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    posted a message on Looking for creative minded players to help with a map!

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for some creative builders to assist in building a lightly modded, adventure/survival map!

    Basic Map Information:

    True Creator

    A perfect being of immense power created the world, and at first, it was likewise flawless, but its perfection did not last. Whether by the Creator’s intent, subsequent abandonment, or unforeseen tragedy, the world has become flawed, but it could be far worse.

    The World is No Longer Relevant

    The world’s denizens have managed to overcome their ennui, and in the dawn of a new age, have begun to expand beyond the world, exploring and settling new worlds and dimensions beyond their plane.

    True Divinities

    The deities of the world are truly supreme beings, present in all places at once, with nigh-limitless power to bring to bear, and a sense of restraint most in their position would lack.

    Magic is Mundane

    Mortals have no magic, it is solely the domain of the world’s deities and lesser supernatural entities.

    Only Humans exist in the world.

    Plot Summary/Overview

    This world used to be perfect. The world was magnificent and truly perfect. Alamakaya, the Life Shaper deity, created a flawless planet for the gods. He shaped life into many amazing creations with a gentle vision for the planet. Then the war came. The humans on the planet started feuding about money, power, and other trivial things. People started growing angry. War broke out and decimated the population, leaving only small city states scattered across the planet. People were scared to leave the protection of their walls. Only in large, heavily armed groups would venture forth. The only others were the nomads, those that wandered in small numbers or even one person. There were bandits too of course. There was even the rare hermit, usually well hidden and behind heavily fortified shelters. They sustain themselves on the land; hunting, farming, raiding, and scavenging. Ruins were everywhere, magnificent cities and towns that were beautiful, where life was friendly and living was easy. Now they lie and burnt out shells of emptiness, devoid of life.
    In the past few years, things had become more optimistic, peaceful, and the people lived less in fear, but more in positive optimism. Hope had returned. But that was not to last. A sickness began creeping in from the eastern marshes. A corruption that corrupted the land and spawned monsters that craved blood of humanity. The souls of the dead were dragged from the afterlife and corrupted to serve an unknown master with a sinister intent. Spiders grew from annoyances, to dangerous. Ocean creatures rose from the depths. Extradimensional entities clawed their way into this world. People became terrified as danger stalked the land. Explosive creatures from myth were spotted in the wild. And even people and animals became corrupted when they were slain. Certain people even began to use magic, previously only seen in deities and higher powers. The most terrifying menace in the minds of the people were dragons. They were seen only far from cities, at night, so people were not even sure they existed, but the fear was ever present.
    There is hope that exists far from civilization that was not even known at the time. A group of nomads were visited by Alamakaya and bestowed incredible powers that were channeled from a shrine that was built hidden from sight and heavily guarded by magical metal golems. This shrine gave them the ability to shape incredible weapons and armor that were created with the energy collected from defeated servants of the dark. They gained the ability to create magical brews from ingredients gathered from defeated enemies and the lands. They also gained the ability to teleport between waystones that were built across the lands and then activated by them. But the most powerful and important gift, was immortality. When one of the nomads died, they were resurrected back at the shrine with new bodies and in perfect health. These are the individuals who are given abilities to beat back the evil. They are hope.

    For those interested in helping this map project, please add fluffinator09#2319

    This is the fastest and best way to contact me as I receive instant notifications. I will try to check this thread as often as possible, but my Discord availability will be the best approach.

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    posted a message on Looking for Potential Co-Owner + Developer(s)

    Hello all!

    I am looking to start an MC Server centered around politics and espionage, plus economy depending on design. I DO NOT currently have a design document, however (as I almost always have one), I am only doing this as since I am looking for a Co-Owner, I would like their opinions on gameplay and design as appropriate. The expense share would be 75% me, 25% Co-Owner.

    As time goes I will slowly assemble a design document myself.

    To apply for either, or both, please add fluffinator09#2319 on Discord!

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    posted a message on Looking for developers (and others) for SCP style mod!

