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    posted a message on Fishing Overhaul
    Quote from Pumpgun64»

    Even though I like most of your suggested changes regarding the fishing-system, I'm not fully on board with adding four new items just for fishing. I would rather see items already in the game getting aditional features instead of adding new ones. For example you could maybe replace worms and bread crumbs with different seeds and netherbeetles with netherwarts and nightstalkers with chaurusfruits.

    That's a good point. Right now there isn't much of a point behind getting say beetroot when there's wheat. Adding their seeds as bait would solve this issue. On the other hand, bugs are a common bait irl and worms would give a use for dirt. I'll make a poll to see what people think.

    With this suggestion, is AFK fishing still possible?

    It is no longer possible. The bobber must be in the water for more than 5 seconds for a chance of treasure (which only occurs 15% of the time now).

    I fully approve of this idea. I would add that certain water blocks only hold a certain amount of treasure items you can obtain by fishing there, so you would have to move around and not sit in one place to get loot. It would completely finish off AFK fish farms, as well as add a bit more realism (eventually a certain area would no longer have anything useful, right?).

    This is also a hard decision, but while it does make more sense this might be annoying to those who want to fish by their base. As McNubberson points on servers fishing would become quite difficult.

    (Oh, and perhaps Nightcrawlers would actually be a more appropriate name for what is essentially a parasite?)

    Good point, I'm changing that now.

    Quote from McNubberson»

    Recap. Fish mobs should increase fishing rate. See my bait suggestions. Rods aren't totally useless, I use them all the time. It's the way I, and many many of my other friends like to fish. It's a great way to sit around and just BS about other things than just minecraft. Just like real life! Also just like real life, when we catch something "spectacular," we trade for it, it ups our economy. It also drives some server economies.

    While some baits repelling fish and others not would be interesting, Minecraft doesn't seem to have a preference over fishes. If I catch a salmon I wouldn't really care that it wasn't cod- they both serve the same purpose. If there was more variety between fishes this would be a very interesting system, but as it stands I don't see how this would work for the average player. Since each fish species lives in a different ocean biome, this can still play out to a limited extent with villager trading. For example, a taiga villager requests a tropical fish, so you venture to a warm ocean and fish for one.

    Remember the chances of getting treasures are per person, so even everyone was fishing in the same pond they would still all have an equal chance of getting something (not very realistic, but gameplay is more important). Now that I'm thinking about it, fish mobs will need to be more common. Every lake or river should have them.

    As for trollers attacking the fish coming to the bobber, I haven't thought of this before. Fish are faster and the distance is quite short, but I can see someone trolling. If that happens remember that you'd be close to the troll and they'd have wade through the water, so just attack them. This could be fixed if the fish had more health, but that might be too unrealistic.

    I suppose you could get a friend to sit by the bobber and share the fish. That way you keep your bait. But your rod would be taking damage as would your friend's sword (which would be better spent against mobs). And you wouldn't get an XP out of it.

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    posted a message on The Longboat! +Model and Texture

    This is the most logical way bigger boats could be added. It would be very useful but also doesn't make normal boats entirely pointless. I suggest the longboat moves a tad bit slower as it has more mass.


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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    Biome Profile: Frosty Flatland
    A plain chock full of snow of fristum.

    The Frosty Flatland is the “default” biome of the First, the first thing people think of. Their generation is nearly identical to Overworld Plains generation, with dirt being snow and stone fristum. Upon first glance it would seem the entire biome is snow, some quick digging reveals this is quite the opposite.

    Underground [crystals or other ore] spawn at a regular rate. The caverns go all the way to the bottom of the world. Rarely, one might find a small pool of nitrogen/mist on the surface. All mobs spawn here (except those from the Gear).

    • Frosty Flatland: The generic flatland, 3 out of 4 chance this will generate.
    • Frosty Flatland M: The region is flat for the most part, however large fristum structures jut out of the landscape.

    Also a reminder for the poll.

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    posted a message on Add "Mob A: The monster of the ocean depths" into Minecraft.

    I agree. Mojang probably has everything all set up, all they need to do is code it. Why they didn't add all four is beyond me.

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    posted a message on Remove the Crafting Guide

    I never use the crafting book, even when o forget a recipe I use the wiki out of habit. That being said, some people do use the recipe book and removing that would be unfair. It os a good reasource for many, I'd go as far as suggest more recipe books for smelting and brewing.

    The only part I dislike is how ugly the icon looks... maybe instead it can be opened with a key. Imo, inventory is too crowded.

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    posted a message on Fishing Overhaul
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    The "treasure" could also run out in a certain chunk, requiring the player to relocate if they still want to fish up nametags, enchanted books, etc.

    EDIT: Also, will you be making a support banner?

    While I'd typically add anything that further kills AFK fishing, this has the counter effect of forcing good players to fish away from their bases if they want to have a chance towards treasure. Also it isn't that hard to move a fishing farm.

