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    Quote from ChipTheWiiU»

    You heard me! More "Original" Animals. Lately, Mojang have been adding some mobs that are closer to reality such as Parrots and Polar Bears. So that's why I want the developers to keep on adding them. I have some few that I think would be really cool and unique:

    - Sloths: Drops leathers upon death and being almost useless since they literally stay still most of the times

    - Jellyfish: A deadlier version of a guardian (with no laser beams), the good thing is that it's passive

    - Poisonous Frog: Neutral, have the same behaviors as wolves (attack player in hordes if the player hits one of them), give poison ",times,serif">I for 5 seconds if being hit

    ",times,serif">I have more ideas in my mind but some don't fit in with Minecraft. But for now, I'm just gonna leave it here for the community.

    While I would also like to see more original animals, coming up with 3 random and frankly poorly thought out mobs and then leaving it to the community won't earn you my support.

    Sloths, Jellyfish, and even Poisonous Frogs all have the potential to become great ideas, but you need to take time and flesh out your ideas. You say that they're cool and unique, but you seem to have a tendency of comparing your "unique" mobs to other mobs already in the game.

    Why does the Sloth drop leather when Cows do the same thing?

    Why make Jellyfish stronger than the Ocean-Monument-exclusive Guardians? If you had to suggest Jellyfish, make them at least have some unique effect like "shock" to stun the player.

    Your idea for poisonous frogs are just wolves and cave spiders rolled in one.

    Again, this isn't a bad concept in general, it just need fixing up. Maybe focus on just one mob for now, with more coming later.

    No Support, for now.
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    The biggest issue is that there would need to be an ID for every combination—that causes even more problems when you consider every look of slab is available under each ID, essentially meaning they'd have to make one for a wooden slab with the appearance of a stone slab, with a stone slab that appears to be red sandstone stacked on top.

    Yes, it would take a lot of ids and effort to pull this off. The upside is it would allow a lot more creativity with slabs in builds.

    Considering how Mojang is now re-doing all their textures just to make the game look nicer (quite a feat), I don't think this isn't viable technically speaking.

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    I agree with you entirely- I have often run into the same scenario myself. The largest problem I see with this is the coding- in order to make this work the game would have to be arranged in half blocks, not full blocks like it is now.

    I have a suggestion to help fix this problem. Instead of stacking slabs, the game could create full size blocks out of the combined slabs. There would be texture for every possible combination. These "combine slab" blocks would be only accessible by combing the slabs, not in creative mode. I hope this makes sense.


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    How would this work?

    First off, Bluetooth is probably copyrighted. Besides that, how would the game know where to connect each wiring? Once you have multiple Bluetooth wirings, the game would get confused on what goes where.

    Next, this would make Redstone obsolete. Instead of trekking deep underground to mine countless Redstone, you could just switch to Bluetooth.

    Finally, in a game with a medieval setting, why is there Bluetooth- something created in the 21st century?

    No Support.

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    While this is a neat idea, I don’t think it be possible, at least not how Minecraft is currently coded. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure structure blocks are designed to create blocks. The only way to make an object move is to create an entity (not a block), and a single moving large entity would cause a LOT of lag. Multiple entities and the game would probably crash. I don't even want to think about what would happen on large servers.

    Besides that, this idea would make minecart with chests/furnaces/TNT redundant. Why create a minecart with just one chest when you can attach a minecart to a platform with as many chests as you want?

    Sorry, but No Support

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    First off, thanks to everyone who responded and took the time to read my long original post. It’s important to remember that Bedrock Armor is extremely rare. 100% damage resistance wouldn’t be the norm, it’s more likely you’d have just one or two pieces of Bedrock Armor on. The entire set would be an unlikely find- a Bedrock Chestplate would be as rare an enchanted golden apple in a dungeon!

    Quote from Genius_idiot»

    as for the idea itself, I think the biggest issue is that you seem to be basing it on PVP, which Minecraft is not a PvP game.

    Partial Support

    Good point. Now that I’m rereading this, I noticed how I was writing this with PVP in mind rather than PVE. However, the idea still applies to PVE, just in a slightly different way.

