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    So to my understanding, every-time you die you permanently lose two hearts? But just one heart if you manage to find where you died. So you shouldn't die at all up until the Wither. Death seven times means you only have three hearts. Oof. How exactly am I supposed to farm Wither Skeletons with only three hearts?

    But once you get the Wither, you can just keep feeding it animals to gain your hearts back? That sounds awfully easy.

    Overall I disagree with what others here are saying. This is not tedious. This is game-breaking, and if it was added I would stop playing survival for good. Maybe for that, I'm a "casual", but frankly, my op, I don't give a damm.

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    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    There is nothing to whcih I have a strong objection in the proposal, but it seems better suited [like foxes, parrots, polar bears, and a large part of the recent villager schedule/raid stuff] to MineCraft RPG: The Spin-off than vanilla.

    The difference seems to me to be one of focus: the named additions and this suggestion support something more similar to the SecondLife approach where one creates a place for an electronic avatar to live vs the world forming / building focus of MC.

    [Writing this sort of thing into a mod devoted toward a playstlye based on running a farm (or similar) might well find a favorable reception.]

    Another way of expressing that is that MC has little to no furniture (not built by players in game) because built-by-the-player is seen as more important than looks-pretty. Where the 'looks-pretty' is cheap (eg parrot colors, spinning tropical fish appearance) it may get added, but the some of the proposed changes to dogs would require reworking (and considerably upgrading) the AI which would be expected to entail significant costs both up-front and ongoing….

    I don’t think giving the game “second life” mechanics is a bad thing.

    A large appeal to Minecraft is how many people it appeals towards. People could focus on the survival aspect- playing hard or hardcore. People could focus on the creative aspect- playing creative or survival with a more buid focus (that’s me). People could focus on logic and redstone. Or a huge amount can focus on multiplayer servers.

    So to open up the door to other play styles is not a bad thing, unless it starts harming the already established system. Which this does not. Furniture messes with the creative “simple” aspect, and would have no use. But dog beds have a clear use, and to my knowledge, there’s no way to use the already implemented items to create such a tool.

    I for one wouldn’t mind playing with my tamed dog after building it a nice creative play area.


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    posted a message on Enough with Mob Loot Boxes
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Not bad (and :cheers; on the humorous presentation).

    I recently kept track whilst acquiring another beacon and got zero skulls from withers #1-114, then skulls from #115, #117, & #118…

    On a similarly humorous note, one could wonder just how far this idea could be taken: diamonds, etc generate at a defined frequency, so one could also recieved a bit of diamond dist for every block of smoothstome mined (possibly with more or less for the various -ites) which could then be crafted into chips and diamonds.

    The downside of this would be removing the AH-HA! moments of discovery along with all the meh, blah of general mining.

    Continuing further, one might receive various guaranteed 'shards' or functional equivalent of other items (eg Heart of the Sea, the various horse armors) whenever opening an approprite loot chest; the exploration for which can be seen as another form of grinding…

    Something that is not addressed is how Looting would be handled. [In my experience, it is rare to see someone grind for skulls without using Looting3 (which raises the drop chance to c 1 in 18 for skulls and c 1 in 9 for nautilus shells/ tridents).]

    It is also unclear why you are treating shells (which can also be obtained via fishing) differently than tridents…(shells are present with only 3% of drowned vs 6.25% for tridents). (Nautilus shell is not among the listed exceptions to the equipment drop rules found @ https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Drops#Equipped_items )

    [Oddly – for the looting effect – the wiki for drowned states "11% chance each, 13% chance with Looting I, 15% chance with Looting II and 17% chance with Looting III" for tridents and implies a 100% drop rate for shells whereas Looting gives the numbers as "9.5% at level I, 10.5% at level II, and 11.5% at level III" & drops: equipment concurs "up to 11.5% with Looting III"]

    Concerning how far the "loot box" argument goes: I believe it only applies to rare drops on mobs. Because you are correct... there is that AHA moment you get from diamonds. I don't want to take that away. But with Wither Skeletons, the AHA moment comes from finding the Wither Skeleton. Once you have it, you are expecting to get a skull. There is no other reason for you to be fighting the Wither Skeleton. The same applies to Drowned. And often times the player gets frustrated and decides to just make a farm (which you can't do with diamonds or treasure chests). I don't think we need shards of the Hearts of the Sea. They are easier to get than the shells.

