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    posted a message on Fishing Overhaul


    Fishing has always been an awkward part of the game. There are three ways to get food- hunting, fishing, and farming. But while hunting and farming each have their own set of advantages, fishing is pointless. Animal spawn more commonly, drop more meat, and killing them is much quicker. Crops may take time, but you can do something else while they grow and once you have them are a reliable source of food forever. Fishing forces you to stand by and do nothing, forever waiting for the next “fish” to come. Even if you do it right, you might get an old boot! You can get enchanted books, but it’s much more fun to raid dungeons. It’s only legitimate use was to get the fish item, which I guess was something.

    But now with Update Aquatic fishing loses it’s one use. Why wait for fish to come to you when you can just jump into the ocean and kill a fish with a sword? Fishing rods are now 100% useless.

    But believe it or not, I think fish mobs may help fishing. Having actual fish helps with the realism and makes it simpler. The whole system was flawed form the start, we must completely redesign it.

    The New System

    When a fish hook is sent out, the water blocks it lands on is detected. This is the “hook block”. Instead of creating “fish” randomly, the hook block will attract fish mobs already in the area. The fish mobs may head over and “take the bait”. They will tug the bobber for 2 seconds, and if the player right clicks during this timeframe they will despawn and become items. This solves multiple issues:

    1. You can now determine if you are going to have a good or bad day at fishing. There’s a bit more strategy involved now and less waiting around bored. You also know what type of fish you’re gonna get.
    2. Ding doing AFK fishing is dead!
    3. Fishing is no longer redundant. The fish mobs will be faster and have a smaller hitbox. You shouldn’t be able to grab a fish in the water with ease. To counter this, we have fishing. Why chase after little fish when you can have them to come to you?
    4. This places fishing in the middle of the food harvesting systems, more consistent yet slower than hunting animals, and quicker yet less reliable than crops.

    Red concrete is the water block where the bobber lands. The yellow area is where fish might take the bait. Fish not in the red or yellow zones will not be attracted to the bobber, unless they swim into the zone. This applies on the y axis as well.


    As it stands, the range of a fishing rod is very small. You can increase the range by adding bait to your rod. Bait acts like arrows, when you right click your rod with some bait in your inventory the bait is automatically added to the rod. If you do not attract any fish, you will keep your bait- but if a fish grabs the hook and you don’t pull it in time the bait will be lost.

    While you could fish without anything, it’s much more efficient to use bait. The first bait is very easy to find, with each bait progressively harder to obtain.


    Worms are the universal bait, and in Minecraft serve as the first, most common bait. The average player will use worms, while the later baits are for advanced fishermen. Worms can be found by destroying dirt blocks, at the same chance as flint with gravel. Worms do not replace the dirt block, so you are guaranteed to get your dirt back.

    Right now, dirt doesn’t have a use. Worms would change that.

    Bread Crumbs

    Putting one bread into the crafting table will yield four bread crumbs. Bread crumbs increase the radius even more, giving them an edge over worms. But unlike worms, bread crumbs come at a cost. Don’t use waste your bread on crumbs unless fishing is your main food source.

    Nether Beetles

    How these beetles made it to the Nether, we will never know. What we do know is they found a way to thrive there. Nether Beetles can be found rarely when Netherrack is destroyed, half as often as worms do with dirt. As they are rather hard to obtain, nether beetles are only used by the most dedicated fishermen.


    The greatest bait in the game, the mysterious nightstalker increases the radius of your fishing rod to 5 extra blocks. But getting one isn’t easy- you’ll have to confront a phantom!

    Phantoms only drop these 75% of the time, so don’t expect to have these in bulk. If Mojang adds a new drop for the Phantom, Nightstalkers can instead be found in End City chests.


    Treasure stays roughly the same. At random intervals, the bobber will drop down (but the bobber must be in the water for more than 5 seconds). If you right click during this time you will pick up treasure. It might be hard to see, so pay attention! Fish will never be picked up, so you know if you’re getting treasure or fish. So yes, you can still “fish” in empty waters.

    Fishing enchantments work the same as before. Luck of the Sea increases the chance of good treasure. Lure increases the chances for a fish inside the yellow area to take the bait.


    To summarize, this new fishing system finally gives fishing (and fish mobs by extent) a use. It makes fishing more strategic but also easier to understand. It even puts an end to AFK fishing. The new baits provide new uses for dirt, netherrack, and the phantom.

    With the current system, Update Aquatic has made fishing redundant. This new system, instead of cowering down, takes advantage of the fish mobs to create a more engaging fishing experience.

    Thanks for reading. I might not respond for a while because I've gone fishing.

