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    Thanks everyone for the feedback!

    Quote from Genius_idiot»

    while I do like the idea of statues, personally, I think it would be better to add a new #D GUI that allows players to make there won statue, possibly out of any combination of blocks, ths would require them to be tile entities of course, but I think it would be worth it.

    in addition, while I do think that Statues would have to be purly aesthetic, If they had to have functionality, I would rather it be done by giving them a certain item, IE a glowing block would make them a light source, wheat would allow them to feed animals, ect ect


    When creating this suggestion, I didn't want to go too in depth. Most mods will take a single concept (ex: a cheese mod) and then completely overdue it (ex: adding tons of cheese flavors). Having a built in statue creator would need to have lots of squares and need to account for brightness.

    My biggest fear with this suggestion was that people would dislike it purely because it "had no use". I see now that my fears weren't necessary. I'll start a poll on whether or not to remove the mob farming feature (Do note that I lowered it from 50% to 20%).

    Quote from AMPPL50»

    Statues shouldn't affect mob farming, as they're too cheap in relation to the amount of potential available drops.

    Apart from that, the stone type used as "fuel" to make statues should affect the look of the statue, with each slot affecting a third of the statue, which would allow for more varied designs.

    The GUI should be tweaked so that a single drop can be used to choose between several types of statues, which would be useful for dealing with donkeys and horses; and would also avoid having to give Vexes an unique drop, as they're spawned from Evokers, so they could share the same item.

    Why are Evokers in the list of mobs without unique drops? They're the only source of Totems of Undying, so making their statues should require them.

    Villages should also have a new NPC type related to statues. This would, for instance, allow for a few unique statues to be obtainable from them, and would also allw for villager statues to be able to be found in a village even if it didn't spawn.

    Finally, a silly nitpick is the mention in the conclusion of a "shulker farm". That bit hould be tweaked as shulkers can't be farmed because they don't respawn. Wither Skeletons would fit there more, as they ARE both farmable and difficult to farm.

    I fixed most of the minor nitpicks. As for the "fuel" affecting the look of the statue, it crossed my mind but I decided it wouldn't be necessary. Statues wouldn't have a stone texture, they'd just be gray. Other colors wouldn't look as nice. It would just be there for the sake of being there.

    I will be working on a way to seamlessly integrate variants have the similar drops but different statues (horses, mules, and donkeys). As for the villager statues they'd always be at least one statue in a village already spawning. I don't think we'd have to make another village profession just for statues (without color, how different would villagers look from one another)?

    Quote from NinjaDogDB»
    I think it would be a better idea to use the Dragon Egg to make an Ender Dragon statue than Dragon Breath. Dragon Breath can be obtained without killing the Ender Dragon since you right click with a glass bottle on the area the particles appear on. Also since Ender Dragon's can be respawned in the game this would not affect the use of decorating your base with a Dragon Egg. However, I think this is a great idea to add even though I don't really agree with using a Nether Star or Wither Skeleton Head to make a Wither statue or a Wither Skeleton statue. 75% Support

    Unlike Nether Stars, the Dragon Egg don't drop twice. It only comes from the original dragon.

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    There’s not many ways to decorate your house in Minecraft. I’ve noticed a lot of people who want to make a huge mansion, but then realize that besides filling up your chests there isn’t much to do with your house. Seriously, how many paintings can you hang on your walls? Minecraft builds, whenever creative or survival, would benefit greatly from more decorations. Therefore, I’d like to suggest a new decorative item- the Statue.

    Statues have been around since before ancient times, and have historically been used to represent people or animals. In Minecraft, statues would be a dynamic new way to document player progress, decorate your house, and alter the spawning of certain mobs. Each statue would be a “stone” replica of a certain mob. All mobs in the game would be represented, plus special Steve and Alex statues.

    A rough model of a creeper statue.

    The primary use of statues would be for decorative purposes. You could put statues on empty walls in your house, as centerpieces to fountains, or even to create a whole “museum” filled with statues. The sky’s the limit when decorating with statues! (Seriously, you can’t place statues over y 256)

    Statues would be .95 scale replicas of their respective mobs. For example, a 2-block high zombie would 1.9 blocks tall. This is to accommodate space for the “platform” at the bottom of statues. The size of the statue might affect its purpose in the game- silverfish statues could be little trinkets on tables, while ender dragon statues might take up entire rooms!

    You can construct statues of mobs after you have killed said mob. Therefore, you can only have a Wither Statue is you have defeated the Wither, and so on and so forth.

    You can only have this guy if you’ve killed a Wither.

    Creating Statues

    Statues would be constructed with a new block to PC, the Stonecutter.

