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    I think Minecraft forces you to choose between elytra and a diamond chestplate to add a challenging choice to the game- should you go from more defense or the ability to fly?

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    Quote from birbaroni»

    did we get to choose a dimension, i lost some things, if we did find the theme what is it?

    from what i saw in the little post its an ice dimension with the steampunk "boss"/"villain"

    maybe a suggestion for him, maybe hes big and you need to climb up on him while evading his attacks, dont know if its possible, maybe just make him out of moving blocks, just an idea tho

    The theme is a frozen dimension with prehistoric and steampunk influences.

    The Steampunk Boss is known as the Engineer. He is a giant floating eye, always watching you. He shoots a timed laser than can insta-kill, but takes plenty of time to charge so you can easily dodge.

    Making him really big is an interesting proposal. Perhaps we could expand upon the eye, making the entire Gear an extension of this steampunk force. So by entering the "dungeon" you are sorta entering the computer mainframe.

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    Discussions are in motion for simplifying the suggestion temporarily to make it easy to understand to developers once we post over in the modding forum. Here is a potiential “changelog” plan for the Frist Mod’s Initial Release. More is to come. Feel free to critique the log as it is not yet final.


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    posted a message on Teleportals - A new, balanced way to fast travel

    I think this is overpowered, but I won't get too many negatives because I think the initial concept has potential.

    I believe the teleportal shouldn't take you to any coordinate, even within a 128 radius. I understand that having that feature was essential to your hook- simplify getting your items back. But Mojang has already stated using coordinates is "cheating", so I don't think they would do this.

    What I could see them doing in an attempt to promote balanced teleportation is allowing you to jump from teleportals to teleportal, as long as you are in the same dimension. By this I mean you'd create two teleportals, and these could be "linked" so whenever you touch one you come out the other side. Needless to say, it would simply mob grinders. And really help with base connectivity. The downside is it won't help much with exploring dangerous areas such as where you would die. But I think the whole "retrace your steps" thingy is intentional and supposed to make you not want to die. I think it'd be far more balanced if the teleportal had to set up beforehand.

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    posted a message on 5 ways to improve XP usage

    I think this is all fine... for the early game. By the late game concepts like storing XP are entirely irrelevant. It goes to show flawed the system is.

    Support... fixes the initial problem.. while maintaining the underlying issue. Still better than what we have now.

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    Quote from erictom333»

    You know what we all want? Phantoms removed. They're a big nuisance, FORCING you to sleep (which hinders exploration).

    I completely agree.

    Making Phantoms harder? No thanks. I like the 6-day break. So I guess this is better than vanilla, but still not desirable.

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    posted a message on Adventure Map Story Ideas

    Trap ideas:

    To reference Indiana Jones, making there could be a tunnel with falling gravel, and you need to outrun it.

    A giant zombie guarding the idol.

    A pit full of spiders!

    Redstone puzzles.

    A maze ... made out of invisible barrier blocks.

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    posted a message on 128x128 skins

    That would ruin the simplicity of pixel art.

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Recently I've started playing on a multiplayer server with some brainstorming friends, PyxelVector and Wolftopia.

    We are on a SMP server called Kronos. We have a decent amount of resources now, having raided a few end cities but no luck so far with the elytra. Today, I spent most my time on retrofitting our Nether Portal and landscaping the surrounding area.

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    posted a message on Least Fav Tree type (Birch = Worst)

    Birch looks nice when stripped, but unstripped I have to agree out with the zebras. I'm also not a huge fan of spruce trees, although I like the design.

    The big trees are a hassle to cut down but look really nice when landscaping. To each is own.

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    posted a message on Cave Fog (to add to exploring;)

    This sounds like a cool graphics feature. Shouldn't be too hard to implement, would change the overall mood of caves, and if anyone dislikes it they can easily turn it off in settings.


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    posted a message on Short and sweet: Spear

    Why not just post this on the original page?

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    posted a message on Hermitcraft Tag datapack suggestion

    I don't think Mojang will add features specifically for an unsupported server. This belongs in the moding subforum.

    On that note... where is Sunny the Sheep?

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    posted a message on The Nemesis

    This doesn't fit vanilla whatsoever. Would make for an interesting mod... if you can pull it off.

