The Blacksmith creates weapons from the materials.

    Fighter Classes

    The Fighter is a DPS-heavy character.

    The Defender is a tank.

    The Cleric is a healer.

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    zip your folder

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    Rebuild hype. Start from square 1. Pretend it is a new idea.

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    Many map threads have 0 replies. It almost seem as if whether a map is popular comes down to whether the mapmaker is lucky.

    What, do you think, makes a popular map?

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    Minecraft only has 1 circle: your shadow.

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    Quote from undefined »

    Health is a defensive potion. It heals stuff.

    Damage, on the other hand, is a useless potion. It heals stuff you want dead, and it hurts you.

    I don't know about you, but if one was to use a Weakness II splash potion in a PvP match, they would have the upperhand. 75% is a large chunk. Having a player, affected with Weakness II, is pretty much vulnerable. Also, one could increase Weakness' potency by using glowstone dust. So this is OP. [/b]

    You can say the same thing about affecting people with Slowness and kiting them with a bow. That is, if they don't bring out their own bow. Remember that Weakness only affect melee attacks, and not ranged attacks. You can spam bow shots to counter it.

    I will also like to enable stacking of splash potions up to a stack of 2 or 4. Overpowered, potions, stacked to two or more, is too much. Especially since Potions provide useful and effective effects when PvPing or PvEing.[/b]

    Weakness isn't that good. Strength, on the other hand, is. Similarly, Speed is much better than Slowness. Every potion that has a Spider Eye (fermented or not) (other than Invisibility, which is broken) in its recipe is currently not worth it in PvE.

    There is no reason to debuff the enemy when all your fights are short, and brutal (unless facing potion-immune bosses).

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    div class="quote-body">

    I don't support adding more potions to the game.

    My comments:

    2. Although you took back removing invisibility potions, I think invisibility potions are very useful in pvp games in multiplayer, but they don't really have a good use in single player worlds.

    They are pretty useful for exploring without having to worry about mobs. They reduce the acquisition range of mobs to you depending on how little armor you are wearing.

    5. Finally, you were incorrect when you were talking about instant damage and healing potions effects on the undead. Instant healing actually damages the undead, it never healed the undead. Instant damage heals the undead as of this moment.

    That's what I meant. That causes Instant Damage to be nearly useless to nearly everything else (like lava blades, or burning mobs with Flint and Steel)

    Overall, no support.


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    Responses in bold.
    Overall, No support.

    Weakness decreases your damage by 1/2 hearts.

    Poison and Regeneration simply don't work on undead. Poison don't work on spiders.

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    Quote from Raffilcagon»

    They're supposed to be rare. You're suppose to find a diamond after 20 minutes of mining, they are designed to be hard to find little gems you treasure and think hard about what you'll use them for.

    As for your idea itself, realism doesn't bring a whole lot of fans. The realistic ideas, like Thirst and Heat bars, are shot down pretty quick around here, not just because they're ideas that have been suggested to death. Besides, your idea wouldn't change much. You'd still be spelunking around, or digging around, hoping you come into contact with ore. The people who go all-out would make software that could detect exactly which chunks are gold points, and which are duds. But if there are any players like me out there, some people would prefer to not use it and just go by eye.

    This idea isn't necessary, it wouldn't improve mining, it would make it a more complex thing.

    Yes, but isn't mining a little too simple (and counterintuitive)?

    When one sees a vein of ore, one might think there are other veins of ore in the area, instead of it being just one vein in the middle of no other veins of the same ore.

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    It really isn't. I have about 14 diamond blocks at the moment (with a full set of diamond armor and tools, and i barely branch mine. Most of it get from cave mining.
    Diamond's distribution is perfect as it is. Rare enough for you to not encounter it constantly, but frequent enough for you to find it when you really want to find it.

    You are lucky.

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    This changes nothing to branchmining. You still branchmine until you find an ore deposit. The only difference is that you'll find fewer deposits, with larger amounts of ore. Realism<Gameplay.
    Current ore distribution is fine as it is. Iron may be a little bit too common, but that's really the only issue.
    no support.

    Diamond is a little bit too rare. It is too hard to find without branch mining.

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    posted a message on Overhauling Offensive Potions

    Currently, there are nearly no use for offensive potions (Instant Damage, Poison, Weakness) as they either do not work or they are too expensive.

    My suggestion is to make them viable in more cases, and perhaps increase the number of potions in the game.

    Firstly, thrown potions should have the player's velocity upon potion throw added to them. This is to avoid unrealistic physics and colliding into a potion you threw forward.

    Instant Damage/Instant Health

    Instant Health no longer damage undead. Instant Damage no longer heal undead.

    Now you have a reason to carry those potions around in singleplayer.


    Poison can affect spiders and undead.



    Weakness remade. Weakness now causes the target to have a chance to deal no damage, rather than decreasing their damage. Weakness now has 2 ranks.

    Weakness I - 50% chance to deal no damage.

    Weakness II - 75% chance to deal no damage.

    Slowness is not changed.

    New Potion: Potion of Blindness

    Replaces Potion of Invisibility

    Reduces the mob's acquisition range to 5 blocks.

    Mobs will forget about you if you are more than 10 blocks away from them.

    New Potion: Potion of Hydrophobia

    Causes the affected mob/s to be damaged by water.

    Created by reversing the Potion of Fire Resistance.

    New Potion: Potion of Luminescence

    Causes the affected mob/s to be lit up.

    Created by brewing coal into an awkward potion.

    Reverse it to get the Potion of Invisibility.


    In addition to the new potions, I would like to add the functionality of crafting a Potion into a Bow, allowing you to shoot the potion long distances.

    I will also like to enable stacking of splash potions up to a stack of 2 or 4.

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    Ores usually occur in large deposits, in certain areas of the world. They are not evenly distributed in real life.

    My suggestion is simple: reduce ore density mapwide while increasing ore density of certain ores in randomly chosen chunks.

    This will not only make diamonds and other rare ores easier to find, but will promote exploration rather than mindless branch mining everywhere.

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