    Some of you may know that the stonecutter used to be a block in Pocket Edition. The old stonecutter was a crafting table for only stone blocks. The block was very tedious to use, and has since been removed. The new stonecutter will be nothing like its predecessor, save the name and texture.

    Stonecutter crafting recipe

    Stonecutters would be crafted with a sole iron ingot, surrounded by six cobblestone, a lever, and redstone. The iron symbolizes the gear, and the cobblestone the surrounding stone. This recipe would make stonecutters easy to make, but not too cheap that they could be made within the first couple of days. (Thanks Wolftopia for the revised recipe).

    As you can see, the stonecutter’s interface is comprised of a single arrow, two large squares, and three smaller squares off to the side.

    In order to create a statue, the player has to fill the three smaller squares with a stone block. This can be any block that is related to stone- cobblestone, andesite, etc. The stone block put into Stonecutter doesn’t affect the output and is consumed after the statue is created. They serve as “fuel” blocks that add a small price tag to building statues.

    Alternatively, one could fill the three squares with gold ingots to create a Golden Statue. Golden statues would be an expensive way to show off. They would also give another use to gold, which is always forgotten between iron and diamond. Golden Statues could also help with egyptian and fantasy builds. (Thanks Lord_Garak for this idea).

    A golden pig statue.

    The large square to the left of the arrow is where input goes. The input is what determines what mob the statue represents, and varies from statue to statue. It’s always a drop, to ensure that the player has indeed fought/discovered that mob.

    List of Inputs for each mob

    Most of the drops would come from the mob. However, some mobs don't have unique drops. The solution to this problem is making the input an item that typically associated with the mob in question. However, you could only build the statue after you have killed the respective mob. For example, if I put a mushroom in a stonecutter without having killed a mooshroom, nothing will happen. After killing a mooshroom, infinite statues can be made with mushrooms (provided you have enough mushrooms).

    Mob variants would be built by using the drop of the normal mob (as they are nearly the same). By default, the output will show the normal mob. Right click to cycle between variations. You must kill the said mob variant for it to appear in the left click cycle

    Passive Mobs

    • Chicken- Raw Chicken
    • Pig- Raw Pork
    • Cow- Raw Beef
    • Sheep- Raw Mutton
    • Rabbit- Raw Rabbit
    • Squid- Squid Ink
    • Mooshroom- Mushroom
    • Bat- Nothing (or a new drop)
    • Ocelot - Fish
    • Parrot - Cookies
    • Horse / Donkey / Mule / Skeleton Horse / Llama- Apples

    Neutral Mobs

    • Spider / Cave Spider- Spider Eyes
    • Enderman / Endermite- Ender Pearls
    • Zombie Pigmen- Gold Nuggets
    • Wolf- Lead
    • Polar Bear- Snow?
    • Iron Golem- Iron Block
    • Snow Golem- Snow Block

    Hostile Mobs

    • Zombie / Zombie Villager / Baby Zombie / Baby Zombie Villager / Husk- Rotten Flesh
    • Skeleton / Stray- Bone
    • Creeper- Gunpowder
    • Slime- Slimeball
    • Ghast- Ghast Tear
    • Blaze- Blaze Powder
    • Magma Cube- Magma Cream
    • Wither Skeleton- Wither Skeleton Head
    • Guardian / Elder Guardian- Prismarine Shard
    • Shulker- Shulker Shell
    • Evoker- Totem of Undying
    • Silverfish- Stone Block
    • Witch- Empty Bottle
    • Vindicator / Vex- Emerald
    • Wither- Nether Star
    • Ender Dragon- Dragon Breath

    Once the input and three stone-related blocks have been put in, the Stonecutter will get to work at creating a statue! Statues take 15 seconds to create, and is measured through the arrow. While constructing, the Stonecutter would emit a unique gear or drill sound.

    When a statue finishes, all blocks used to create it will be consumed. The statue will then appear in the large square to the right, ready for use.

    Naturally Generating Statues

    Three statues would not be created through the Stonecutter- those being the Villager, Steve, and Alex statues. Villager statues would spawn in villages. There would always be one statue, typically spawning in a church or an open space near the middle. 5% of the time the village will spawn with a golden villager statue. Villager statues would represent finding a village.

    Steve and Alex statues would be rarer. They would be found in chests all over the Overworld, from blacksmiths to dungeons to woodland mansions. These statues could represent the player.

    The rest of the statues would be exclusive to the Stonecutter, and would not naturally generate.

    Statue Uses

    Statues would have many other uses besides just décor. They would also prove in-game proof of player progress. This is something that I've always felt Minecraft has been lacking. We have advancements, but they’re linear and more for goals, rather then a way to look back at what you've done. Currently, there’s no way to proudly show off how you slayed an elder guardian, had a loyal pet, or discovered a mushroom island.

