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    Heya , fr34ksh0w_w1ll0w here , forgetting my old Twitch login. XD

    Anyways , I'll skip to the point. I am looking for vocalists as I am hoping to create an album for Spotify , Napster , etc. for November simply called "Vocalized Vol.01" in which , 16 of my tracks will be vocalized , rather than just their regular instrumental counter-parts.

    I already have 1 album on Spotify called "Gradient" though it is just a collection of my older music that I had thought would be acceptable to put there rather than just let die.

    I know that you will wish for proof , so here it is below.

    If the links don't work to click , just copy and paste them into your HTML search thingy at the top , or cut off the https:// and leave out the .com if you're skeptical , I understand with it being online and everything. No worries.


    -> https://open.spotify.com/artist/4696IffCHplOHNHVNMy9Hg?si=52LBNKiMQkO7-1SkUF1Aqw

    GRADIENT (Oct 13 2018) <Collection of super old music>

    -> https://open.spotify.com/album/2F1VWmNYysansFT5SC0cjd?si=Wb7ciT26RuajBT_zBEpizQ

    FEEL THIS! (May 29 2019) Newer music

    - left

    SLIME TIME! (June 24 2019) Super new Music


    Discord Link


    If any of you are interested , I made a quick Discord server for people to join and we can talk there , as sadly on June 16th the forums will become Read-Only and I move on June 1st 2019 back to Napanee , Ontario , Canada. Thusly from May 29th - June 3rd (minimum) I will have no internet , making this kind of a weird time to type this. :P
    But it's link heavy BECAUSE of the read-only as well and for anybody wanting to vocalize tracks in the future to be able to join in.

    I use Distrokid and with the teams options everything will be split evenly between myself and vocalists on the tracks.

    The only thing that is needed for Distrokid would be the email you intend to use Distrokid with , as it's kind of a bint that way , and the music name that you wish to be known under ... Which can be a toughie because I am uncertain if it can change in the future on the track. :T

    But , yeah. In the Discord I will put my music of each album up for people to listen to , and hopefully some of you will hear a track that you would like to vocalize , if you choose a track then I will make a private chat for us where we can come up with lyrics together and eventually have you vocalize the track and have it on Vocalized Vol.01 , whenever it shall come out (hopefully November at the latest).

    Anyways , I'm rambling , so , yeah ... If you're interested , the Discord server is there. Just made it as I was writing this. I'm online at weird hours and I thought I may as well post this before I go to bed. So , yeah. Night.

    Edit: Links for Feel This and Slime Time broke somehow , so I had to put them back up. XD

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