    One question: why the threat of the nemesis? If you die, can't you respawn? While the nemesis can't respawn. So it is really only a matter of time before you kill him.

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    Quote from AMPPL50»

    A typical problem with trying to figure out a new ore is that it's difficult to come up with one that does something that not only wouldn't already fit another ore (Specially iron), but also that it's quite easy to end up thinking uses that would just as well go for iron instead. Often, this is due to suggestions involving materials such as copper, which have similar physical properties and uses (At least as far as the game's tech lets on, that is.)
    Lead, however, is a metal that differs a lot from iron, being very dense, corrosion-proof, and soft. All of which result in it being quite different from iron, as far as in-game uses go.

    Promising introduction.

    Obtaining lead:

    There's 4 sources of lead:

    Lead Ore:Lead Ore spawns in the Overworld. It somewhat resembles Cerussite. Lead ore requires at least a stone pickaxe to mine, making it similar to iron ore in this regard. In the Overworld, lead ore spawns below Y=32, often, but not always,directly adjacent to Gold veins. Typically, it spawns in veins of 6-12, and is more common than gold, but less than iron. It can also spawn in the Surface layer of Extreme Hills, where it's almost as common as coal.
    Recycling: Lead has the unique property that all lead items (Except for nuggets, ingots and blocks) can be placed in a Fireplace, melting them down into a corresponding number of lead nuggets. Inorganic materials (Such as Redstone, Iron, Cobblestone...) are recovered, and organic materials (Such as wood and leather) are lost.
    It can be found while fishing, with lead nuggets appearing as "Junk", while Lead ingots appear as "Treasure".
    Found in Shipwrecks and dungeon chests. Shipwrecks in particular also sometimes spawn Lead blocks that line the remains of the ship's hull.

    These may be too many ways to obtain.


    Ammunition: It is used to craft two different types of ammo. The first is a thrown weapon: The Lead Dart (Note that gold items will stand in for lead items whenever possible):

    Lead Darts are a rather interesting weapon, in that they're the only serious thrown weapon in the game, barring potions. Unlike bows and crossbows, charging them before launching them doesn't slow the player down, making them the most mobile ranged weapon. However, they pay for that in their inability to be enchanted, and in a low stack size of just 16. They deal a similar amount of damage as arrows fired from a Power I Bow.

    So... arrows that are cheaper to make yet deal more damage. They don't need a bow, and can be spammed clicked? Sounds overpowered. Inventory space isn't very important compared to the buffs lead darts provide.

    Another way to fill your enemies in lead is with a Sling:

    (Yay rabbits are now useful!)
    Slings are the exact opposite of crossbows: They are cheap, but their ammo is expensive. They're also the least mobile ranged weapon, and they hurt. A lot.
    They have 2 types of ammo: Splash/Lingering Potions, and Lead Bullets:

    (This means that a single ingot only provides 2+1/9 bullets)
    Slings are used by right-clicking, which causes the sling to swing, using a 2D animation that spins progressively faster (It takes 5 seconds to reach full speed). Releasing the RMB launches the projectile, with the sling's position affecting the trajectory. This makes slings easily the most difficult ranged weapon to master. Sprinting while swinging the sling isn't possible.
    Lead Bullets tend to partly ignore armor and typically deal a lot of damage, particularly if they were shot from a sling swinging at full speed (At maximum velocity, they deal 16 damage, letting them 1-hit kill Spiders). They have a chance to be dropped back as an item after hitting something, and always drop upon hitting players. It's worth noting that NBT tags are saved and kept when the bullets drop back as items, letting the user use an anvil to put adequate text in their bullets.
    Both slings and their bullets can now be sold by Fletchers as tier 3 trades.

    This sounds more balanced than the darts, but a bit unbelievable for me. I think bows would deal damage than a slingshot, though I don't have much experience getting hit by either.