    When playing with Bedrock Armor in a survival world, you’d probably want to avoid mobs that give you effects (Witches, cave spiders, husks, strays, etc.) while you could be less fearful of mobs that give you physical attacks (Zombies, skeletons, spiders, etc.). Other mobs (Creeprs, ghasts, blazes) would fall in between. This would make you look at mobs differently, rather than just how much damage or health they have.

    I didn’t want to give any naturally spawning mobs the armor because you need advanced weapons to take down a mob with Bedrock Armor. Though now that I think about it, perhaps Zombie Pigmen could very, very rarely spawn with a single piece of armor. It would add a layer of strategy to fighting the Pigmen and help differentiate them from Zombies. Plus, fighting one would be optional. The Pigmen would never drop their Bedrock Armor.

    Quote from Genius_idiot»

    personally, I think instead of being Immune to X but venerable to Y, it should be Juggernaut type armor. my recommended stats would be (for full set

    (+) 90% damage reduction (same as diamond)

    (-) -50-75% knockback taken

    (-)-15% move speed

    (-) minimal enchant ability

    basically what this means is that you have a higher base protection (max diamond armor can actually get up to 96% damage reduction, just ask @Master Caver) and knockback resistance allowing you to hit more shots, but you move slower making it impossible catch fleeing foes

    Partial Support

    Thanks for the feedback on the stats. Utilizing knockback resistance, which is currently only accessible though commands, is a great idea.

    As for the 90% damage resistance, one of the reasons I made this suggestion was to create a balanced way to include creative mode invincibility, like how Elytra’s are a balanced take on creative mode flight. If I changed this I feel it would take away from the importance of Bedrock Armor. Though in retrospect, maybe changing it to 95% would be a better idea.

    I feel that Bedrock Armor is strong enough as it is, and making it enchantable would make the armor too OP (combine it with fire protection and you’re set). Bedrock (strong but with no enchant ability) is sort of like the inverse of gold (weak but with a high enchant ability).

    Quote from Cerroz»
    Sad to say, I don't think there needs to be an armor better than the already super beefy diamond. That's all just too much. Even having iron armor with some decent enchantments can turn the player into a tank depending on how they play. This would be mildly plausible if it was just for Creative Mode, but a full set of diamond armor is far more than enough.

    I see your point- variety just for the sake of variety is a bad idea. Still, I think Bedrock Armor is unique compared to the other armors. I feel that this uniqueness makes it worth adding to game. Even if the average player would prefer Diamond over Bedrock, it’s still an option that the player could use (and more likely to be used than leather, chain, or gold).

    Quote from Cerroz»
    As for the whole 'switching armor' thing. I'm not a fan of that. That just sounds tedious and gameplay-ruining to keep jumping back and forth between armors. It's possible I might avoid bedrock armor altogether because that slowness penalty would make things annoying, despite how strong it is.

    Concerning “switching armor”, at this late-game period (especially after being able to find all four pieces) the player would probably be using shulker boxes, so inventory space wouldn’t be much of a problem. And I never found putting armor on to be that tedious, just hold shift and you can change armor in less than 5 seconds.

    Again, I want to stress that the armor would be very rare, and the average player would only find 1 piece of armor. Perhaps they settle on just finding a Bedrock Helmet- in that case, the player would only suffer from 3.75% slowness penalty, and probably just have it on the whole time with the other three armors enchanted diamond. Switching armors would only happen if you get super lucky or play the game for a long, long time.

    Quote from AMPPL50»

    Bedrock Armor should have a finite durability (Between Iron and Diamond armor), and the slowness penalty should be changed so it's a more general debuff, with a lower speed penalty that is paired with an attack speed and mining speed penalty, and increased hunger loss while sprinting.

    While a finite durability would keep in line with the other armors, Bedrock Armor is so rare that I feel making it have a finite durability would just make it to tedious to get. If it were to have a durability, I’d make it twice as durable as Diamond, and when it does break, it becomes a “broken” item, like an elytra. Then the armor could be a trophy, or fixed on an anvil with another piece.

