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    Agtrigormortis hit the bullseye. In survival mode you have players focusing largely on building, players focusing largely on surviving, and players in the middle. You want to cater towards all these groups, hence the peaceful - hard difficulty range.

    When I play survival mode I prefer to focus on the survival, but that’s just me. As we’ve demonstrated there are others with different play styles and that’s great, those differences is what keeps the game going.

    However, I do believe there is a valid argument to be had that over time the game has leaned increasingly towards building / collecting rather than survival. Which is fine, but I don’t think that play style should get all the attention. I originally imagined this suggestion as a way to provide some challenge for hard mode players, fear yet overall not much to normal mode players, and nothing to easy mode players, as I by no means wish to force my way of playing onto others. This way, the change can appeal to everyone.

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    posted a message on More fantasy and made up creatures

    In short, this forum has this upstart crazy idea that they are the shark tank of Minecraft suggestions and every great suggestion should come here to earn “support” and advice before going onto the feedback forum to be added. When in practice all that happens is the rare few people frequenting here shoot down general concepts of ideas and then the new folks get discouraged by the negativity so they never post again. Rinse and repeat.

    So with that in mind, let’s forgo the frankly pretentious “old suggestion guidelines” that went on forever back in the day and take a more lenient approach. Do I want more fantasy mobs? Yes. Ergo Support.

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    posted a message on Posse: A mod for people with no friends!

    I like this.

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    posted a message on The Smithing Table and 1.16

    A use for the Smithing Table? Sounds good to me.

    Full Support.

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    posted a message on JADE - The Decorative but Useful Nether Ore


    Well, it's been a while. Nice to see some familiar faces.

    Jade is a new ore, a green with a tint of cyan. It is found in the Nether, at all height levels and in all biomes. It's rarer than Quartz, but not as rare as Netherite. The texture is below:
    This will add even more incentive to explore the Nether.

    When you mine this block, you'll get it straight it up like iron and gold. You will need to smelt it into a Jade Ingot. Four Ingots can be made into Jade Bricks, and nine to a Block of Jade. The bricks are pictured below.
    As you can see, Jade Bricks serve as an expensive but beautiful building block. You can further craft the bricks into stairs, slabs, and walls. Feel like the mighty Emperors of Ancient China with this block as your roof.

    Jade Bricks also have a practical use: unlike gold, the mobs of the Nether (with the expectation of Ghasts) are scared of this ore. They will never step or spawn on Jade Bricks, and if they ever fall into the block will scatter off instantly. This makes it a good floor block for homes, or if you're daring, scaffolding material in Nether Forts.

    Jade cannot be constructed into weapons, tools, or armor.


    Although Jade is primarily a decorative ore, there is one item that is more practical. The Jade Urn can be constructed with three Blocks of Jade, in the same manner as a bucket. Place the Urn down!

    Image result for jade urn

    To make a sacrifice, you must fill the Urn with precious minerals. This will alert an ally above of your friendship. Right-click two blocks of gold and two blocks of diamond on the urn and it will begin to fill up. You can left-click with an empty hand to remove all minerals. Once you've completed this expensive process, a mob will spawn in the distance.


    Unlike his brethren, the Rainbow Dragon is your friend. S/he is made of all the colors of the rainbow, with gold trim and no wings. This is inspired by the wise Chinese Dragons.

    Image result for minecraft chinese dragon
    The image was taken from Mojang's Chinese Mythology pack. I think it would fit excellently with the dragon.

    When summoned, the Rainbow Dragon will arrive outside the urn. If the urn is underground, it will be teleported to the outside where the Rainbow Dragon can reach it. It will inspect the sacrifice, and then bow to the player before the urn disappears and the dragon flies off.

    All the player gets is a red and gold coin, called the Dragon Token. So what does this do?

    The Dragon Token is a "call for reinforcements". If you ever feel unsafe, and in need of clearing lots of mobs fast, consume this Token and the Rainbow Dragon will arrive to help a friend, fighting with half the strength of the Ender Dragon against all hostile mobs (never other players). Our rainbow friend can travel through blocks like the Ender Dragon. All mobs killed by the dragon drop items as normal.

    Some prime examples of using the Rainbow Dragon include:
    1. In the midst of a Pillager Raid, which can go on and on.
    2. When nearing death in a Nether Fortress or Ocean Monument.
    3. During the Ender Dragon boss fight (dragon fight!)

    The Rainbow Dragon technically has infinite health but will run away after losing 100 Health Points (50 hearts) OR when 100 seconds since summoning has passed. After this point, you will need to restart the process of collecting 27 Jade, 18 Gold, and 18 Diamond.

    This should hopefully give some incentive to not just mine Jade, but also Gold and Diamond in the later game, for you never know when you need a little help.
    Overall, Jade is a mainly decorative ore with a unique property and a super useful (albeit costly) ability in the later game. It would be an excellent fit for the Nether.
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    posted a message on Test Mode - a mode for the mapmakers

    Hello everyone! In this post, I'll suggest a new game mode to Vanilla Minecraft... Test Mode!

    Every game-mode in Minecraft feels designed for a specific purpose. This is often thanks to Minecraft's many different playstyles.

      Survival Mode is (contrary to its name) for adventurers playing the vanilla game.
      Creative Mode is for builders or redstoners, wanting to build something without survival mode's restraints.
      Adventure Mode is for adventure map players.
      Hardcore Mode is for those seeking a challenging "survival" game in Minecraft.
      Spectator Mode isn't really for anyone playstyle but does come in handy for many minigames.
    Where Survival is for adventurers, Creative is for builders, and Adventure is for map-players, Test Mode will be for map-makers. It will also come in handy testing gameplay as an in-between for survival and creative modes. Now, let's take a look at some of the unique feature Test Mode brings to the table.


