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    Quote from korruptid239

    people who overblow the difficulty of converting the code know just as little about it as anyone else.

    simple game, simple code, relatively short code. enough said.

    people need a reality check, notch isn't a god among programmers, not by a freaking long shot, simple idea and he got lucky with it. the game wouldn't even be alive today without its modding community.

    i saw some people make some jokes about it, like if they all wanted to be millionaires then they could only have like 4 guys working on it.

    i think theres some truth to that statement.

    they'd rather spend longer because they get more money than if they hired more coders/better skilled coders.

    I suspect that you have never worked with the code itself, though that might not be the case.

    I have recently worked on a mod for Minecraft, and before that I worked on some small C# projects.
    The code difference between the two programming languages is major, and even simple statements will often have to be rewritten.

    Yes, Notch(Or Jeb) is no coding geniuses, but this is code they have worked on over time.
    Just because the code is badly written doesn't make it simple at all.
    For example, all the rendering code is done using LWJGL, but now they have to port it all unto xbox, where they will most likely use DirectX.

    Porting anything to another platform is neve ra copy-paste job, otherwise, it wouldn't need porting.
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    Really great idea!
    I never really looks for new mods anymore, because it is so confusing.. this might help! :D
    And I also think it will help new players to understand minecraft :)
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    Finish it off!
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    Well, I've got some experience in modding(I consider myself a beginner)
    But I can help out if you want!
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    I know how, but i'm not gonna tell you, it's only 15$ for the game, come on, you got parents etc...
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    wow :shock:
    This is so cool!
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