    As for pairing the speed penalty with attack speed, I think attack speed should be left for weapons. This would make it unnecessarily complicated. The way I see it, weapons buff/nerfs are for the offensive, while armor buff/nerfs are for the defensive.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    I'd much rather see armor which offers as much protection as iron but does not have armor penetration; compared to diamond you'd take more damage against weaker attacks but less against strong attacks (diamond armor's +2 armor toughness means that it takes 4 points of damage to penetrate each armor point so it takes 20 points of damage to reduce it from 20 to 15 armor points, the same as iron).

    While I respect your ideas, one of my main reasons I created this armor was for more combat variety. Right now, combat is effectively just swords and the rare bow, because as Genuis_idiot said, no other weapon is practical. One of the weapons I tried to buff with Bedrock Armor was explosives. By changing Bedrock Armor from explosives > swords/bows to explosives < swords/bows, I feel I only be making the weapon practicability gap larger.

    Quote from InterludeDude»

    It would be cool if the end bunker emitted gray particles, but once you've opened a chest inside, the particles disappear and the bunker becomes destructible.

    But this is an amazing suggestion with lots of effort poured into it. Proper spelling & grammar, well thought out content, sensible polls, good formatting, understandable images, custom structures that you actually built, links to essential information... and LOOT TABLES?! Wow!

    Thanks for compliments! I like the idea of the gray particles and making the bunker become destructible after a chest is open, I will be adding it into the suggestion.
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    posted a message on Bedrock Armor

    In my opinion, the armor system in Minecraft is too simple. We have five basic armor sets, but only two (Iron and Diamond) are ever really used. I feel that the game could benefit from more armor variety. My intention when creating this suggestion is to create a sixth armor set that has a specific purpose in game, without it being too overpowered or underpowered.

    Unlike the others, I got this picture from Images- so it isn’t perfect. My version of Bedrock Armor would be less black and more gray, without any white spots.

    Bedrock Armor (name pending) would be a late-game, “legendary” armor that would be significantly stronger than Diamond Armor. In fact, a full set of Bedrock Armor would prevent players from taking nearly any certain damage. I know this may seem ridiculously overpowered, but hear me out.

    Typically, a bedrock chestplate would reduce damage by 39.5%, leggings by 29.7%, and a helmet and boots by 14.9%. Overall, a full set of armor would result in 99% damage resistance to most physical attacks. In comparison, the maximum you can (theoretically) achieve in game is 80%*. Examples of this include:

    • Direct attacks from mobs and players- 99% damage reduction
    • Getting hit with an arrow, chicken eggs, or a fishing rod- 99% damage reduction
    • Touching a cactus or armor with thorns- 99% damage reduction
    • Fall damage- 75% damage reduction (see edits for reasoning of change)

    *In the game, Diamond Armor has a value known as “toughness” which decreases damage reduction. The wiki has a complicated algorithm to damage reduction with Diamond Armor, and if you’re interested you can find said information here: Armor_Toughness. All that matters is that Bedrock Armor

    would not be affected by toughness.

    Yes, this means with a full set of Bedrock Armor (which would be incredibly rare) you would suffer nearly no damage. Despite this, some of the more “powerful” attacks would result in only a 50% damage reduction. In this case, a chestplate would only reduce damage by 20%, leggings by 15%, and helmet and boots by 7.5%. These include:

    • Explosions- 50% damage reduction
    • Getting struck by lightning- 50% damage reduction
    • Getting hit by a falling anvil- 50% damage reduction
    • Touching fire or lava- 50% damage reduction
    • Getting hit by a fireball from a ghast or blaze- 50% damage reduction

    While Bedrock Armor prevents players from taking physical damage, it is vulnerable to magic. Taking on the Wither with Bedrock Armor would be a bad idea…

    • Potion effects- No damage reduction
    • Potion tipped arrows- 100% damage reduction on the arrow, but no reduction on the effect.