    Test Mode's greatest feature is the ability to take damage, without the inconvenience of having to respawn. Notice the faint red hearts in the picture above. These represent had you been in survival mode, you'd only have four hearts left. If you take enough damage to reach no hearts left, the game will keep you at "no hearts" for five seconds before they all return, accompanied by a wooshing effect.

    This has no effect on gameplay at all, but would be very useful for mapmakers to test how difficult it is to fight an enemy without having to constantly respawn. You can also test fall damage, potions, and hunger through this method. Unlike the health bar, the hunger bar is impacted when you reach three hearts left. Eating can heal up the health bar, and subsequently, the "fully red" hearts. But as long as you avoid the void, you cannot die in Test Mode.

    Tools in test mode operate as they do in survival mode. Building / excavating is for survival mode. Items operating as they do in survival makes it useful to test how quickly it takes to destroy a series of blocks on survival.

    For example, say you have a map that gives the player a stone pickaxe and tasks them to destroys a few blocks of obsidian in a minute. You have set up a redstone clock to unleash lava from the ceiling should they fail. The player must focus all their efforts on mining as quickly as possible. You want to test how difficult this challenge is. In current vanilla Minecraft, you'll have to switch to survival or adventure mode, and should you lose, the lava will come down and kill you, forcing you to respawn (hopefully you've remembered to turn of /keepInventory). But in Test Mode, you can run the test without the annoyance of death.

    Flying is also disabled in Test Mode, but because resources are free from the inventory, feel free to take an elytra test flight. Don't worry about crashing into something; you won't die.

    The inventory for Test Mode is an exact copy of creative mode, but the building process is a bit different. In Creative Mode, you can stack the same block together like in survival, but it's a pointless feature because you never run out of blocks. In Test Mode, you can still collect infinite resources as in Creative, but once you place a block down it will go away, like in Survival.

    So if you want to build a cobblestone pillar best you shift-click in the inventory for a stack, or else you'll only go up by one block before running out.

    This feature isn't exactly for mapmakers, but rather survival mode players seeking to build a nice structure from a creative test world. As it stands, there is no way to tell how many blocks are required to replicate said build into survival mode (or how many blocks you've placed, period). But in Test Mode, you can test how many blocks have been placed.

    This feature wouldn't work for either Survival or Creative modes because of their focus towards sandbox or survival respectively. But it strongly fits with Test Mode. Build something in Creative Mode and switch to Test Mode to get a good idea as to how much is needed to build in Survival. Alternatively, build it all in Test Mode so you understand how building the structure is going to feel like in Survival.

    You can reset this tracker with /count reset.


    Thank you for reading this suggestion. I hope you like it. Feel free to post any feedback, positive or negative, below.
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    posted a message on An Actual Idea for Owls

    Thank you for putting thought into your suggestion. Looks ominously at the rest of the forum

    I would also like to see Owls in Minecraft. However, I do have one issue with this idea - that owls are hostile. In Minecraft, it is a general rule that real-life animals are not hostile. This is because it encourages "animal cruelty". Although I don't agree with Mojang's slippery slope reasoning I would agree that turning an animal "evil" in the eyes of the player is not ideal.

    The only animal somewhat real is the Spider, but that is a Giant Spider. Even the Polar Bear which you would assume is to be hostile in a netural mob. You must provoke it. So I think the owl should behave in a similar way. Alternatively turn the owl into a "fantasy" mob and have it behave however you would like.

    Partial Support.

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    posted a message on paint buckets

    This sounds impossible and would radically alter how we perceive building. Unless you can provide further detail going into the specifics of the action, no support.

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    posted a message on Which biome will you choose in Minecon LIVE?

    I’ll vote the desert. It’s been lacking in content for a while, and the addition of palm trees would be fantastic. And the meerkats are so cute!

    oh wait...

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    posted a message on More Forest Life

    I Suggest Not Capitalizing Every Word You Type.

    Furthermore. I Think You Need More Detail. If You Had More Detail I Think I Would Support This. Except The Fur Armor Because That Encourages Animal Cruelty. Everything Else Sounds Good But Needs Explanation. We Cannot Read Your Mind.

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    posted a message on Sky dimension and mobs idk really where to put this for tags

    Sounds cool! I would be interested in exploring this new dimension. It feels like a mesh of all the old Minecraft ideas, which is really smart! It probably needs some more things to make complete, but overall, a cool new world!

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    posted a message on Armor for wolves

    Agreed. It's especially annoying when your friendly wolf dies. Furthermore, it would give a powerful use for diamonds in the endgame after you've made god-tier armor. You now have to craft diamond wolf gear if you want a strong wolf army (instead of just breeding them like rabbits for the strongest wolves).

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    posted a message on ADD DOG BREEDS

    If cats have them, why not dogs? Support.

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    posted a message on The Pyromage and The Ballista

    I think the pyromancer would be better if it were an illager, not villager. Then you would have to fight them!

    I really like the bastilla idea, though maybe a bit too much like the ravager. What if you... combined them? I think it makes sense for the ravager to be able to destroy blocks.

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    posted a message on Castle Gates and Castle Equipment Update

    I think this idea is cool in practice, but ultimately breaks with most of what makes Minecraft so great - the simplicity. You don't need tables, you could have fences and pressure plates. You don't need chairs, you've got stairs. Should a builder want this they are always welcome to use mods. But I don't think it fits into vanilla, sorry.

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