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    First off, bravo for putting so much effort. It shows you care about the idea, which is great.

    But unfortunately, I do not think we need seasons. My ultimate question to you is.. why? Why should Mojang add so many game-changing mechanics... for realism? I fear some of these features, such as dying from heat or cold, could make the game less enjoyable overall.

    The logistics behind it are also an issue. The world would have to reset every day to create a "seamless transition" with textures constantly altering depending on the "temperature". Your system is the best I've seen, but it still runs into this dilemma.

    Lastly, do we really need seasons? If you want to hang out in the Minecraft Spring, go to the Forest. If you want to build in the Minecraft Summer, go to the Plains. If you want to thrive in the Minecraft Winter, go to the Tundra. The only season not already represented by Minecraft is Autumn. I think it would be more practical to just create a new fall biome. For one, your builds would never be ruined by a season. For another, the player would have a greater reign of choice.

    Sorry, but No Support.

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    What you are looking for is a survival server. I recommend this server- a year ago I was playing on it, sounds like exactly what you are looking for. Survival servers respect the privacy of singleplayer but you can also meet new friends.

    The big servers you found are called minigame servers. They are the largest servers out there the basically distort the game into all sorts of new games. I frankly don't like them because of how corporate, flashy, and confusing they have become.

    I'd suggest also avoiding faction servers. People will constantly steal and ruin your stuff unless you have your own mini-army. Joining a new faction can be tough with many tricking you and then killing for your starter gear.

    Honestly, old school creative and survival servers are where it's at.

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    Quote from erictom333»

    One really big argument: Minecraft is NOT a horror game. We don't need to add any creepypastas like that. Insta 100% No Support

    Uh... hate to tell you m8, but we already have horrors in minecraft.

    A haunting mob that spawns near the bottom of the world isn't a bad idea. It could make late-game mining more interesting. The problem with this suggestion is the mob is overpowered.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.15.1 The crazycraft 1.0 update

    Hi! Would you mind adding a little bit more detail? Not everyone knows exactly what you mean.

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    posted a message on Cameras in Minecraft!
    There’s not many ways to decorate your house in Minecraft. I’ve noticed a lot of people who want to make a huge mansion, but then realize that besides filling up your chests there isn’t much to do with your house. Seriously, how many paintings can you hang on your walls? Minecraft builds, whenever creative or survival, would benefit greatly from more decorations.

    The Camera is a new tool used for just that. With the click of a button, you'll be able to take screenshots and place them into your own world, in the place of paintings.

    The ability to choose what your "paintings" will reinvent interior decorating. You can now decorate walls as you'd like. Take photos of your proudest accomplishments. Create pixel art, and then take a photo for a simple "painting"- transforming themed builds. Make fake windows by taking a picture of the sky. Create a "mob museum" by taking photos of all the different mobs in their natural habitats.

    Of course, adding in a modern camera wouldn't quite fit. Instead, I think we should take a piece from the Education Edition. It already sports a fantastic model of an nineteenth-century camera.

    This old camera isn't the fast, multi-filtered tool of the modern day. Instead, you will have to place it on the ground, where it will stand two blocks tall rested on the tripod. Then, click on it to enter its view, and aim the camera to what you want to capture. Then press right-click and wait for the white flash. You can only take a photo every three seconds.
    Thank you to kyuketsuki_luna_ for creating this cool item image!

    The Camera then uses up any paper in your inventory, and create a photograph. This can be viewed like a map. Place it in an item frame to show it off.

    That's the Camera- a seemingly simple tool that has countless benefits. It fits well into the timeless nature of the game, is not overpowered or underpowered, and the asset is already there. There's not a single rebuttal here that I can think of.
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    posted a message on The Small Suggestions Thread: Electric Boogaloo

    My solution to the "too much food" issue is to distinguish the tase of different foods, as in real life.

    In the real world, the "best" (to simplify it tremendously) food are vegetables. But we don't eat vegetables and protein all the time... because junk food tastes much better.

    In Minecraft, the best food is either golden apples or golden carrots. We always eat this because there is no taste in the game.