    In addition, Bedrock Armor slows down the player. A chestplate slows down the player by 10%, leggings by 7.5%, and helmets and boots by 3.75%. Overall, a full set will slow down the player by 25%- 5% short of a slowness 2 potion. Unlike the potion effect, Bedrock Armor slowness does not affect the FOV.

    Despite this slowness penalty, the player would receive 50% knockback resistance from a full set of armor. A chestplate would reduce knockback by 20%, leggings by 15%, and helmet and boots by 7.5%.

    Bedrock Armor would have a durability 1.5x that of diamond. A helmet would have 546 uses, a chestplate 794, leggings 744, and boots 645 uses. After the armor breaks, it would be replaced by a "broken" variant that cannot be worn. The "broken" piece can then be fixed on an anvil, or function as a trophy item.

    It should also be noted that Bedrock Armor cannot be enchanted. This means that a highly enchanted diamond chestplate may be stronger than a normal bedrock chestplate.

    Bedrock Armor as an item.

    Also, there wouldn’t be any bedrock weapons or tools.

    When equipped, additional armor bars would appear- like how golden hearts appear after eating a golden apple. The additional bars would stay with the player until they take off the armor)

    Updating Gold Armor (new!):

    Gold Armor is rarely used. It's weaker more expensive than Iron Armor, so what's the point in making it? Well, with Bedrock Armor's new stat system, I think Gold could also adopt this new damage reduction system. Gold would remain weaker and more expensive than Iron, but would be stronger against "magical" attacks and weaker towards "physical" attacks. Sort of the inverse to Bedrock:


    • Weak against physical attacks
    • Strong against magical attacks
    • Very enchant-able
    • No speed reduction (fast)


    • Strong against physical attacks
    • Weak against magical attacks
    • Not enchant-able
    • 15% speed reduction (slow)

    I'm not saying that Gold will have 99% damage resistance to magical attacks, but it will have a significantly stronger defense against potions, tipped arrows, and fire.

    I think that the slowness, complete lack of enchantments, and the fire/potion weaknesses of Bedrock Armor will help balance out its strengths. The idea is that you can still win a fight against someone with Bedrock Armor- you just need to think about it strategically. Trapping a player in lava or using a potion effect will be easier than usual, as the player is slower. I hope that this will create more variety in combat, as currently potions and lava traps are, in my opinion, underutilized and forgotten in favor of swords.

    So, with that out of the way, let’s discuss how to get Bedrock Armor.

    Finding Bedrock Armor

    A new structure would spawn in the far End islands*. The structure would be known as the End Bunker, and would be twice as common as an End City. Imagine End Bunkers as the dungeons of the End.

    *One idea that popped into my head when making this suggestion was that the reason there’s no Bedrock in the End is because the Enderman mined all their Bedrock for the armor. Just an idea.

    The bunker would consist of an outer maze and an inner treasure room, as pictured below. You can also see four Vex spawners below the floor (purpur blocks be directly above, hiding the view). I chose Vexes because they can transverse through blocks and avoid revealing the correct path though the maze.

    The maze itself would generate out of numerous presets, all made with only one correct path. Lighting would be supplied through end rods hanging from the ceiling. If possible, the bunker would be indestructible, like bedrock, to prevent cheating through the maze. When the bunker is indestructible, the occasional gray particle will emit from the blocks. The gray particles and indestructability will when a player opens a safe chest in the treasure room.

    The inner treasure room would consist of four chests, all facing in different directions. But be careful- two of four chests are actually trapped chests rigged with explosives! The other two would be where you can find Bedrock Armor. A single piece of Bedrock Armor is extremely rare, let alone an entire set.