    Hello all,

    I am going to copy and paste my brief synopsis for my idea for a mod/project here from a message I sent earlier today. I actually had this idea about two years ago but got only two people (one of whom I knew prior to the idea) interested, when it honestly needs a lot more. While this is a large undertaking, I will NOT be just telling people what to do. I can model with BlockBench (just gotta relearn it, since I have only used Maya for the past few years), can MAYBE animate some simple stuff, and possibly make some graphics (nothing that will be amazing, but passable. I hope).

    Basically it was a mod in which monsters are real. The Van Helsing Initiative was in charge of capturing, containing, or eliminating them with both modern/near future technology and arcane powers. There was going to be whole server on it. The server was a giant co op experience with no intentional pvp, where to survive and thrive, players would have to cooperate or they would lose the whole thing.

    Since this idea got really no interest at that time, I will not be making a design document until I feel there is a vague interest so I don't waste much effort or time on the likelihood it goes nowhere. I can definitely answer some simple questions before that needs to be done, and when it is needed, I will only send a link through Discord to gmail accounts to protect my IP (sorry I am suuuuper irrationally paranoid about these ideas :P).

    Thanks for your time,
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    posted a message on Modded Server: Crafting Broken

    So I am running a heavily modded, 1.12.2 survival server. And the crafting is broken; meaning when we go to craft something, nothing is showing up as being created. It ONLY happens on the server, ergo, it works in SP. Anyone have any ideas at all? For speed's sake if you have an idea: add me on Discord @fluffinator09#2319

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    posted a message on Minecraft Prison Break Map! Big City / Jail / Robberies / Secrets

    What are you planning on turning this into? Like a minigame?

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    posted a message on Need A Writer? Look No Further! [OPEN TO NEW WORK]
    fluffinator09, Writer: OPEN
    What can I bring to your team?
    • 7+ Years of Personal Writing
    • College Level English and Literature Classes
    • Wide Variety of Random Knowledge
    • Excellent Command of the English Language
    • Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cosmic, and Apocalyptic Specializations
    • Can work on a variety of mediums, Minecraft is just one
    Samples of Work can be Provided Upon Request, However; Most are Unfinished, and Not Very Long

    Terms and Conditions

    Please note the above specializations, as certain genres will not be touched. Period. Certain areas can be grey areas however, as I can bend the rules to fit elements into a current genre I happily accept. I will work for free, for a specified amount of projects (See below). Any projects I pick up now WILL require credit as I see fit. The scripts/screenplays/other writings are my own, and I retain full copyright. Should I feel that something is being modified too heavily, in a direction that I do not see fit, I will revoke permissions. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I AM NOT GOING TO MODIFY MY WRITINGS WITHIN REASON. THIS IS JUST TO PREVENT MY WORK BEING USED IN A DEROGATORY MANNER. I also am not obligated to help you FINISH a project. I am only obligated to help as long as I am able, and will try and finish as many as I can, but may to withdraw due to external factors, if needed.

    Paid Work Rates

    Rates will vary highly depending on the project. Below is a list of factors to consider when thinking of hiring me for paid work.

    • Complexity
    • Running Time/Season Length/Episode Length
    • Genre
    • Teams/Co-writers
    • Cooperation from Cast/Crew/Etc
    • My personal enjoyment of working on the project
    • Creative Freedom (What I am allowed to do vs. What the head of production wants)

    Generally I charge little, as I am inexperienced overall. However, I do NOT charge by word count, only by project size and work time required. There is NO set rate, each project will vary, but shorter (Less than 40 minutes) stuff will be less than $60 typically. Longer (40 Minutes plus) can be as much as $250. If this is a series of episodes or something similar, I will charge PER EPISODE. I also will spend around ~2 hours a day working on projects, more usually, but the two hour approximate minimum is a pad in case of school work, actual work, or life situations. I will respect deadlines, but do not expect two 1 hour scripts to be done in 24 hours. Work with me, I work with you.

