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    Hello forumers, I'm freestylemoney. I'm new to managing an SMP server, but I believe I can do it. I have a fresh, newly generated world to offer you. The world was randomly generated, and nothing was changed except for a few signs and terrain changes. This server will be white-listed, as I believe that if it wasn't, I would get griefed repeatedly by trolls and/or idiotic children. I'd like to eventually make this server into one similar to the MindCrack server. This means that I'd like people to treat others fairly and with respect. This also means that PvP is allowed, but is highly unencouraged. The first word is "mojang".

    Please read the rules before filling out an application.


    1) No Griefing, EVER.
    2) Treat other players fairly and with respect.
    3) NEVER ask for OP powers.
    4) NEVER ask for Creative.
    5) If you record videos, tell an admin before doing so.
    6) The second word is "rocks".
    7) Do not "borrow" items from other players.

    More rules might be listed later.


    Why do you want to be a part of this server?:
    What do you have to offer to the server?:
    What TZ (timezone) are you in, and how often will you get on?:
    What are the words?:

    Please copy and paste this application into your reply, but remember to fill it out before you do. ;)

    Server IP:

    Server Site: www.minecraftfreecraft.webs.com

    Once your application is accepted, you may log onto the server. When you spawn, please read the message board before starting on your adventure.

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