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    A zombie map by fourwind

    Hello everyone! This is technically my second map posted, not counting the flopped Legend of Lazula.
    It is a simple zombie survival map, with a custom texture pack (Which I will work on later when I make some more zombie maps).

    The story:
    You are staying the night in your parents Cabin in the woods. Your girlfriend/boyfriend left to go a the nearby town, but you have decided to stay behind. Its very late when you hear a spine chilling moan from outside the window. You take a look outside, and see a strange figure walking towards the cabin. As he gets closer, the light reveals his rotting flesh and disfigured face. In a panic, you run into the closet and look for something to defend yourself with. There, you find your weapons. You leave the closet as more approach the cabin. Are you ready?

    Armed with your trusty shotgun and machete, you have to kill as many zombies as possible.

    -No breaking or placing, follow the rules on signs.
    -Stay within the general vicinity of the cabin.
    -Do not hide in the attic.
    -Feathers are your score, your high score is how many feathers on a single life.



    (Sorry about the screenshots location, I didn't realize how fickle the forums were about it, will upload to a different place next time)

    -Added a bed and updated zombie pack, weapons are machetes now.
    -Moved spawn point

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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Ingame Screenshots
    If you don't like NPC villages, then just ****ing blow them up and burn them to the ground.
    Or ignore them. Or stay in 1.7 forever.

    Seriously... Every update :S
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    posted a message on the most retarted reason why you got banned from a smp
    Posted rule that said no cobblestone buildings. I had made a wooden house with cobblestone foundations, to make it look aesthetic. I got on the next day and it was completely gone, all my chest had been emptied too. I asked the admin about it and she said "I got rid of it." Why you ask? Because there was cobblestone in the building. I told her what she did wasn't very nice.



    People like that shouldn't be allowed to run minecraft servers.
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    Quote from ZakThompson

    Thats weird. My minecraft is running perfectly. Before It was skipping and laggy. So I went to a higher graphics card and played without external windows open. I can run on top settings at 130 fps now!

    That must **** alot of people off. 130fps.... what kind of world do we live in?
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    posted a message on An unsurprising discovery.
    If you were to fill your entire inventory with golden blocks,
    you would be carrying 44,460 metric tons, or 98,017,522 pounds of weight.

    That is about a third of all the gold ever mined.
    In comparison, it would take about 2.45 times as much iron to match that weight.

    Steve is the strongest mortal in existence. His bow probably has a 20 million pound pull back (Since it doesn't seem to do too much damage).

    Yes, I am also implying that even one PIG would take the most powerful weapons in the world to even scratch.
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    posted a message on [REQ][IDEA] Alcohol Mod
    When the source code for minecraft can be signed up for, I am thinking of starting on a mod that adds grape vines and hops. People always freak out when someone suggests some kind of controversial mod, like alcohol or drugs, but I think it would be very fun to get really really hammered and shoot arrows right past enemies heads.

    I would support this mod if someone makes it before I do.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] The Spider Queen v5.4
    I absolutely adore this mod, but sadly I cannot play it.

    After the first in game day, it lags like nothing I've ever seen before.
    1fps at all times, and it takes up insane amounts of RAM. Exiting minecraft and reloading it doesn't fix it, but making a new map does, until the next morning. I have no idea why it is doing this, and I'm wondering if someone else does.
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    posted a message on Your Minecraft nick name seeds
    I spawned on a beach, next to a nice looking plain filled with grass. There was a gigantic flat desert next to it.
    It was okay.
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    posted a message on About achievment suggestions
    I have a few things to say about peoples suggestions, things people are forgetting.

    #1: There is a sticky-ed thread for achievement suggestions now. Use that please.

    #2: These are not achievements, they are chores. Do not suggest achievements like these ones:

    Dig 1337 dirt
    Kill 100 mobs
    Find 10 diamonds
    Detonate 100 tnt

    #3: As achievments are not chores, suggestions should be actual goals such as:

    Mine a diamond
    Craft a golden item
    Die of suffocation
    Dye a sheep
    Craft a painting
    Kill a Zombie Pigman
    Reel in a Ghast
    Kill a spider, and its skeleton jockey.

    and finally, #4:
    Achievements are fun little goals to complete. They should not increase your "skill", they should not make you mine faster, they are simple mini-quests.
    Although achievement rewards (Such as a special cape for very very difficult ones) might be interesting.

    Thank you for your time.
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    posted a message on New Achievement Idea
    Interesting achievement idea, although I think a better goal would be:

    Shoot a mob with your bow while riding in a minecart.
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    posted a message on [MODDING]Achievements: Ask and thou shalt recieve!
    Please remember, things like "Bake 10 cakes" or "Kill 50 creepers" are not achievements that should be in minecraft. Seriously. Achievements are not chores, remember?

    Anyway, i have some achievements.

    -Bake a batch of cookies!

    -Craft golden armor (regardless, or maby because of the fact that it is useless)

    -Make a new canine friend!

    Yup. Deal with it.
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    posted a message on [REQ] SMP game modes
    Man, Every single time I spend like 15 minutes thinking out a thread to post, it gets instantly sandbagged. Gah...
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    posted a message on [REQ] SMP game modes
    Hello. I do not often post on the forums, but when I do, I post alot.
    So get comfortable.

    This post is NOT in purple due to its length.

    I miss the days of the creative zombies servers. They were fun, and kind of scary! Running away from blocky zombies, huddling in dark houses... waiting for the zombies to get you....

    Survival is very fun. But I know we all long for something different.

    This is where my idea comes into play. Basically, i would like a modder, or several modders, to help with adding in 3 new gamemodes for minecraft. These are both ones that notch would like to implement, but haven't been yet due to survival being his main priority.


    Zombie attack is NOT zombie siege. You do not build a base in this mode.

    Basically, no monsters besides zombies spawn. Zombies have a much larger sight radius, and will go towards the sound of footsteps. If possible, add some better path finding. There is no special zombies, just regular beefed up zombies.

    In this mode, all players are stuck in a giant city (or whatever the admin chooses), that is walled off on the sides.
    Zombies can be, and are everywhere. There is no doors, either that or zombies must be programmed to open doors and walk through them (Sounds difficult).

    The admin can hide chests throughout the map, with sparse weapons and food in them.
    The goal is to stay alive as long as possible.

    This game mode will take place in a smaller map, with two identical fortresses (Except for the color of the forts).
    In each fort, there is a spawn area with weapons in it, and a flag room.
    The object is what you would think. Grab the enemies flag and bring it to your base. First team to capture 3 flags wins.
    The flag blocks are sort of like signs. I can skin em real quick to show you later.

    Just like all those creative servers, lava survival is a game mode, where you have a limited time to build a base, and escape the lava.
    This is a little different though, as the lava starts at a low elevation, and slowly fills up the world. It will burn wood,
    and EVENTUALLY melt stone. Running from the lava will be a constant problem once your base has been breached.

    If you like the idea, please say so. If you are a modder who thinks that they can handle such a task, please message me.

    If I do not find a modder, DO NOT MAKE THIS MOD. I've had too many of my ideas stolen and I don't want it to happen anymore.

    This has been a wall of text, courtesy of
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    posted a message on DUNGEON FINDER 2.0!!!!!!!! FIND DUNGEONS WITH EASE
    These are incredibly easy to create, and can be used for finding ores as well. Also, before you go around using this pack for your advantage, realize that if someone finds out you are using one, its an insta-ban from most servers.
    Just saying.
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    posted a message on INVISIBLE SKIN
    Impossible, It will be pure black.
    Also, if this WAS possible, how come you can't just make a transparent image yourself?
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