    If you enjoyed this thread check out a similar suggestion for improving fishing by Wolftopia. That thread focused purely on AFK fishing.

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    posted a message on Any good mods for a survival world 1.12.2


    NetherEx and Aether Legacy are good too.

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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't going to die.... Its going to be murdered...
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    This data says that Minecraft is still becoming more popular. Much more so - the number of active players has nearly doubled in only 1 1/2 years:

    I'm getting tired of these "Minecraft is dying" threads. They have become redundant, every comment keeps an endless circle going. The OP thinks Minecraft is dying because its old but has no evidence for it. People comment on why he's wrong. Then MasterCaver makes a superb post with great evidence showing that Minecraft is not dying, but only growing. I applaud you for continuously taking the time to reply to these threads with such determination.

    It's gotten to a point now we could make a separate forum just with these "Minecraft is dying" threads if we wanted to. The suggestions forum has a rule in which any thread that is similar to another active thread is locked, as it's redundant. I think the same rule should apply here.

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    posted a message on Reintroduce the Far Lands

    What's so special about the farlands? They aren't beautiful. No one used them, you'd have to spend days of your life to get there in the first place. And once you get there, then what? It's not like they removed blocks or mobs. The farlands weren't even intentional, their removal overall helped the game. Why are people acting like the farlands were the best part of Minecraft?

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    Gear metal won the poll, I will now open one for metal or alloy.

    EDIT: I guess I can't make polls on mobile...

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    So the material in question would help with guns and wiring, right? We will probably need more uses for it, I just realized how silly it is for us to be arguing about the name when the actual ore has little uses.

    Adding poll now... to simplify things I made it 3 between copper, "gear", and aluminum. The adjective/second word can be decided in a later poll.

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    posted a message on Break AFK Fish Farms
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    AFK fish farms work because you're also right-clicking an iron door. If you to go 5 or more blocks away from the place you're fishing, you wouldn't be able to reach the iron-door, and you would thus keep on casting the rod and not be able to fish.

    A whole new mob? Are you talking about the pufferfish mob? That's an actual mob being implemented into the game.

    Also, I think I'm going to rename this thread to "Break AFK Fish Farms" since multiple methods of breaking them are being discussed.

    EDIT: I've tweaked the original post, so please reread it before commenting to ensure you're not suggesting something that I've already added to the post.

    You could have the iron door next to you but have said iron door above and use gravity to get the rod down 5 blocks. But now that it is a pufferfish that feature isn't needed. Pufferfish are much better, I was talking about piranhas.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    Yes, aluminum is a well-known metal. But, and I'm probably going to say this wrong, the name is very science-y. Coal, iron, gold, diamond, emerald... very basic and known by everyone. A little kid knows what that means. I think copper (silver, ruby, sapphire) fits within that range too. But aluminum... yes we all know it but not children. It's easy to mispronounce, and irl it was never used until 1824. It really feels like a tech mod.

    Also, does aluminum really fit with the nature-oriented frosty landscape? Imagine you are wandering through the crystal caverns and come across aluminum- sort of stands out. Even in the polluted gear, why is there an alloy scattered around an otherwise icy environment? Copper ore isn't much better (is the only reason for aluminum ore just so its different than copper? Because aluminum would look a lot like iron).

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    posted a message on Break AFK Fish Farms

    This would be very annoying, and give players even little reason to fish. Fishing as of right now is pointless compared to the other two methods to get food- hunting and farming yield more food faster. The addition of fish mobs makes fishing even less useful, as you can just go in the ocean and attack with a sword. The last thing fishing needs is a nerf.

    Maybe I could get fast this if it was a different fish mob, like a piranha. But a creeper doesn't make much sense, would grief riverbanks, and kill unarmed players before they realize what happened.

    No Support.

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    posted a message on PLEASE PUT THIS IN THE GAME

    As others have pointed out this is better suited for the Xbox forum and/or a plugin. It's only a matter of time before a mod moves it, so I'll critique as if I'm on that forum.

    Your idea is broken and probably impossible. Ender Chests change per client. TBH though I don't care. Even if you were suggesting cubic chunks I'd no support because of the title.

    If you had the decency of scrolling down the forum's first page (only a few seconds) you might realize that people never ALL CAPS, say PLEASE ADD, and it's always related to their idea (so people can find it later). Sure sometimes newcomers do one of these or maybe two, but I have never seen anyone done all three. What were you thinking? The title single handily kills all your credibility. If Mojang saw this (which they won't) they wouldn't take it seriously.

    Sorry if I came off too harsh, but that rant has been building up inside me from all the bad posts recently.

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