    Current Project List and Priority List
    To Hire Please Reply Here !AND! Add fluffinator09#2319 on Discord
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    posted a message on The Decimation of Minecraft


    I am currently recruiting builders and terraformers for a modded survival map. The ONLY mod that will be in the final version is the mod Decimation, but will contain several map building mods:

    - Dynmap

    - WorldEdit
    - JourneyMap

    - WorldBorder

    - Starting Inventory

    Some of these mods will only be used in testing, and will not be used in the final version.


    • Coordinate with team members on building
    • Team Heads must be listed to, and all their requests/plans honored
    • No trolling, hate speech, or general disruptions
    • Do not abuse World Edit Powers OR beg for OP. Only trusted members are getting these powers.

    Please note that all positions are voluntary, and all skill levels are accepted.

    To join please add fluffinator09#2319 on Discord, AND post here.

    Thanks for your time!

    - fluffinator09

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    posted a message on The Conquerors WANTED: Developers, Builders, and Moderation Staff

    The Conquerors

    Staff Roster

    Owner (1/1):
    - fluffinator09
    Developer (1/3):
    - Reserved
    - VACANT
    - VACANT
    Builder (0/5):
    - VACANT
    - VACANT
    - VACANT
    - VACANT
    - VACANT
    Community Manager (1/1):
    - Reserved
    Moderator (0/3):
    - VACANT
    - VACANT
    - VACANT
    *Note, this moderator is for moderators that can participate in faction warfare
    Moderator (0/2):
    - VACANT
    - VACANT
    *Note this moderator is impartial and cannot participate in part of a faction, but are allowed to play as Bandits or something similar
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    posted a message on [Hiring] Developers and Builders

    Hello may i be a dev

    Please add me on Discord to discuss your potential involvement!

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    posted a message on [Hiring] Developers and Builders

    Hey all!

    I recently acquired a 4 GB Premium server from my server host for three months for free. I want to do something with it in that time, so I am here to look for anyone who would like to assist me in it's development. The theme of the server is not set yet, as I want my partners to assist me in working on it so they will not get bored. Please note this IS paid, so only professional developers are wanted, which basically means please be respectful, knowledgeable, and professionally behaved. The server will obviously be extended in duration if it does well.

    All questions or interested parties please post below, AND contact me on Discord at fluffinator09#2319

    Thanks for your time,


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    posted a message on Hiring for Fallout: Sydney Modded Adventure/Survival Map!

    so how do the builder's work, do you send them a map and what you want built and they do it on singleplayer or do they play together on a multiplayer world?

    MP, I own a server for now.
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    posted a message on Hiring for Fallout: Sydney Modded Adventure/Survival Map!

    Still looking!

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    posted a message on Hiring for Fallout: Sydney Modded Adventure/Survival Map!

    Welcome to the World of Australia, post nuclear apocalypse!

    We are in need of the following positions for the upcoming Fallout themed modded adventure/survival map.

    Builder (Always accepting)
    Developer (1/2)
    Texture Artist (0/2)
    Lore Author (0/4)
    Terraformer (0/2)
    Technical Support (0/1)
    Web Developer (0/1)

    Please note that all work done is volunteer, but credit will be given to all, and for the most hardworking, a special gift of appreciation when the map is completed.

    Please note we have a dedicated server and Discord channel.

    The modpack is distributed through the Curse/Twitch Launcher, so please be aware of this when applying.

    To apply, please post here stating your Discord user and tag, the position your applying for, and time you can work on the map every week (This will not automatically disqualify you, but will assist us in making sure you're able and willing to do what is asked for the position)

    If you do not have time but want to help, please join the server and ask fluffinator09 in general for a link!
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    posted a message on Custom NPCs

    Hey Noppes, got an issue that even my friend who MAKES mod (or used too) can't figure out lol.

    The pack runs fine on my Single player, but crashes my server on my computer.

    We tried running it on it's own server wise, still crashed.

    We tried a fresh server, still crashed.

    We ran out of ideas at that point. The log is too long to paste most places so I am giving you a file location since it won't let me paste anywhere.


    Thanks for your time.

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    posted a message on Looking for Developers for a Special Custom Warfare Mod

    The older ICBM is what I would want, and it's not open source.

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