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    posted a message on Mac, Linux, Or Windows Minecraft?
    I've got a server running on Linux (Debian), and another server running on my win7 machine.

    Usually play it on my win7 machine considering I can't be arsed to swap to another OS due to my condition, it's quite a serious one actually, called laziness. I hear it spreads like wildfire.

    "Best" depends more on hardware than software (since it's just java). Though running a server on a secondary dedicated machine is a bit less troublesome.

    Windows is too prone to black screens of death.
    IIRC this was a bug with 1.3 and earlier where minecraft would reach the 901MB limit of RAM and then "crash". Since then it looks to have been fixed.

    But as always with these sorts of things, your mileage will always vary.
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    posted a message on Laggy / glitchy server any ideas?
    So that means my son and I lose the world we created this weekend then right? Since the server is running on my daughters IP address / computer, and if we change the server to be ran on my wifes macbook and we all log into that, the world is going to change right?
    Luckily, the worlds are universal.

    Wherever your minecraft server files are located on your daughter's computer, there should be folders, something like "world" "region" or "world 1". That would be the world you and your son were playing on. Simply copy that folder to whatever computer you plan on running the server from, to the same place as the server is being run, and you should be able to play your world.

    Note that if your world has a different name than the default one, you might need to edit server.properties (open with notepad or any text editor) and change the "level-name=" to "level-name=NameOfYourWorld'sFolderHere".

    As for setting difficulty, not at this time, it seems to be stuck on "normal" or "easy" for the time being. Unless you use something other than the default server software, which might have difficulty settings. HOWEVER, there is a way to stop monsters and/or animals from spawning if you desire. Simply open up server.properties and set "spawn-monsters=true" and/or "spawn-animals=true" to "spawn-monsters=false" and "spawn-monsters=false".

    Included pics and a copy/pasted version of my server.properties (your settings may vary):

    #Minecraft server properties
    #Fri Mar 11 18:25:55 EST 2011

    (your minecraft server folder should look similar to this):
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    posted a message on WARNING: Conficker C, aka the April fools virus, is in MC!
    Wow, both MSE and MBAM picked it up, which was bad because it started sending 9000 or so random packets out to a ton of different places. This is fairly worrying.

    >>>To those seriously concerned, check the date. ;P
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    posted a message on Vacations and why Minecraft is dying.
    Quote from rikachu »
    Reading this chart was hilarious. I applaud whoever made it.

    I do see a bit why people are complaining now though. I happen to be a pretty patient person though, and I really don't mind the current state of Minecraft right now. New additions are a bonus.

    Agreed. Although more frequent updates wouldn't hurt, perhaps they have something special up their sleeves.

    I personally love the part of the chart where 50% of 2011 is only 3 months into the year.
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    posted a message on .executable MineCraft?
    Windows/Mac/Linux fanboyism aside, It's not worth it for minimal gain.

    Importing into another language is also tedious and, again, not worth it for minimal (if any) gain.

    Keeping minecraft the way it is makes coding cross-platform a lot easier.

    what i am saying is that if
    people who don't want/feel the need
    to mod or to just want a quick game of survival test
    or somthin that they should'nt have to go through
    all te crap about java and all dat.

    and maybe when the final version is released it could
    be for other people whom want to play survival or classic
    (n00bs may benefit?)
    There is no "crap" you need to go through to install java and get the game running.

    Not to sound insulting, but if you knew how any of this worked, you would see how silly your proposition is. It makes no sense and there is no reason for it, at all.
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    posted a message on [Map][Puzzle] Dark Moon Hotel
    Playing now with the GF, will post back with results.

    Spawned near the beginning, but on the outside, had to break a cobblestone block on the top to get in.

    Overall pretty good, easy-med difficulty, especially with the dark maze (though it did hurt my eyes after some time).

    The platforming part seemed a bit weird, as you could easily just walk around the edges (could easily be fixed by adding blocks) and the part afterward with the lava, the first jump might not be possible since it is 2 blocks forward and you only jump around 1-1.5 blocks forward.

    The top floor's minecart thing was a bit awkward to figure out though, as if you get in the way of the chest cart, it goes back to where it was and cannot be retrieved.

    The method to open the last door there was odd as well, the pressure pad didn't seem to make sense since there was a lever next to the door.

    The powered minecart thing was also a bit awkward and seemed unnecessary. :tongue.gif:

    And last but not least, blowing up the tower is....... kind of impossible since it's made of obsidian.

    All in all good job for a v1.

    edit2: The player trap got me (FFFFFFFFF) so we didn't end up with all the slimes, but almost all of them.
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    posted a message on The Great 1.4 Suggestion Poll - Round 3!
    Quote from lupo29x »
    if the NPC AI got good enough for it, wouldn't it be awsome to watch pigmen building a settlement?

    It's definitely possible, although it might require a bit of work for just one feature, I think it would be awesome.

    The AI ingame right now is relatively simple and extremely basic (move a few blocks, scan radius, (repeat), if player is within radius, chase+fire weapon/hit, if player is out of radius stop chasing) but it wouldn't be too difficult to adapt it to, say, have the AI stay in a group, have them chop down trees for wood, mine minerals for materials, create items, etc.

    Say make a simple small village/mine (for weapons, houses, etc.) and just stay in their spawn area. Hell, maybe later down the line they could have them craft+set up booby traps.

    Of course the other route they could go (which is probably a lot easier with how minecraft is coded) is to simply have randomly generated villages put around the map where the pigmen live, and they can only spawn in said location (specific type of monster spawners in the houses maybe?)
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    posted a message on The Great 1.4 Suggestion Poll - Round 3!
    My thoughts:

    Tough choice, but NPC villages would be awesome, and would give the world a lot more life. (Friendly or hostile)

    And an improved minecart system would be just lovely, it's got a lot of room for improvement and is slightly hard to work with.

    More alloys and materials would be great to work with as well, and so would more furniture.

    That's the one thing I love about this game, the possibilities (modded or unmodded) for pretty much anything are pretty much endless.
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    posted a message on Best Screen Video Camera?
    If you have the HDD space and the computer (dual core @2.0 or higher pref) Fraps is a good one. Not free, but its a tiny cost for how often I use it, kind of like Minecraft or Magicka.
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    posted a message on New Bed Glitch?!
    Yup, went to bed and within a few secs a zombie appeared next to me.

    Very well lit mind you.

    Tried putting torches down all around the bed and that worked, no more zombie.

    I think they spawn if there is a light value less than 8 or 9 near the bed, which is a bit much.
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