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    posted a message on [New Positions Available] ⚜️ Elderlands ⚜️ - ⚔️ New mmoRPG in development looking for Staff! ⚔️ [Currently team of 14]
    In-game name: Flower65

    Age: upper teens

    Position your are applying for: Lore writer or builder

    What timezone you live in: around GMT+9

    Skills 1-10 (With examples/portfolio):
    In writing I'd say a 7-8, in building a 6-7. Good and creative skills with writing. I very much enjoy writing, it's a major hobby of mine. You may ask for examples via private messages.
    Some building skills, but mostly writing

    How many hours a day/week can you spend on the project? : a couple of hours a week, mostly on weekends.

    Any previous projects/servers you have worked on? : Not really, here for experience. I've built a couple of things but my skill is mainly writing. I have some familiarity with world edit and I usually build the bases when playing survival with friends, I do enjoy using Creative mode more than survival as it's enjoyable creating amazing builds.

    I've written a lot of stories and I would really like to use my skills to help and do something nice.

    Why do you want to be a part of our team:) ? : I would like to have some experience on a server but also help a server grow.

    Anything else you would like to add on? : Not really, hope the sever turns out well though! Sounds very cool!
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    posted a message on 💠 CSkyblock 💠 | Looking for talented builders, developers, and moderators! | Releasing June 1st

    In-game name



    upper teens

    Discord username

    No discord

    Why are you applying for this position? (Explain)

    I would like to use my spare time to help someone out and I see great potential in your server and I would like to contribute in a meaningful way.

    About how much time can you contribute to the server?

    Half an hour per day up to an hour and a half on weekends

    What differentiates you from other applicants? What makes you a better candidate compared to others?

    I am very motivated to something that I enjoy and I will work hard with the tasks I am given.

    Do you have past experience as staff on other servers? If so, please list the server names, what position you had, how long you stayed there.

    No, I do not.

    Have you ever been demoted from a staff team or banned from a server; and if so, why?

    No, I have never been banned or demoted from staff.

    Tell us a bit about yourself!

    I'm kind and I like to help, I have been playing minecraft for a while now, and I would really like to do something useful with the skills I have acquired over the years.

    What position are you applying for?


    Finally, please provide a portfolio of some sorts - if you're an artist/builder this could be an Imgur album, website, etc. If you're a developer this has to be something like a Github or Spigot page. If you're a moderator, this should be proof of you being staff on other servers, if any.

    Thanks for applying! By including this in your application, you agree that you won't bug anybody about your application and that doing so will get your application denied.

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    posted a message on 💎 Herbal Craft {Towny} {Quests} {MMORPG} 💎 Need ALL Staff Positions!

    Minecraft Username: Flower65

    Would you consider yourself experienced in WorldEdit? Why?

    I have used Worldedit before, there are a couple of creative servers I go on that have Worldedit. I've watched videos and have been learning more of it as well.

    Would you consider yourself experienced with WorldPainter? Why?

    I have seen some ways but I am not as familiar with it yet.

    How active would you be on the HerbalCraft Build Team?

    I would be available on weekends and some weekdays.

    Why do you want to join HerbalCraft's Build Team?

    I really enjoy building and I would really like to help build a server grow and I was interested in the way your server would work as it seems very engaging.

    What would you consider your greatest strength with building?

    I am very dedicated to my builds and am quite creative with them. I am also a quick learner and can adapt to different situations effectively.

    What would you consider your greatest weakness with building?

    I am a bit of a perfectionist so I sometimes take longer to build to make it just right.


    Minecraft Username: Flower65

    Discordtag: No discord

    Age: 14

    Timezone: GMT+10

    What genre(s) do you usually write in?
    Fantasy, Sci-Fi

    Do you consider yourself skilled in writing in that/those genre(s)? Why?
    Yes, I read a lot of books in those genres.

    How active would you be on the HerbalCraft Writing Team?
    Quite active, I enjoy writing a lot.

    Why do you want to join HerbalCraft's Writing Team?
    I would like to use my skills to help out others.

    Do you agree to not disclose the details of any new projects to others before they have been released to the public?

    What would you consider your greatest strength with writing?
    I do write a lot and it is one of my main hobbies. I enjoy using my skills of writing to improve people's mood and to inspire others, or even only put a smile on their face. I also read an immense amount of books.

    What would you consider your greatest weakness with writing?
    I tend to get writer's block sometimes however this can be easily solved with some inspiration and motivation.

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