    Shells can be obtained through fishing, but I figured since they can always be found with the Drowned it makes the most sense to go both routes.

    Concerning looting: I'm thinking what if having looting increases the chance of you getting 2-3 shards of the item, instead of just 1 every time? That speeds things up while remaining true to the new system.
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    The case of Nautilus Shells is more of a case of shoehorning them into Drowned, and a better way to fix that would be to add an actual Nautilus mob that would be rare (And/or oversized and a miniboss) and would always drop it.
    As for both Tridents and Wither Skeleton Skulls, the main issue with the suggestion is that each adds two items that are solely used to craft the Trident.
    Wither Skeleton Skulls could be made to require an unique death to be inflicted on Wither Skeletons to drop, similarly to how skulls in general drop from mobs killed by charged Creepers (In the case of WSS, having them get blown up by Ghasts could be a way to obtain the skull. Another possibility would be to somehow make them have an AoE Wither-inflicting attack, and have them wither to death in order for the skulls to drop).
    As for Tridents, a better way to deal with that would be to add alternate ways to obtain them, such as crafting them from Prismarine (Particularly, Prismarine Crystals are obtainable outside of Ocean Monuments, but is quite rare, and could even be made an uncommon Drowned drop if needed) or found in Buried Treasure.
    All in all, while I think the suggestion has a very valid point, I don't agree with the execution itself, mostly because, while the tedious grinding would be less luck-based, it'd still rely on sheer patience more than anything else, on top of adding two new single-use items per each fixed item.

    I agree the Drowned got shoe-horned new items, but Mojang does not seem interested in changing this system, and for this suggestion, I wanted to think simple and propose a system that would work for all "rare loot drops". I agree the Nautilus Mob is the best choice.

    Wither Skeletons needing a Ghast could become very difficult, and remove any point in fighting them when there is no Ghast nearby. I fear it would also be manipulated by mob farms, especially if this is the only way to get a head.
    Quote from erictom333»

    I think these items should be obtained not through luck and grinding or straight grinding(like you suggest) but through skill.

    Wither Skeletons: They should only drop skulls when killed with a hoe.

    Nautilus Shells: See AMPPL50's suggestion.

    Tridents: These should be craftable. (Now Drowned have no uses. They need to be removed IMHO.)

    Needing a hoe to kill the Wither Skeleton is a bit strange in my opinion. And everyone would just be using swords until the last heart when they swap to hoe.

    Crafting a trident is a fun idea (kill three elder guardians, build a trident) but Mojang seems set in their current system of having the trident used by Drowned. I agree that prismarine is the best option, this was just a system to keep the game at the exact same difficulty... only more enjoyable.

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    posted a message on Enough with Mob Loot Boxes
    Attention. Do you enjoy grinding for Wither Skulls? Do you enjoy grinding for Conduits?
    What about tridents?

    If you answered NO to either of these questions, you may qualify for a free one-update trial of Superior Grinding. This special treatment is simple. Instead of repeatedly killing Wither Skeletons hoping to get that 1 in 50 chance of a Wither Skeleton Skull... actually, make your work mean something.

    Loot Boxes are Minecraft's attempt to make the player work and kill an extended number of mobs. But it is ineffective because someone might get super lucky and land a skull on their first try. While you kill 100+ and have made no progress towards your Wither. The Drowned are even worse. The system effectively forces you into the mob farm technique.

    The Trident is not awarded from skill. It is awarded from luck.

    My solution is simple. Mojang wants to make these items rare? Sure. But let's have you work towards the objective. I know from experience that when grinding, it means a lot to see you slowly make progress. Instead of just rolling the dice, again and again.

    Wither Skulls
    Currently, there is a 2.5% chance to get a Wither Skeleton Skull. That's a 1 in 40 shot.

    My suggestion: Every time you kill a Wither Skeleton, you get a Wither Skull Shard.
    • 8 Wither Skull Shards are placed in a crafting table to create a Wither Skull Fragment.
    • 5 Wither Skull Fragments are crafted to create a Wither Skull.
    • That means you will need to kill 40 Wither Skeletons to get a skull, which in theory is the same effort as before. Only this time the system is at a set difficulty with a goal to grind to. It will not be as frustrating.
    Nautilus Shells
    Currently, there is a 3% chance to get a Nautilus Shell. That's very close to a 1 in 32 shot.