    Because they’re so dynamic, each Minecraft statue would tell a story. Compare that to painting, which just randomly generate from a small number of presets. You could document that awesome trip to the Nether when you killed three Ghasts, or create a proper memorial for your wolf. You could set out to kill every mob in the game, and show it with statues.

    Besides documenting your progress, statues would also be awesome for just decorations. How awesome would it be to have a Wither statue in front of your base? Or perhaps using villager statues to recreate the Terracotta Army!

    You could also bring statues to life (with cheats of course). The command would be /statue <x y z> alive. Mapmakers could utilize this command to create some awesome sequences! Thanks coolcat430 for this great suggestion

    Statues could also be put to great use in creative mode. In real life, architects constantly use statues to add detail to otherwise plain buildings. Statues would be a game-changing asset to builders. When you start thinking about it, nearly every build would benefit with them.

    Statues Assisting Mob Farming

    One final use of statues would be altering the spawn rate of certain mobs. When placed, a statue would start affecting the 5x5x5 area around it by causing its respective mob to spawn 5% more commonly, while every other mob would be reduced by 2.5%. It wouldn’t be a huge difference, but still a slightly noticeable one.

    This would primarily be used to help with mob farming. However, the 5% bonus is only added at the beginning of mob-spawning algorithm. So as long as you have torches by your zombie statue, you can safely exhibit in your house. Likewise, placing a sheep statue on your wood flooring would not magically give you sheep (since sheep only spawn outside).

    Of course, some statues wouldn’t affect mob spawning at all- ender dragon statues would never spawn an ender dragon, and blazes, even if with a light level of 0, would not spawn in the Overworld. Steve and Alex statues wouldn’t affect the spawning of anything.

    Gold statues would be extra powerful, increasing the spawn rate of their respective mob by 20% and decreasing all others by 10%. This would provide further incentive for players to build the more expensive gold statue.

    As I said before, the real use of this feature would be for mob farms. Statues would allow players to interact with their farms with an unprecedented level of customization. You would be able to create monster farms for each mob, and increase the productivity of your animal pens. For example, a smart player might place a pig statue in the middle, or underneath, their pig pen.


    In conclusion, statues would be a new way to decorate, document progress, and assist in mob farms. They would be a great asset for builders and help hardcore survivalists.

    They’d also be a great way to show player progression. By decorating your base with statues, each player base would be unique to each individual player. They would each tell a story, from the time you killed your very first zombie to that super complicated wither skeleton farm you’ve started up. If you did it, you can show it.

    Finally, who doesn't want to have a giant Ender Dragon statue on their roof? I sure want one!


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    I think you're in the wrong thread. Discussions concerning mods go in the modding forum. The Suggestions Forum is for suggestions to the vanilla game.

    But if this is a suggestion, then no support because it's too complicated and sound's like a mod.

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    Quote from coolcat430»

    I can definitely see where you're coming from, but I still do think it all falls under a theme, much like the other tables. Crafting tables make new materials out of several materials, furnaces change or refine materials with fuel, enchanting tables upgrade items directly, and the ritual table expands on and improves the functionality of an item/block. I suppose the Withered Pumpkin doesn't really fit too much though =P

    I suppose you're right. The withered pumpkin was your first example so it sets the tone for the rest of the examples. I'd suggest you replace it with something that better fits the theme.

    The other example that I especially dislike is Radiant Gold. We already can enchant golden weapons/tools, so I think it would be overkill to add more customization. The only way I could see it being added is if radiance as added to all weapons/tools.

    Everything else though works. Maybe add more block "expansions" so it isn't so limited in features.

    I'd also suggest that every "upgrade" also has a catch to it. Witches do this a lot in books and movies- "you will become a human but lose your voice", etc. Each would be cleverly related to the item. For example, if you use the bottomless cauldron 64 times a day, you get sucked into it (start suffocating in the cauldron) because you've been using it so much. It wouldn't be a common thing to run into, but would balance the ritual table and make a joke at the same time.

    Partial Support
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    I don't know about this. On one hand, it's seems pretty cool and has a lot of useful features. But the features are all very random. Enchantment tables all do similar things, no matter what they're enchanting. Ritual tables seem like melting pot for cool ideas

    No Support

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    I agree with all your points. I particularly like #1.

    One thing that's always bothered me is how chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep all drop the same food with different names (this is why I despise the addition of mutton). Chickens, cows, and sheep also drop unique items, but pigs are the awkward animal that drops nothing beside food. Making them more food than most mobs is a great idea that partially solves this problem.


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    This wouldn't make food challenging. All it would do is make it annoying. You would be limited to have to return home to kill more animals every two days. There would be no epic underground or nether trips. Just because something is realistic doesn't mean it should be in the game.

