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>:ohmy.gif: ANGER . . . and also making pvp maps but mostly anger from THE ***** WHO GAVE ME ARTHRITIS AND EPILEPSY also getting a job for personal reasons but because of my disabilities i just sit in my chair ALL DAY EVERY DAY EVERY WEEK EVERY MONTH EVERY YEAR so far its been 4 years and i have spent more than WAY MORE than half of that time in this chair i would proly kill some one who broke it and i often think of the twisted psychological impact this must be having on me and infact many people would say they would kill them selfs if they were me obviously those people play with dog turds and drink draino for a beverage . . . sorry lost my train of thought back to things i like and not my horrid life style also im the most reasonable and none bias person ever since i was raised and sheltered like an anthrax sample . . . wait thats still about my life . . . . ummmm i . . . . . . i can cook ok i suppose . . . . . . ugh i know alot of things you would never know to ask and have a very odd sounding voice that sounds like a fart being play on full blast through 6 sanyo mcs5s at the same time (BASS) and have been told many time i should be a commentator or work at a radio station
Interests minecraft knowing things you would never ask like how much pressure it takes for a penguin to expectorate its POOP or that ants don't sleep

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