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    Anyone interested in being a vocalist for my track just friend me on Discord.

    fr34ksh0w Liam Willows#1161

    50% of any profits made off the track will go to you.

    I use Distrokid , and it is amazing. $16 per year (I use the $35)

    Distrokid allows me to choose 50% of profits for myself and 50% of profits to whoever helps with each individual track , that is how I will make sure it is equal.


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    Sent a request
    Discord is fr34ksh0w Liam Willows#1161

    (Halloween-W1ll0w if it still hasn't updated)
    Me and some buds just made a group channel called "TeaCultGaming" if you're down to join our group.

    We chat through Discord.

    It's myself , Mizoriez & Midnight.

    We have 7 or 8 videos out and 8 subscribers (very new as I said) and we release gaming. :P
    Anything aside from that we upload to our main channels.

    I personally just use a Headset I bought at a Pawn Shop and it works perfect for what I need as a mic & speakers.

    I use Lightworks usually for editing , if not , then just WMM for simple edits that are VERY SIMPLISTIC.

    Name's Kaaden btw. Turned 19 a month ago.

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    Oi , y'er Discord name is not working for me for some reason.


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    Allo' , fr34ksh0w_w1ll0w here , and I'm looking for some buds to play and record Minecraft with. As well as other games potentially , like GTA V , Battleblock Theatre , Hand Simulator , GMod , Call of Duty , etcI'm not gonna make this super long , I'll leave my Discord below.

    No requirements , why do people even have them.



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    Allo' , fr34ksh0w_w1ll0w here.

    Age: 18

    Discord: fr34ksh0w_w1ll0w-Generation2_OCW#1161

    Roles applying for

    Musician - FL Studio

    Actor - PC Mic , buying Headset in less than a week

    Builder - Built spawns for several friends , and for OutKasted made a few sets

    I have done some acting in 2 series , Tekkit with PandaTurds Season 2 & OutKasted by JaguarFilms.

    Although my regular voice is terrible , I have been working on a different voice for the past week or so , and while it's not perfect , I can hold it for about a minute before I start to have my voice crack. Basically I raise my voice extremely high so it sounds like a child's voice.

    I have done building for OutKasted and have helped a few of my friends with their server's builds , mainly spawns.

    Right now I just have my PC mic , but on September 1st I am going shopping for a legit headset.

    I use FL Studio to create music , though I usually use Non-Copyright Royalty-Free drums , as I cannot make good sounding drums. Everything else is 100% me though in my music.

    Please consider me for the series. I will do the voice-acting there , as I don't know where to send the video to.

    I am available most days.

    Tuesday and Thursday between 17:00 to 21:00 I am unavailable however.

    I am going to put some of my music on youTube (that I haven't already) and I'll put one in the comment in a bit.

    My music (playlist) [Shows just I'm the Potato for some reason]

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