    Pipes have 3 components: The pipe itself, pumps and valves. Respectively, their crafting recipes are:

    Their obvious use is to move liquids (Both from place to place and manipulate them. Pipes are similar to Wood blocks in terms of placement, except that their ends can be modified if a pipe is placed perpendicularly and facing them.
    If placed paralell to the flow of a fluid, the fluid will be moved through the pipe, coming out of the other end of the pipe. If there's multiple ends, it will distribute the flowing blocks among them (Example: A lava source block connected to 3 pipe ends will produce 3 Flowing Lava blocks, all of which will act as if they were 2 blocks away from their source block), with the "equivalent distance" being X/Y, with X being the distance the flowing fluid block would be from it's source at the input pipe's position, and Y being the number of output pipes.
    Pumps allow the movement of fluid source blocks through pipes. They have two sides: An Input side, and an opposite Output side.
    When activated by Redstone, any continuous source blocks (That is, directly touching the pipe, or connected only by liquid source blocks to the input pipes) within a cylinder of a 16-block radius at or above the Y-coordinate of any open pipes in the Input Side will gradually replace air blocks directly touching the output pipe within a 16-block radius cylinder BELOW or at the Y-coordinate of the corresponding output pipes.
    While the input and output are draining, flow from the source blocks within both cylinders would be paralized (In no small part so draining water bodies is actually possible). If there's either several inputs or several outputs, all ends will work at the same time, but at reduced speed each, and source blocks will respectively be removed and added to the highest and lowest points of the cylinder first.
    Valves are basically pipes that can be toggled on and off, allowing for control of fluid flow within the pipes. If they're placed between 4 perpendicular pipe blocks, then they'll be both open and closed to the perpendicular flows so they'd be open to one direction and closed in the other.

    This sounds unnecessary, only coming in handy with lava. Water can be made renewable. I would rather they just update lava physics to match water and let you transport liquids through a bucket.

    Redstone seathing

    This is a pretty straightforward one. Right-clicking a Pipe with Redstone Dust turns it into a "Seathed Redstone Wire", or SRW for short.
    SRWs use a 3D model with points in the sides showing it's Redstone charge. Unlike Redstone Wire, they can be waterlogged and contact fluids without any trouble, making them basically waterproof Redstone Wire. Another trait they have is that they can be limitlessly placed vertically, thus avoiding the unsightly redstone staircases. They have to directly face Redstone mechanisms in order to interact with them. Their main catch is that their range is reduced to just 10 blocks, requiring more Repeaters to travel the same distance.

    Very useful. I think I've seen this somewhere else, but nevertheless, the concept has to make it into the game somehow. Support there.

    Potion Ingredient:

    Lead also acts as a potion ingredient, but, unlike most potion ingredients, it acts both as a modifier and an effect ingredient:

    • Effect Ingredient: If brewed into a Thick Potion (Making them the first potion to do so), Lead Nuggets will produce a Potion of Inversion.
    • Potions of Inversion will invert the effects of other potion effects that are applied on an entity affected by Inversion. For instance, Poison I is turned into Healing I. Any effects that used to not have an opposing effect (Such as Fire Resistance and Water Breathing) will now gain inverse effects, which are also available by using Fermented Spider Eyes to corrupt their respective potions.
      Any effects that were previously applied BEFORE applying Inversion WILL BE modified (So be careful to use them, lest you turn an Enchanted Golden Apple into something worse than a Pufferfish). It's worth noting that Enchanted Golden Apples are specifically provided a new potion effect that shields their other effects from this effect (After all, wasting your Enchanted Golden Apple in SMP thanks to a common ore would probably produce a continent's worth of salt).
    • Base Ingredient: Lead Nuggets will, if added to a potion that already has effects, enhace them by adding a secondary Potion Effect that complements the original potion effect's. For instance, Potions of Slow Fall will also gain a Levitation effect, and Water Breathing also gains Night Vision. It's worth noting that, in most, the duration of the original effect is now split between both, with exceptions such as Slow Falling, in which the initial effect doesn't lose duration, but the secondary effect still has 50% of the original's duration.

    I like the inverted potion itself, but am unsure how they would play as "base ingredient". Not all potions have a direct invert and those that do having them blend would be annoying. Every potion has a use for certain situations. So when you are swimming through the nether with fire resistance, you don't want your water breathing to suddenly show up with 50% original duration. When it comes to these inverted potions, what would you be trying to do besides mess around?

    Overall I like the concept but find the changes in ranged weapons and piping unbalanced or unnecessary. But I do approve of redstone seething and potion inversion. Partial Support.

    Suggestion: you mention "lead nuggets" much more than lead ingots. I suggest instead of dropping ingots, the ore drops 3-5 lead nuggets.

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