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    =IGN: Flippie77[/b]
    =Name: Amy[/b]
    =Age: 14[/b]
    =Timezone: US, Central[/b]
    =Hours of availability: 4-6[/b]
    =Experience: I'm really good at communicating which should be everyone experience and also commands (decent) but sadly not the best. Also really good at dealing with players[/b]

    =Have you ever been banned? No :)[/b]

    =Skype (required for Staff) amycool13 contact me if you need anything.[/b]

    =Position Mod/Admin. Admin would make my day :D, Thanks for reading this.[/b]

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    Moderator/Admin Application:

    IGN: Flippie77


    Skype: amycool13

    Why should i trust you with perms: because I'm a very responsible person and trustworthy, and I take them serious not messing around with them.

    What perms do you think you should have: I can take any perms that you think you trust me with it.

    Why you and not someone else: I think it should be me because, moderating is like my life. I like helping people eventhough other people do as well. But helping people with problems or communicate with them is what I love to do. I'm very active and I respect players. I also communicate really well. I do sometimes sound like a noob, by noob I mean not serious. But actually, I take thing very serious and I think I can bring happiness and fun to your server.

    Anything i need to know about you: I get really silly when i want to, and serious when i want to.

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    I happen to post on the wrong thingy LOL

    IGN: FLippie77

    Age: 14

    I'd like to apply for head admin, I am very good at commands but the not the best. I'm also very good at moderating a server and I would like to help your server :3. I also like helping people who needs it. I try to make this app as short and simple as possible, well thanks for reading this <3

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    IGN: Flippie77

    Age(Please be honest):14

    Why I should become a Staff Member: I really like helping people, and I'm also really good at communicating with people. I feel like I can help you moderate the server because I am very active. I would be on like 2-5 hours a day. I'm kind of good at commands, but sadly not the best at it. I can help people with problems, helping them by answering questions, and even if they need me to show them. I also have good experience with minecraft players. I've been trying to apply for staff for many servers but most of the servers I've apply to, it happen to be that they shutdown all the time. Well, hopefully I do get in but if not i'm fine :).
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