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    posted a message on Playing this game is pointless because of cheaters

    I'm sure that at least 40% or more of the pvp community knows about cheats and cheat clients. Some decide not to use them, but many cheat in Minecraft servers to gain an advantage. This uncontrolled spread of cheats has become an epidemic in this game - I can't even play on any of my favorite PvP servers anymore without knowing that someone is obviously hacking. Hell, every few minutes I see in the server chat "man this dude was hacking". The problem has come too far and if it doesn't get fixed soon, I'm sure people will start to quit. (It's already a major issue)

    The use of cheating clients in this game is so commonplace now... it seems the best option is to not play at all.

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    posted a message on Renaming an enderpearl to a player name allows you to teleport that player.
    A lot of possibilities for this feature - you could save a friend if they fell, you could quickly meet up with people, and even scare people.
    The player pearls do not stack, but you can hold many at once.
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    posted a message on spawners are unbreakable
    No one should be destroying spawners as they're always useful, so I propose Mojang makes them unbreakable (same property as bedrock).CTM maps are also too easy, so making them unbreakable would mean you have to be efficient and effective with torch placement.I also believe this would spice up dungeons pretty well, adding an extra level of difficulty. You can also still block spawning with torches.
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    posted a message on troll creepers 84 supporters
    i have a suggestion: on hard mode (or hardcore mode) creeper will troll you.

    this is basically an addition where creepers have a new AI that will target blocks and entities that are not the player(sounds confusing, keep reading)
    so creepers will go around blowing stuff up at random?
    not necessarily no, It's more like creepers ill 'target' certain blocks to be destroyed, even if the player is not there (but has to be in the radius in which the creeper can spawn and exist). for example, the new creeper AI would make creepers target chests if it can't get to the player or doesnt wan't to get to the player. the creeper will then blow up the chest. muahahaha!!! the creeper can blow up your things without even having to cause anything to happen.

    here is a list of items creepers will be attracted to to blow up
    glass (because glass is not a natural thing)
    wooden planks (most houses are made out of wooden planks)
    enchanting tables
    brewing stands (man made items) fences and crops (farms are man made)
    MINERAL blocks (valueble)
    ores (if the player is next to the ore then the creeper will try to blow up the player and the ore)

    thats all for now...

    tl;dr version: creepers will now target and explode on blocks that seem to be made by the player, essentially greifing your home (or an npc home) with their explosion abilities
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    posted a message on The scaffold
    Hello everyone, I have a new idea for a block in minecraft - the scaffold block. It is a wooden block that has an X shape in the middle. It is very cheap to make and is used for creating platforms for building for large structures and for building.

    The scaffold block will come in two forms - wood and iron. Each recipe yields 16 of each scaffolding on craft.Wood scaffolds can be broken very quickly (as fast as a diamond shovel mining sand) with your hand. They are very prone to explosions but are very cheap. Additionally, if you place a ladder on any side of a scaffold you will climb 50% faster. Also, you can walk through scaffoldings but you can also jump ontop of them and stand on them.


    Another type of scaffold is the iron scaffold. They can also be mined quickly with the hand, but have the same blast resistance to explosions as an iron block. If you place a ladder on an iron scaffolding, you will climb twice as fast. Additionally, iron scaffoldings fall like anvils (with a redstone current) and do the same amount of damage. Also, you can walk through scaffoldings but you can also jump ontop of them and stand on them.


    Why use it?
    The scaffolding, as assumed, is great for building in large projects. Scaffoldings have an advantage over regular blocks because they yield 16 on each craft, and are made out of resources that a player has already laying around. Iron scaffoldings also react to gravity so they are good for use for travelling down in the nether. Scaffoldings also increase the efficiency of ladders, so they make them useful for trying to go up and down quicker in mineshafts.
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    posted a message on Redo the XP calculation
    Instead of this weird suggestion that will just confuse players,why not just making the level up system linear?
    i.e going from lvl 1-2 is the same as going from lvl 68-69
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    posted a message on Iron Golems don't make sense [65 SUPPORTERS]
    Iron golems don't make sense. How you may ask? Iron Golems are just blocks of iron combined with a pumpkin head that somehow moves. If anything, why do these mobs randomly attack monsters? Why are they suddenly obliged to protect villagers? Where is the backstory?

    The iron golem simply is a watered-down excuse for a mechanic that could be greatly implemented. I suggest a simple skin change for the Iron Golem to answer all these questions and fix the issues presented;

    Picture by flazooni

    Wow! 65 supporters guys! I love the forums - and thanks for the love back!
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    posted a message on Mirrors for Minecraft?
    You don't have to rewrite rendering to make this happen, guys. Use your noggins!
    You know the CCTV camera mod? It would work almost like that, if not exactly the same.
    The mirror would have its own feature where is essentially captures it's POV (as if a real minecraft player were standing there) and simply displays it. I don't see the problem here, considering a plethora a mods can do this without an issue. (maybe a shader or effect could even be added ontop of the mirror to show that its a mirror)
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    posted a message on Flags
    Quote from StubbyEE

    You would be able to put customized mob heads on it, or custom maps with your face on it.

    There's really no point to this watered down oversuggested idea. Why not just make a REAL flag out of wood/fence and wool and put an items frame on it?

    I wouldn't support this topic even if my life depended on it.
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    posted a message on Better use for Cauldron and brewing
    This is a good idea, but instead boiled water potions should just brew a lot faster. It makes sense too - when the water is hot then it's ingredients dissolve faster.
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