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    posted a message on Is calling gold 'butter' OK? I think yes!
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    Using their logic I should call everything that is yellow, "butter".

    Yellow isn't the only resemblance. The 'gold ingot' items looks similar to an old-fashioned stick of butter.
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    can i use this for my sociology assignment

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    posted a message on Make terrain elevation and variance just like Beta - Why can't we have both the mountains and our added biomes?
    Full support:

    The current terrain, to put it bluntly, is downright boring. Whenever I hike through forests, plains, or deserts, it's the same, flat landscape. Downgrade to beta, and sure, there's less biome variety, but the land itself is amazing. While I love the cool biomes, I miss the old mountains and cliffs. Why can't we have both? Mojang focuses too much on the biomes themselves, ignoring the actual lay of the land.

    Instead of cool mountains generating due to the terrain generator, cool mountains generate despite the terrain generator.
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    posted a message on Is calling gold 'butter' OK? I think yes!
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    So if I called wood chocolate?

    It would be perfectly fine by me.
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    posted a message on "...But I'm from Planet minecraft..." and other sad stories of those who try to get O.P.ed
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    So, I custom coded a plugin that made it look like a ddos threat was coming up, and this happened:

    Troll has joined the server:

    Admin: Hi!

    Troll: Give me opz or I will ddos this server and shut it down!!!!

    Admin: No.

    (I type in /ddosthreat start Troll)

    [DDosThreat] WARNING: Some player is ddosing this server!

    Troll: wha....

    [DDosThreat] Emergency DDos Threat plan initiated.

    Admin: You ARE ddosing the server! (I told him to say that)

    [DDosThreat] Locating DDoser....

    Troll: Im not ddosing the server!

    [DDosThreat] Found Troll to be ddoser!

    Admin: AHA! You did it!

    [DDosThreat] Reporting to police!


    Player Console has banned Troll for reason: "Reported to police"

    [DDosThreat] DDos threat finished.

    Admin: LOL! that was funny

    Other Players: lel

    That was it :P

    That is awesome, I need this plugin.
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    posted a message on "...But I'm from Planet minecraft..." and other sad stories of those who try to get O.P.ed
    They don't want to be an actual OP, they just want OP powers so that they can grief.
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    posted a message on The general building syle has changed.
    Here's a similar, older topic (please no necroing):http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/discussion/166341-how-has-building-changed-throguh-the-ages

    I've noticed a trend with the way people build things, that started in Beta 1.8. The general way people build things has changed. Before the game's release, people built things usually out of cobble or planks (with small amounts of bricks, smooth stone, or wool), and made their buildings faily simple. There was detail, it was just merely things like an overhanging roof or fencepost pillars. After Beta 1.8, people built with a different style. Cobblestone was almost unused, and bricks/wood was only used in small amounts. People made things less boxy, using stairs as roofes, foundations, and archway supports. Castles were no longer cobblestone walls with occasional towers and cobblestone battlements, but stone brick 'messy' walls and rounded towers with stair or cobble wall ramparts. A phrase people seemed to forget in the new style is 'Less is more'.

    There are a couple reasons for this:

    New Building Blocks:

    Since stone bricks, the Minecraft team has been pumping more building blocks into the game. With cobble walls, quartz, new color choices (clay and glass, anyone?), stone bricks, new types of wood, and the recent stone varients people have way more materials to build with. This encouraged people to use a lot more variety of materials in their builds, and created new ideas about

    'Misuse' (for lack of a better word) of smaller building materials:

    When I say misuse, I don't mean I support or oppose it, I just mean that materials aren't being used the way they were intended. This acually started before the little 'revolution' of style change, when people used fences for support pillars or stairs as roofs, back in the Seecret Friday Updates. But, this really kicked off after the release. Anvils and cobble fences could be used as pillars, trapdoors were used for their 'four hole' look, carpets stacked to make a 'shelved' look, stairs and slabs to make slots in a wall. I expected this, but something weirder happened. There was a 'messy' building style, mostly seen on mini-game servers. (http://i.imgur.com/PoDP7cu.png) People spammed blocks of similar colors onto a wall, usually small or weird blocks like stairs, trapdoors or fences. The only reason Mojang added upside-down stairs was just becasue they thought people would want to add more detail through the use of stairs.

    Cobblestone is dead:

    Before the release, cobblestone was basically used the same way as stone bricks. It was the stone bricks of old Minecraft. It was used for castles, houses, everything. When stone bricks came along people deemed cobblestone 'nooby', due to the fact that stone bricks had a better texture and the same uses.