    End Bunker Loot Table
    I based the loot table off dungeons. Most of the items are objects that Endermen can pick up in the Overworld or the Nether (perhaps this where Endermen put the blocks they pick up).
    • Chorus Fruit = 0.400
    • Grass Block= 3.375
    • Red Sand = 3.375
    • Netherrack= 3.375
    • Gravel= 3.375
    • Sand = 0.750
    • Dirt = 0.750
    • TNT = 0.200
    • Clay = 0.315
    • Red Mushroom = 0.236
    • Brown Mushroom = 0.236
    • Melon (Block) = 0.236
    • Mycelium = 0.600
    • Podzol = 0.600
    • Coarse Dirt = 0.600
    • Shulker Shell = 0.250
    • Ender Pearl = 0.500
    • Pumpkin = 0.236
    • Bedrock Helmet = 0.157
    • Bedrock Chestplate = 0.031
    • Bedrock Leggings = 0.079
    • Bedrock Boots = 0.157

    I cannot stress enough how rare Bedrock Armor would be. The average post-Ender Dragon Minecraft player may never find Bedrock Armor. You would have to go through countless Bunkers to find just one piece of armor. Bedrock Armor is the sort of thing you stumble upon if you’re very, very lucky.

    Bedrock Armor won’t spawn on Zombies or Skeletons. However, they can pick up Bedrock Armor from players, so be careful!


    If you’re still not convinced that Bedrock Armor is balanced, then I have one final idea that may sway you over. Bows could be enchanted with “piercing”, and would be able to break through Bedrock Armor and damage the player as if they had no (or very little) armor. Combined with Flame or Knockback, and they could easily take down a player with a full set of Bedrock Armor in just a couple of hits. Piercing would be only be one level.

    Other Uses

    When creating this suggestion, I realized a couple more uses that Bedrock Armor could have:

    Mapmakers would be able to incorporate the armor into their maps, which could lead to interesting, puzzle based arenas that were previously much harder to create. Or, they could easily make unique “bosses” (normal mobs equipped with Bedrock armor) that are very hard to kill.
    Servers with Kits could really go all out with the “Tank” Kit, in which they would be invulnerable to basic attacks, but vulnerable to “anti-tank” weapons (potions).
    Hardcore Mode players, after so much hard work, could take a well-earned break and walk around safe with a full set of Bedrock Armor (or course, a full set would be extremely rare).
    Faction Servers would be even more interesting, as now the oldest factions would have a few pieces or sets of the rare Bedrock Armor. Factions would fight over the armor, similar to how everyone wants an elytra on those servers now. This would add a new layer of depth to faction servers.

    And this might seem silly, but this has been bothering me for a while:

    • People who want to fly an elytra, but keep dying of fall damage can now suit up in a Bedrock helmet, leggings, and boots and avoid death by fall damage!


    In my Introduction, I said I wanted to create a sixth armor set that has a specific purpose in the game. Bedrock Armor accomplishes this by specializing in combat. Even if you’re lucky enough to find a full set of Bedrock Armor, when you’re mining, building, farming, etc, you wouldn’t be wearing it. The slowness makes it an inconvenience to use on an everyday basis. Instead, you’d chose a simple set of Diamond Armor for other tasks. Bedrock Armor would be used for combat purposes only.

    For example, say you’re mining. Why suffer from a 25% slowness penalty when you have a relatively strong set of Diamond Armor at your disposal? You would mine with your Diamond Armor, until you see a series of dungeons and countless mobs charging at you. Now it’s time to switch to Bedrock Armor, where you can take down the mobs with ease.

    The most common complaint I found when researching sixth, stronger-than-diamond armor suggestion threads was that the armor made diamond useless, or that the armor was useless because enchanted diamond was stronger. Bedrock Armor, instead of trying to be better (or worse) than Diamond Armor, serves as a specialized armor for a specific task. That way, you can have both Diamond and Bedrock sets at the player’s disposal, and they can evaluate and decide on the proper armor based on the situation.

    Thanks for reading!


    8/28/17- Added durability and "broken" variant to the armor, and knockback resistance (courtesy of Genius_idiot). Also added gray particles, courtesy of InterludeDude, to the End Bunker. Lastly, Wolftopia brought up a good point about the fall damage, and so it was changed from 100% to 75%

    8/31/17- After much, much consideration, I have decided to change the 100% reduction to 99%. Swords and bows can now damage Bedrock Armor, albeit barely. No other stats have changed. Additional armor bars were added. Lastly, the "piercing" poll was closed, with method 2 the clear victor.

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