    My suggestion: Every time you kill a Drowned, you get a Nautilus Shard.

    • 8 Nautilus Shards are placed in a crafting table to create a Nautilus Fragment.
    • 4 Nautilus Fragments are crafted to create a Nautilus Shell.
    • That means you will need to kill 32 Drowned to get a shell, which in theory is the same effort as before.
    Currently, there is an 8.5% chance to get a Trident, from a Drowned with a Trident (that's 6.25% of them). I will only be counting the ones that have tridents in their hand. The closest number to this in 1 in 12 shot- just a bit rarer than usual. Remember the drowned tridents are already rare.

    My suggestion: Every time you kill a Trident Drowned, you get a Trident Shard.
    • 6 Trident Shards are placed in a crafting table to create a Trident Fragment.
    • 2 Trident Fragments are placed in a crafting table to create a Trident.
    • That means you will need to kill 12 Trident wielding Drowned to get their weapon. This may take away the feeling of "I took it from him" rather, you are building it out of pieces you have collected. But the gameplay would remain the same.

    That's all that I can think of now. Smaller scale loot boxes (like bows from skeletons) are fine. But when there are super rare items that just never seem to drop... we need a better system in place. Now back to our lovely infomercial:

    Don't take SUPERIOR GRINDING if you or a loved one has experience with unbalance, lack of detail, or making a suggestion for emerald armor. This suggestion is known to cause mob ai bugs, lighting glitches, and may be fatal to your java binary.

    Make your game's progression better TODAY!
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    Quote from AbsorbedHatch»

    Yeah, but I feel strongly about the lack of balance between cactus green & lime green.

    I think they could theoretically add 48 dyes. But it would be a lot of work for a niche audience.

    Every dye becomes:

    • Light _____
    • Regular ___
    • Dark ______

    Black and White become slightly lightened or darkened, with the true tone achievable via lightening (bonemeal) or darkening (ink).

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    posted a message on Alloy Making and Three New Ores

    The uses presented are simply alternatives to iron or gold. Some have “nether” or “ocean” bonuses, but that’s already covered with enchantments. And trading durability for effectiveness and vice versa is near useless when there are diamonds on the horizon.

    I think there should be more uses to alloys than just armor and tools- look at the other ores, none of them are limited to just these items.

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    Cool we have successfully added three new ores.

    But what for?

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    posted a message on The Unironically BEST SUGGESTION EVER concerning chests

    Yes from the feedback I have received both here and on mca, I’ve come to realize half of these may actually work. Corner chests and stair chests are obviously bad, but tall chests and slab chests may work.

    You make good good points with cabinets. Especially considering the introduction of barrels in 1.14

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    Ah, the Minecraft Chest. What a lovely part of the game. But I have a problem. When we make chests we have to have them be one of two sizes.

    This is outrageous, this is unfair. What must we be limited to just two possibilities? I suggest more ways to place our chests are added.

    Currently, we can craft a second chest and place it on the side of an ordinary chest. All we need to do is expand upon this system to create:

    Meet the "tall chest". It behaves in the exact same manner as a long chest, with a total of two inventories.

    But that is not all. Why not continue on our path and see what will happen if we add more blocks to the chest?

    How? Place a single chest onto a long chest silly! Now there is the equivalent of three chests in one large chest, so three inventories equivalent. This is not overpowered because it would be the exact same if you had three single chests.

    When you open the large chest you are greeted by a regular two inventory interface. In the corner will be an arrow, which you can click to acess a new "page" which will only have one single chest.

    A chest can be made of any size- all it really is an aesthetic change from a bunch of single ugly chests to one glorious master-chest.

    Let us continue on our journey by going smaller. What if you are poor and can't afford a big chest?

    Craft a slab chest with wood slabs instead of wooden planks. Note that the slab chest only holds 13 items.

    And let us continue our fun by creating stair chests, replacing the planks/slabs with wood stairs. This chest only yields 20 inventory slots, but you can walk on it which is fun.

    You may think that we are done, but no. Our last step is discussing a possible way for us to change the location of the lock.