    So, in my opinion, the solution to the food dilemma is to give certain foods like cake and cookies very minor buffs such as increased regen or a spurt of energy. While healthier foods might make Steve a bit annoyed and take a longer time to consume, costing precious time in battles or whatever. And the more "healthy" foods like vegetables and somewhat meat you consume the further slow it gets. I don't have it down to a science. There would be no need for extra bars, but the player would still want to try different kinds of foods.

    The best foods would be both tasty and healthy, these would be magical such as mushroom stew, golden apples, and golden carrots.

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    posted a message on "1.15: The Magic Update" (CURRENTLY UNFINISHED)
    Quote from sunperp»

    People, please stay on-topic and limit the discussion to the suggestion being presented. This thread is not for arguing about whether Minecraft is or is not a fantasy game.

    I agree. I have created a discussion thread here to discuss that side topic: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-java-edition/discussion/2962429-is-minecraft-a-fantasy-game

    Back on topic, a question for Idelac the OP: how unfinished exactly is this suggestion? When do you plan to finish? We are discussing your update idea as is, but if you were to change it up significantly later those earlier comments may not make any sense. Are you just going to finish the spell list or is there something else we are unaware of.

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    So some things came up and long story short there was an off-topic argument towards whether or not Minecraft is a fantasy game. So I figured it would be a good idea to create a thread dedicated to just that.

    By "Fantasy", we are referring to magical properties, such as spells or fire breathing dragons. Mojang walks a fine line between the two distinctions, never giving the villager clerics magical abilities directly or having the dragon breathe acid instead of fire. Where a full fantasy game would include orcs, skeletons, spiders, and ghouls as the main antagonists minecraft has zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers. There are plenty of original features that blur the line.

    Do you believe Minecraft is a fantasy game? Do you think it should become a fantasy game? Do you think it should stop being a fantasy game? Let the debate begin.

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    posted a message on Bow & Sword Names

    Dragon's Bane.

    Wither's Bane.

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    posted a message on Three Reasons for Village Guards
    Quote from steam66»

    With 1.14, villages are now frequently under attack. It's annoying to continually lose good traders in a big village; it makes sense that they should be more defensible. Here is my take on this often posted suggestion. I request the reader to consider the entire suggestion before voting.

    Before we lay down the reasons for their existence, let's define the village guard real quick. A village guard is a villager wearing blue robes, a chainmail tunic, and armed with a crossbow. They have similar combat behavior, attack damage, and HP to a Pillager, but slowly regenerate health (1 half-heart per 4 seconds). Now that we're clear on what they are, let's establish why they're useful and a good addition.

    I like the description of the village guard. His description- from the blue robes to the crossbow- appears to be an inversion of the pillager. However, I do not think villages should have villager guards. Your three points will have to convince me otherwise.

    First: Iron Golems are poorly designed to protect large villages. Even with perfect AI, the Iron Golem moves slowly, and villages are big, especially in 1.14. When raids and zombie sieges happen, the Golem just can't respond to the whole horde at once, unless it happens to luckily catch them when they spawn. The same is true for the player; you can't be everywhere at once. Guards (unlike Golems) make sense being numerous in a village, and since all villagers can sprint, they can react to attacks quickly. If they take losses, creating new guards by giving villagers crossbows would also be easier and less frustrating than laboriously building new Iron Golems.

    The Golem itself wouldn't be useless with Guards, since it's perfect for fighting single, big monsters (like Ravagers and heavily-armed players that attack villages), while the Guards are better at effectively fighting mobs of light enemies like zombies and Pillagers.

    Here you argue that guards are necessary because Iron Golems are not prepared to properly defend the village. This is a False Dilemma Logical Fallacy, where you argue there are only two options and two options only to solve the problem- those being:
      Let the Villagers continue to die under the Iron Golem's ineffective defense.
      Add Guards who will properly defend the Village for us.

    The problem with this argument is I can see a different, third option: buff Iron Golems so that they can better respond to raids. Their damage to projectiles could be reduced. The number of Iron Golems could be increased, or alternatively, what if the armorers and weaponsmiths run to their anvils and have a custom animation... before a number of additional Golems are spawned in. Which is starting to lead me into the second point- but first I want to rap up here.

    The weaknesses of Iron Golems is a valid reason to support Villager Guards, but because there are other ways to circumvent the problem it cannot be the primary reason for implementing them.