    No Support.

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    Also if I may recommend it, to prevent scattering them throughout, all the multicolored blocks should have their own unique tab.

    I don't know if that's really necessary, at least as a whole tab. But I could see it as a hashtag (#multicolored). Any organizational system, even if it's over-the-top, could now be easily added to the inventory without restraints.

    As for spelling changing person to person, the game would (as coolcat said) add all the variants. In the rare event someone has a spelling that no one has thought up of, the game could "spellcheck" (sort of how iPhones suggest how to finish the word you're typing in texts) the correct spelling.

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    Quote from Banded408»

    @fish. well the idea is to allow the community to share there creations with the rest of the community in a way that can modify our game-play over and over again. i dont just want to create a building. i want to be able to share it with a friend, who can then create a new world where it spawns. allowing for endless modifications to new worlds. you could add an endless supply of statues, temples, obelisks, and whatever else to spread out and occupy an otherwise kinda endless wilderness. imagine spawning a new world and comming across a village built by someone you saw on youtube. lit, walled off, all the little architecture details, and its spawned naturally. thats what i want. that ability to share with others.

    i don't know how the programming would work, but spawning in the actual buildings when a new world is created should be a fairly simple modification since the architecture is all ready there in the various temples and villages and such that appear now. im ok with being able to just do it in creative mode as well, so long as it still functions in a similar nature as far as being able to save and share creations with others. but i dont think much would even be needed to create the editor. it would basically be /1 except there isn't anything. mayby just a super flat world with a couple of extra building parameters. things such as spawn location, frequency, biome/s, surface, under water, under ground, mayby even a way to make something function like a witch hut in that it spawns mobs.

    imagine the variety of gameplay.

    I see. If only Minecraft was on Steam, we could easily have this + built-in mods and resource packs. Right now though Mojang will have to create their own huge online gallery that would probably take a lot of time and effort. And while they're doing that they might as well include more features on that online gallery. While it would take work, I definitely think it's worth adding in.

    Full Support.
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    I agree with nearly everything here. These are some great ideas that make me wonder why Mojang didn't do this in the first place. I especially like the idea of villagers reading books.

    As for villagers building iron golems, I don't think they need to automatically build golems. However, I do think every village should have at least one golem that spawns with the village when it generates. Maybe one golem for every 8 houses, so larger villages could have as much as 4 golems.


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    Meanwhile, gold armor could block major magical effects in a better fashion, just like your bedrock armor would block physical effects. That could go well along with your suggestion IMO.

    I love this idea. It both makes gold armor actually useful, and bedrock's unique stat system less tacky. Bedrock and Gold could be "opposites":

    • Weak against physical attacks
    • Strong against magical attacks
    • Very enchant-able
    • No speed reduction (fast)


    • Strong against physical attacks
    • Weak against magical attacks
    • Not enchant-able
    • 15% speed reduction (slow)

    I think I will add this to the suggestion.

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    This suggestion has six different tags, but barely has anything remotely interesting in it. There is little effort and detail put into it. Nothing is original, and herobrine... no comment.

    I usually try and include one good thing in my comments, but this honestly has nothing going for it.

    Super No Support.

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    I see the uses of a builder editor, but I think this suggestion is drastically over complicated. Perhaps instead of a whole new editor, we could save a certain x-y-z area in normal creative mode. Then you could "copy" and "paste" builds from world to world.

    Support Pending

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    It should also incorporate a number of different effects, too - to make a set of bedrock armor "not just armor". It could reduce knockback taken, have increased speed on iron blocks or water(electromagnetism?) or increase potion throwing range.

    I see what's you mean. However, I'm weary about adding in more effects. Right now there's already a lot of new stats, and I feel that adding in more will make it too complicated.

    Quote from Herb_»

    I don't like anything being called/related to bedrock. Because bedrock is super-special; it can never, ever drop, it cannot ever fall as an item. It's a key part of the game, something that exists in the world in certain places, and is the one block that can't be mined in any way at all.

    I see your point, and for a while I was looking for a new name. (If anyone thinks they have a better name, please tell me)
    But over time the name grew on me.

    Minecraft is a building game. You can maniuplate the world however you like. The one block you can't use is Bedrock. It's like you said, special. Due to its rarity, Bedrock Armor is just as much of a treasure than an armor. So what better way to reward hard working players who found and slayed the ender dragon, traveled to the far end islands, and ventured to countless bunkers? After all that work, you can finally harness Bedrock to an extent- the one material you thought you could never get. And so with hard work and determination, nothing is impossible. It's actually quite symbolic.

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    I like the idea of making map markers, but i don't think we need to have so many icons. Maybe just the generic symbols, with the ability to chose the color.

    Also, what would the crafting recipe be?


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