    The player can now right-click on any chest with an axe to destroy the lock, making it impossible to open. You get an iron nugget from the lock (note, the game may need to add an iron nugget to the recipe for crafting chests to prevent farming this way). Now the player can move to another side of the chest and place down the iron nugget to change the orientation of the chest.

    This would be unironically useful with mass storage systems which have the large chests lined up in this manner but looking awkwardly.

    Now you are probably thinking, "let's expand the ender chest!" But I would say "no silly, that makes ender chests overpowered".

    So to conclude, we need more chests because [insert reason here]. This would allow players to better customize their storage systems and would actually be useful for people. Of course, this is not really needed relative to the many other things that could be coming out, but I think this would be a really nice thingy to have. Mojang has already stated they are no longer limited by their block IDs so creating many chest variations is now completely possible.
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    Instead of enchantments, why not more specialty arrows like the spectral arrow?

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    Quote from NobleNerd»

    1. Unique method of farming

    Is this really worthy of adding? I understand it is different but it does not seem all that intriguing. Just because the food is gathered differently does not warrant its addition.

    2. Defense against Phantoms

    Why though? Why is do Phantoms not see through rice? This all seems very random.

    3. Expanding blocks as a new mechanic

    Please explain. If you simply mean adding new blocks... well that could be said for almost every suggestion.

    4. Sushi

    Yes, and all sushi is is yet another food item, which I would argue is irrelevant when we have bread and meat.

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    I really like the idea of more eastern themed items, however, I have to ask how would this enhance the game in any way? It feels to me like yet another food item, and I don't think we need more food.

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    Quote from C1ff»

    A challenge isn't just something that requires speedrunning. It isn't about changing the values of a current system to make it harder. In fact, just because something is harder does not make it a challenge. A true challenge is neither a chore, nor is it an impossible task. A true challenge requires skill or it requires critical thinking and possibly innovation. If the player isn't beating a challenge through memorization or practice, the player needs to think through challenges like a puzzle.

    But I want super-diamond-ore as rare as coal WHHAAAAA

    In my mind, the current food system is inherently flawed. You have so many items all doing the same thing. That is bad and requires we do one of two things.

    1. Remove 75% of foods from the game (which will never happen)
    2. Create a Food and Hunger System Overhaul
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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I don't think every single texture in the game needs shading. Many avid Jasper texture fans claim the textures to be better, but what a texture looks like up close isn't as relevant as what it communicates in large quantities. Some textures clearly need shading, but almost all of the textures that need shading had shading in the original Minecraft texture pack.

    I beg to differ- the textures look much nicer this way. They now have depth and lighting.

    Yet at the end of the day we shouldn’t be arguing about this because art is interpretive. What I consider an improvement you consider a regression, and vice versa.

    That is why we are lucky to have resource packs.

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    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    I have my experience of literally everybody I have talked to who either doesn't play Minecraft or has quit Minecraft listing the graphics as at least one reason for doing so.

    So get a resource pack lol


    Concerning the suggestion... I don't know. Both textures look fine. On one hand, the newer one has more detail so it is nicer.

    On the other hand, the Christmas Tree shape is a valid point.

    But on the other other hand, the fern looks more natural in the wilderness.

    But on the other other other hand, the old texture communicates some level of nostalgia and it is a shame for a block to be so drastically reworked- remember whence Jasper said he wouldn't be changing the iconic textures?

    But on the other other other other hand, if we began a discussion on something iconic surely we must remember it is only a matter of time before more players see the new fern texture and become nostalgic over that.

    But on the other other other other other hand, the fern clearly had an impact on you which would suggest others felt the same way. Besides we can't start discussing things in the future if they have not yet come out. We can still change what the texture is.

    But on the other other other other other other hand, isn't what looks good and bad relative? So maybe one's own opinion does not matter at all because everyone will have a different opinion.

    But on the other other other other other other other hand, the original fern is crooked which when looked at by the most logical lenses is not very high quality. Beyond that it offers little shading or any of the sort. It looks like something who isn't good at texturing made it- which is true, it was made by Mojang.

    But on the other other other other other other other other hand, I can't decide. Let's just all use a resource pack. I spent way too much time deciding on something so trivial.

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