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    4.0.1a can´t be accesed from adf.ly. Infinite relink

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    the last mod that I need for 1.4.6 is this :´(

    good work!
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    Quote from hubertnnn

    Why they even made this 1.4.4? It only added /enchant and spawn baby to creative, no one will use that anyway and becouse af that I will need to wait again for all 70 mods to get updated. Another month of waiting or even more.
    Jeb, :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: for you.

    And talkig about old worlds, I do play 1.2.5 still becouse I need to wait for some mods and I will also try to port some of my old worlds to mystcraft ages soon. The only problem is that I will need a tyll that will exchange block Ids for mads that were used in that old worlds

    more than 120 BUG FIX is not enough reason for you? (updating miniors version are "easy/1-2 days to update" (compared to mayor versions) because bug fixes usually change implementation, not the "API")
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    Quote from ozBillo

    The spanish translation is in the game under Español. (oops. too quick on the draw)
    This is the official forum.

    Redpower should have an official forum, because this is a "topics mess". In a forum we should have order.
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    Quote from jordanlm98

    If computers and turtles have to run on fuel i'll probably stop using this mod.

    Honestly, if you want everything to be balanced, you shouldn't be using mods at all.

    Like I said before... Fuel system should be OPTIONAL ... to make everybody happy.
    You shouldn't say "don't use this mod if you don't like it", because other peoples could do the same to you if you don't like the "new changes". Everyone should propose IDEAS, with flexible options. So, if you dont like it, you can Disable the feature (or enable, depends on the default state of the option), because "stop using the mod" is not an option for anyone.
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    Quote from ScottKillen

    I disagree.The flaw I see is that you are stating your subjective opinions as fact. For me, I use the computers and the turtle for automated problem solving. If a fuel is added that I have to manually check and refill, etc. then the mod is pointless to me. I like that the items are available early in the game.

    And certainly, you have the power to fix the "problem", as you see it, yourself...you could automate some kind of system that dumps resources into lava everytime a turtle moves. If you want to have the same kind of work that you would have with a refillable fuel requirement, you could experience this by following your turtle around and tossing something out of your inventory everytime it moves.

    If, however, Dan implemented your system, I could not enjoy the mod...because I don't have a way to make it cost less. I work many hours and I want to come home and play with the toys in my minecraft box for a few hours, not do mindless grinding for days just to get enough fuel to have a few hours of fun. Getting the programming right, etc. is a high enough cost in my opinion.

    People will not stop playing a mod because it is overpowered (they can always make extra rules that they have to follow to make the mod work for them) But people will not play a mod that make you jump through hoops before you an ever use the first item.

    Everytime someone comes up with a cool mod, there is a certain group of people that starts complaining that it is too easy, or overpowered, or whatever...but I never can figure out why they believe that others should have to play the way they do...if it is too easy, it is a minor thing to force yourself to make it harder, but why legislate this on everyone else?

    Quote from streetstar5

    Agreed. And btw, programming is the fuel :)

    I understand your point of view, but there is a lot of simple solutions for this.

    1) if you want simple... use creative mode.
    2) if you want some difficult, use survival.
    3) if you want survival, WITHOUT fuel system, a simple disable option in the config file could solve the problem.

    The fuel system could be something simple, for example, COAL. Or a machine like a dock station that recharge the turtle batteries, and that machine can be recharged using coal... if you don't want to add more items to the mod.

    The mod should be awesome for all the people, so... it can be flexible using config file to enable or disable the features you want! and all the people happy!

    Quote from Apemanzilla

    Fuel!?!? Really??? Isn't programming enough, now I also have to collect FUEL FOR TURTLES TO MOVE?!?!?

    Be honest. Programming is not too difficult... (with 5 - 10 lines you could REPLACE buildcraft Quarrys), thats why I said that its overpowered...

    Quote from Lahrmid

    I seriously ****ING hate the obvious "so don't use it hurr durr" response.

    It's such a horrible and pathetic statement that idiots use to argue with.


    ^ that's you.

    i agree :)
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