    Creative mode:

    Think about it. When Minecraft was in it's earlier stages, there was no creative mode, and people used more basic materials out of nessessity. Things looked 'patchy'. Sure, there was archiecture, but it was mainly limited by survival. People built things hastily, as there was less time to make a crafting hut made out of red stained clay and acacia wood corners. Instead, they were made with cobblestone, as it was cheap and effective at keeping the mobs out. Now, with creative mode, people started to pay less attention to 'cheapness' and functionality and more to aestetics. It was like a mini-rennisance. The designs used in creative rubbed off into survival. But, you may ask,"How did people do this in survival, when yhe couldn't in Beta?" The awnser is: Minecraft has gotten 'eaisier' in some areas. I won't go too deep into this, but it's worth pointing out that enchanted swords helped you build your smeltery.


    (just a little tidbit that I thought was worth pinning on)
    I as well as most players use the 'Misuse' and new materials (I do, however stick to basic shapes, and have a fondness for cobble, as well as only using oak wood). Here, I made stonebrick tower with upside-down stair arches and fencepost windows. It is more 'new syle' than 'old style'.

    Here's a picture of it:

    As you can see, this building would be impossible to build in Beta. It is made out of stone bricks and other newer building blocks. I tend to go by 'less is more'.

    Imagine the build in the old style:

    See how the build is made out of the 'old stone brick' instead of the recently added stone bricks. Other prominent things were the use of full glass blocks *shiver*, glass blocks, as well as the blockier arches. Again, two of the main reasons the building style changed is the avaliabilty of blocks, as well as 'misuse'. Even slabs are avoided as they were originally meant as stairs.

    So,tell me what you think, I just think it was interesting how the building style changed completely. Be sure to post pics of your old and new builds!
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    posted a message on Digimobs.
    I have no idea what you just said.

    "How do you terra-mine a jiggawatzit device from the planet Quiptar and force-weld it into a feronium jackrod? Where do you left click the nuke-clapper autodownloader?"
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    posted a message on Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang
    I'll stop playing Minecraft when I stop having fun playing Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Town-Makers' Guide! How to run a successful town or city on a survival server!
    So, say do you play on a survival (no grief) server and you decide to found a city/town/villiage. You have little to no idea how to make your town, and where to build it. This will be your guide. This is not a towny plugin tutorial, but you can certainly register your town with towny if the server you're on has it.

    This guide generally focuses on towns, as they are easier to build than cities. To make a city, the same rules apply, but it might require more work.

    1. Just an idea
    You know you want to make a town, but you need to brainstorm some ideas first. What style should your town be? Where do you want to build it? How big will it be? Will you have a plot system?

    Try considering these:
    -What style and type should your town be? (fishing village, huge city, underground)
    -How big do you want to make your town? (5 members?, 10 members?, 40 members?)
    -What building style should you use? (colonial, dirt houses, medieval)
    -How should you be organized? (plots, more loosely based, grid of streets)

    Now that that you have your idea down pat, you probably need to...
    2. Gathering citizens
    You should advertise the fact that your are making the server, and post your coords in chat for players to come help build. Try and get people to come, and describe your plans. Make your town sound like the most amazing place to build their base. Advertise it.

    However, most citizens will not come if your town is only an idea, so get some...
    3. Basic infrastructure
    This part of the guide is easy to follow, but probably the most time consuming. You will need some basic parts of the town in order to be operational.

    Consider building these:
    -Town hall, for laws, records, offices, etc.
    -Public square as your town's 'center'.
    -A road system
    -Try a grid with 'plots' or a simple system with a main street and some 'daughter streets'
    -Roads and rails to connect the town to other towns/spawns/homes/areas on the server.

    Now that you have a town going, time to write some...
    4. Laws, policies, etc.
    You want order in your town, and you need laws to enforce it. Try to get players in your town to make it 'your town'
    Here are some ideas for laws:

    -Follow the server rules
    (Not necessary, but certainly good to keep your players obeying the admins._
    -Building style enforcement
    (Want players to build a certain way? Make a law!)
    -Don't be rude, be kind, etc.
    (You want your citizens to be nice to each other, so add this to the laws)
    -Don't mine, etc.
    (Sometimes if players make lots of private mines and basements, they can run into each-other, especially if your town is large. Have a large, public mine!)

    -Don't build in public spaces
    (This sometimes gets annoying, believe me)

    Be sure to make your laws suitable to your town. If you discover a player is doing something you don't like, try to make laws to prevent that.

    Also, be sure to make sure players follow your rules! (involve a staff member, if necessary)
    5. Building styles and looks
    You want a good looking town? Then build a nice, detailed area.

    Here's an in-depth guide on the topic:

    This guide is a WIP, add to it by posting suggestions in the comments!
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    posted a message on Unfair Donor Benefits On Servers
    Some donor ranks and abilities have got out of hand. On a faction server I used to play on, donators (it's spelled donors, idiot server owner!) could buy various ranks, the most expensive costing $150 and giving loads of treasure, TNT, G-Apples, and over-enchanted diamond gear every 24 hours. They have way more than an edge over others in PvP combat. Their gear was also so uber-enchanted, so it's impossible to get without donating (sharpness 20 sword, anyone?). It's truly 'pay-to-win'.
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