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    I think this is a fun mechanic that provides a nice use to dogs and make snow biomes more fun. Could see a winter update later down the line for the Revamp with chilly content like this. But I agree with DuhDerp- how will the game determine if you are going down a hill?

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    posted a message on The Frist Dimension- A 50 Person Team, 1.5 Years in the Making

    Encounter a frozen world, where both ruin and prosperity await. A world so cold blizzards frequently ravage the land- yet the local life has adapted, creating an ecosystem from snowy sentient balls to mighty dinosaurs. Underneath the icy surface lies a second ecosystem- the cavernous aquatic realm- where many deep-sea fishes await. In the skies are the Explorers of the World- the Tundran Villagers, who have set sail with their regal airships.

    Yet there is an enemy lurking within this world. Hoping to destroy everything- the good and the bad- that we have just described. It is the Gear, an evil supercomputer who desires more and more resources, more and more destruction of the natural habitat. The Tundrans have formed a resistance to oppose its machine army, but it is up to you to lead them to victory. Will you save the Frist, or fall victim to its many traps? Only time will tell…

    On behalf of everyone, thank you for reading. It means a great deal to appreciate this suggestion. Feel free to critique- if you up to the paramount task.
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    Schrodinger's Cat states that if I don't know something, quantum physics blah blah and then whatever I was wondering both right and wrong.

    Therefore, by commenting on this thread and "winning", then never checking this thread again, I have no way to prove if I won or if I lost. So even if- no not if, when- the thread is updated, I'll still be under the impression I have won.

    Thus, I won.

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    Oh no... oh no....

    Nothing inherently wrong with the suggestion here and the logic checks out. But these would be so annoying to fight...

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    posted a message on Official Chat Thread XXXVI: Harbingers of the Apocalypse Edition

    It certainly won't be the same. Like SnapshotMC looks like the best bet but only a couple are making the switch. We will lose the scope of this massive community.

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    Is it possible to code in a light block that doesn't melt ice? If so, this would be really useful!

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    posted a message on Tamed wolf color varations (tamed animals)

    I'd like this. We could start adding all sorts of different dog breeds!

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    posted a message on My Ideal Minecraft

    The lack of competence towards Minecraft's community here is frightening.

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    posted a message on So, the forum is being closed for new messages, where do we go instead?
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    SnapshotMC has forums and might be a satisfactory substitute.

    Yeah, I'd have to agree with this SnapshotMC appears to be the best future for the community. The owners there are understanding and willing to take feedback, which is great!

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    I like that a lot! Thanks. :)

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    posted a message on What's your greatest forum moment?

    I liked all my suggestions. I'd say my proudest moment was my Fishing Overhaul because it got the most support, out of all my various ideas.

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    posted a message on fishg's Autumnal Forest

    I know it has been a long time, but I'd like to proudly announce the Autumnal Forest has become a mod! It is part of a larger community based mod, the Community Revamp. All are welcome to download the mod through their discord server (it is still in alpha, will be uploaded to curseforge once we feel the mod is ready). But for all intents and purposes, this suggestion can be played!

    A few changes were made to the original suggestion- vampires were removed, but a new structure, the pilgrim's hut, was added! If you like this suggestion, do consider joining the mod's discord community.


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    Thanks to everyone who commented- I will now answer your questions!
    Quote from ScotsMiser»

    Quite the guantlet… :P

    Cameras (even the 19th cent. variants) are wildly out-of-period for for vanilla MC [The focus of the educational version is different… thus things like the https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Lab_Table to be not out of place in that context.]

    Technical details are very thin, but the camera and portfolio pages seem to indicate that the pictures are held on the server and called from the various clients. Unless the lag/bandwidth issues brought up during previous discussions of paintable pictures have been solved, these remain arguments against such an item. (A temporary file shared across a classroom LAN with a [probable] very small world size being likely rather different from typical vanilla servers).

    [Assuming the technical details have been fully solved, player created paintings, noteboards, etc (as already suggested) would seem to have greater support and would be more in keeping with the periodicity typically assigned to vanilla...]

    Also assuming the technical issues are no longer prohibitive, I see no reason to limit this to sepia prints: full color would fit both as painting from the usual percieved period or as photos for those playning modern/post-modern maps…

    [Any 'look & feel' objections aside, if a viable solution to the technical issues has been found, having those details could open up entire new areas for exploration…

    Nice find mining in the educational edition, BTW :>:]

    Regarding the time period... Minecraft already has solar panels. There is no "too modern" for Minecraft, and likewise, there is no "too early" for Minecraft. What matters is if the object is timeless. A sword is timeless. A daylight sensor is timeless. Golden Apples are made up and yet timeless. A flying car is not timeless. It is a strange concept to pin down- but just imagine if someone had one of those models placed down in the world? Would it really look out of place?

    The photograph can be stored in a similar manner to maps. Even after change maps can remain their outdated format. In theory, photographs could behave the same way. Only no clicking to "update". Inside the files, a single "photograph.png" file will be continuously changed on a server basis, but the most recent image will be permanently saved on the photo paper. That's a bit confusing, but I think should solve the issue of lag.

    Other prints make sense- maybe adding dye to the image will turn it to color? While the default keeps the sepia old tone.
    Quote from erictom333»

    How about an Artist villager that paints pictures of things? Cameras are just too modern for Minecraft (unless it's something like a camera obsura).

    I think that would be very inconvenient to work with. How would you get the villager to paint exactly what you want? Why can't you in lore just painting something yourself? And we'd then have to overhaul paintings. Cameras are more convenient.

    For the time period, please see my first reply to ScotMiser.

    Amazing job! I will add it to the original post, thank you.

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    posted a message on Post F before Minecraft Forum archived

    I would say F for this challenge



    is it

    worth my depleting time



    of us

    are a


    to say


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    posted a message on More Village Ideas

    Actually, I really like the idea of fairies! I imagine them as villager babies with little wings. Support.

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