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    Hey i am Lucas and i am 14 years old!

    If you have videos to get edited

    I will help you

    I can edit well

    Means that Good Quality :D

    I have been into video editing for 3 years now

    And you will need to pay money

    If you don't want to pay money, I still can help but I won't put your videos in the first place

    So if you want to get your videos quickly

    Paypal needed thx! (I can still help you for free)

    Only work on weekend

    PLS PLS if you want me to help you

    Follow the instructions

    1. Add my discord Fqter#9623

    2. Send me a massege with these things:

    (1) Your video (footages)

    (2) Your estimated time of the video

    (3) Your music (Optional)

    3. Paypal (Optional)

    Heres the price:

    $3 Basic Videos

    $6 Good Videos

    $10 Professional Videos

    $20 ULTRA Videos

    $100 LOL

    Thanks a lot!!!

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    posted a message on Need a Good Screen Recorder

    OBS studio is the best i think

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