    Furthermore, do you think it is possible Mojang purposefully made the raids challenging so that you would have to defend the villages? Think about it. Iron Golems should not be able to defend the village by themselves- for the game's balance they must lose the fight without the player and win the fight with the player. So perhaps this "problem" was intentional.

    Second: Armorers and Weaponsmiths now have a reason to exist beyond the player. We can assume that the villagers were just sort of doing their thing alone before the player showed up; hence, someone had to use what these professions made. Furthermore, guards provide a common, natural appearance of chainmail, an otherwise disused tier.

    I like this reason... but it's a minor lore thing. Has no impact on gameplay whatsoever. I can best attribute it to the icing on a cake- not something you want your cake/argument to have for its foundations. Luckily, you happen to have one final point that does significantly impact the game...

    Third: Guards provide extra utility beyond simply defending villages naturally. For example: By building an archery tower or "turret" of sorts, you can set a Guard up on top and have him guard an area. People already do this with Snow Golems; the possibilities are endless regarding their utility use, especially in multiplayer. Other ideas include "hiring" them with emeralds to follow you like a tamed wolf; this, again, would be highly useful in multiplayer or when you want to organize defenses for your base or village.

    This is a real, valid point I like. Having Guards defend bases with their crossbows would be super useful on multiplayer, and even for singleplayer- you could have them stand near you while you build or whatever. Here is how I would implement the "hiring" feature:

    You can trade for your very own bell with the Cleric for a hefty price. I'm thinking either a dozen diamond blocks or a wither skeleton skull, depending on your luck. You may place the bells wherever, and all nearby guards upon hearing the ding will move towards that general area and defend. You could build them up onto turrents as long as they are in this say... 64 x 64 square diameter around the bell. They will wander around "patrolling" and abandon the former village for this new "assignment".

    To get them to a faraway bell, you'll have to sorta cheat and use boats. That is the only way I can think of it without it becoming broken. You can't just have Guards following you into a cave and when you get in danger setting up a temporary bell. The Guards need time to adjust and will only defend; they never go on the offense with you.

    As a post script:

    Villagers are pacifistic, and so I think it's perfectly reasonable that they shouldn't go to war, or employ knights with big armor, or any of that. But it's clear that the Villager species understands what crossbows are (after all- Pillagers use them, and no undead do, so it's fair to assume they're made by testificates) and a lot of their threats are just plain evil raiders or mindless, hungry undead monsters. Even when they're attacking the player, it's only because the player attacked them first!

    Guards are strictly defensive mobs to protect the Village; if the Villagers can build huge living statues to crush their attackers, crossbow-toting militia doesn't seem so far out.

    True, it isn't out of the question. Maybe the Guards are even scared of fighting and will run from the Ravager? The Golems take on the ravagers while they take on the pillagers.

    Overall I was initially opposed to this suggestion, but once you brought up their extra utility I could not think about the ways to use them, and I found my opinion turned around.


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    posted a message on "1.15: The Magic Update" (CURRENTLY UNFINISHED)

    Magic can be added to Minecraft, there's no rule saying they cannot so I do not see why they cannot. However this suggestion sees magic change the complete focus of the game. If you were to add magic, I think it should be added after the Ender Dragon- the prunus trees could be in the far end isles.

    While an endgame focus magic may work it shouldn't become too overpowering. I'd suggest simplifying your elements down to just three- Storm, Ice, and Fire.
    • Storm is strong but slow
    • Ice is fast but weak
    • Fire is halfway strong and halfway fast, but can also harm you in the process

    Now I'd recommend replacing the hotbar binding with some sort of staff, one for each of the three pathways you can go down. The SP bar... let's just call it mana... only reveals itself when you are holding the staff.

    If you make those changes I think magic could be added into Vanilla Minecraft!

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    posted a message on Server Maker in Minecraft

    Try Minecraft Realms.

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    posted a message on wandering trader should give you a free emerald

    Why would a trader give you free stuff?

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    posted a message on The Frist Dimension (large brainstorming/graphics community, needs coders)

    Encounter a frozen world, where both ruin and prosperity await. A world so cold blizzards frequently ravage the land- yet the local life has adapted, creating an ecosystem from snowy sentient balls to mighty dinosaurs. Underneath the icy surface lies a second ecosystem- the cavernous aquatic realm- where many deep-sea fishes await. In the skies are the Explorers of the World- the Tundran Villagers, who have set sail with their regal airships.

