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    Excellent mod. Thanks for this.

    I wanted to replace our modpack's guns with this mod, but it says to ask, so here I am. It will be a mix of about 200 mods with Progression enabled so you must unlock recipes and such, and a lot of ranged/flying mobs (that's where the guns come in). For now it's just a private pack for less than 10 of my friends, but we wanted to upload it to a launcher, so theoretically others could download it. We have forums where we can put a link back here, as well. Let me know if you don't mind. Thanks!

    Also, I noticed (in 0.5.2) that sometimes reloading takes an extra 10-15 seconds longer than usual, at least on a server. The word "reloading" will stay at the corner for the extra time, too. I've seen it with at least the ScarH, Galil, and P90. I assume it is not intentional, since the delay varies and is pretty long. The sound is always done a good bit before the actual reload.

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