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    posted a message on killed a pink sheep and didnt realize until it was too late.

    me being the idiot i am i was going around a really big plains biome where there were literal tons of animals in which i was killing all indiscriminately for food and for a second i looked at the floor to look at my phone (i dont know why i guess i dragged my mouse with my hand as i did) and when i looked back at the screen i saw a sheeps foot so the first thing i did was jump and attack with a diamond sword without even looking at it and by midway through its dying animation i realized it was a pink sheep. in the 4 years ive been playing id only seen one before when i was on a 60,000 block journey in seach of a new home and i saw it not realizing how rare it was. now, the second time, i literally saw it for a split second AFTER i had killed it. what a horrible and cursed life i lead.

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    posted a message on tnt launchers no longer working?

    everytime i build and use a tnt launcher the tnt still blows everything in the surrounding area up, does anyone know why this might be?

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