    Yet there is an enemy lurking within this world. Hoping to destroy everything- the good and the bad- that we have just described. It is the Gear, an evil supercomputer who desires more and more resources, more and more destruction of the natural habitat. The Tundrans have formed a resistance to oppose its machine army, but it is up to you to lead them to victory. Will you save the Frist, or fall victim to its many traps? Only time will tell…

    The Frist Dimension is an ambitious mod that has been in development for 1.5 years. It originated as a collaborative suggestion for vanilla Minecraft, but as an increasing number of the community contributed, the dimension’s scale grew, leading to our move towards modding.

    Put simply, the Frist is a frost dimension. But we have spent a great time working to expel it from the typical “mod is the _____ dimension and everything is named the _____ object” niche. There have been many mods that have come before the Frist, so what makes us special?

    Everything in the Frist has been debated time after time by our community (more on that later), and the community puts a great emphasis on abnormal (though still balanced) ideas. There are no zombie reskins in the Frist, there are no ores that create gear stronger than diamond. Instead, we have original content, such as the Frore, a great dinosaur who happens to be our mascot.

    And once we turned towards the modding spectrum, we felt free to push the boundaries of vanilla. The Nether and End get bland quickly, mainly because they are basically just one giant biome. So the Frist will have multiple biomes and subthemes, like:

    • The Dinosaurs give a prehistoric feel
    • The Tundrans, our villagers, give a Russian feel
    • The Aquatic underground give a subnautica feel
    • The Gear, a dungeon at the end of the mod’s progression, give a steampunk feel.

    We are a large team coming up with concepts and graphics for the Frist. Unfortunately, we only have one coder, who is overworked on other projects. We’ve created this post looking for developers who are willing to help us make this vision a reality. But we are not just looking for coders- if you are an artist or even just a brainstormer, feel free to join us on those sides of development.

    But the coding is key, and it is what has been holding us back for too long. I have divided the current project into five updates, so it is not impossible for our coders. The plan is on our discord which will be at the bottom of this post.

    Five artists, five model blueprints

    The old idea for the Frist, back when it was just a suggestion, was for it to be a collaborative effort. That is to say, the Frist Team works as a democracy. Fishg does not decide anything, a reaction thru discord does. In that sense, by deciding to help make the vision come true, you can help shape it.

    Here are the current members of the Frist Team, as of May 7th, 2019:

    Development Team

    • Wolftopia
    • veesus mikel heir- retired

    Graphics Team

    • UnknownButAwesome
    • fishg
    • McVinnnyq
    • KaijuRizard
    • StrugglingEngineer

    Brainstorming Team

    • Cameron (MCAbnormals)
    • AMPPL50
    • Abstract Fox
    • ChosenMental
    • DragonBento
    • GreenSlayder_x
    • Lord_Luzifer
    • OliviaTheVampire
    • Pugz
    • RifleInfantry
    • RulerOfTwilight
    • SharkSkull
    • superlord9362
    • Stabo-Crabo
    • Genius_Idiot
    • Vamacheron
    • Smellyblast
    • Anomalcaris101
    • AquaticReaper
    • CDR Kleanslight
    • Dominos24
    • Haxington
    • JDAwesomeness
    • Jhair
    • Kat
    • KingVampyre
    • Mats0099
    • numtouth
    • SnakeBlock
    • soectato
    • toucan
    • turtrtle
    • west virginia
    • Wiikia

    To be honest, half of our “Brainstorming Team” is inactive most of the time, but we expect this to change once the Frist gets on the map with an initial release.

    It also means that by agreeing to help us you are not limiting yourself from any other project. You can be as active or inactive as you’d like, all that we ask is you try us out. We don't bite (but warning the frores do).

    Thank you for reading, and everyone from the community hopes you do consider joining. To do so, click the link below the image (discord is a free, super-useful resource). You may also reply to this thread with any questions, I'll make sure to get back to you asap.

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    posted a message on Pigmen army

    I think this could be cool, but it should be balanced- the pigmen should not "guard" for you or take your weapons. They could just follow you around wherever you go. And you could only have up to say, 8 at any given time. I like the carrot/potato, but a more realistic system might be gold ingots. Just to give gold a decent use.

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