    I was originally not going to make a banner, but considering the support so far I probably will.

    Why would you try to make it more fun to catch and eat your own kind?

    A common misconception. You see fishing is a gigantic conspiracy, we don't actually take the bait these genetically engineered robo-fish do. The humans think they are tasting fish, but really its just a combination of protein and their trash. The more humans fish, the less they suspect of our secret plan to overthrow them.
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    posted a message on The Phantom Additions

    I'm seeing a lot of views, but no replies. Is this idea that bad?

    Can't forget about lurkers!

    I like some of these changes, I don't like others. All in all I think it's good to add more things to the Phantom, the overworld sky has been lacking for quite some time. Instead of making variants for each phantom, how about all the phantoms have new behaviors?

    I think Creeper Phantoms would be cool, sort of like WW2 bombers. Though they should drop vertically, and only happen every now and then if a creeper is around to avoid being overpowered.

    Fire Phantoms would be great, a reskin of the Phantom but red with yellow eyes. They should spawn the exact same way as Overworld Phantoms, only in the Nether. I also suggest you rename them Nether Phantoms.

    The sucker is really unique- I like it! Reminds me of dementors. How about all the phantoms have this ability, but instead of growing in size they regain lost health?

    I'm not so found of the other ones... they sound too moddy if that makes sense. I don't think we need a new phantom boss either. Remember that these are just my ideas to improve your thread.
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    posted a message on New mobs of animals in extinction way.
    Quote from TaipeiKing»

    Avoid profanity.

    As ScotMiser said, this suggestion isn't suggesting anything. It actually sounds like the SJW way of thinking, asking for big concepts with little detail expecting the developers to add everything perfectly. Go into detail on the pandas and other mobs.
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    posted a message on Japanese rock gardening (create patterns in sand using the hoe)

    I like it! Hoes have always been a weird tool, a new use would be much appreciated.


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    posted a message on The Merpig! Your new trusty water mount! +Model and Texture

    While I appreciate the effort and originality, this looks too much like a dolphin. They should just make dolphins rideable, but if Mojang won't do it than I suppose this is the next best thing.

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    posted a message on Fishing Overhaul
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Awesome! I think everyone can agree that fishing is dull, so this will benefit everyone. I especially love the nether beetles and nightstalkers. Only suggestion I have for those critters is maybe a name tweak/change for the nightstalker, as now it sounds like another name for the phantom. Just my opinion though.

    I especially like that you tied in breaking AFK fish farms into this. My only question is: Since you can still fish from empty waters (and get treasure), how is AFK fishing removed?

    Maybe nightcrawler for the name? I was trying to think of something that fit with the rest but was also original.

    AFK fishing farms technically still work, but without fish they are far less useful. Currently fish make up for 85% of all loot, so expect treasure to only happen 15% as often as it used too. Fishing rods still take damage from going in water, so you'll be wasting loads of string and sticks by spamming it. You'll also gain far less XP, so even mending rods will fall apart. Now that I'm thinking about it, I could kill AFK fishing entirely if treasure only came if you spend more than 5 seconds in the water.

    The most common way you'll now get treasure is stumbling upon it, or through great patience and attention.

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    posted a message on Fishing Overhaul


    Fishing has always been an awkward part of the game. There are three ways to get food- hunting, fishing, and farming. But while hunting and farming each have their own set of advantages, fishing is pointless. Animal spawn more commonly, drop more meat, and killing them is much quicker. Crops may take time, but you can do something else while they grow and once you have them are a reliable source of food forever. Fishing forces you to stand by and do nothing, forever waiting for the next “fish” to come. Even if you do it right, you might get an old boot! You can get enchanted books, but it’s much more fun to raid dungeons. It’s only legitimate use was to get the fish item, which I guess was something.

    But now with Update Aquatic fishing loses it’s one use. Why wait for fish to come to you when you can just jump into the ocean and kill a fish with a sword? Fishing rods are now 100% useless.

    But believe it or not, I think fish mobs may help fishing. Having actual fish helps with the realism and makes it simpler. The whole system was flawed form the start, we must completely redesign it.

    The New System

    When a fish hook is sent out, the water blocks it lands on is detected. This is the “hook block”. Instead of creating “fish” randomly, the hook block will attract fish mobs already in the area. The fish mobs may head over and “take the bait”. They will tug the bobber for 2 seconds, and if the player right clicks during this timeframe they will despawn and become items. This solves multiple issues:

    1. You can now determine if you are going to have a good or bad day at fishing. There’s a bit more strategy involved now and less waiting around bored. You also know what type of fish you’re gonna get.
    2. Ding doing AFK fishing is dead!
    3. Fishing is no longer redundant. The fish mobs will be faster and have a smaller hitbox. You shouldn’t be able to grab a fish in the water with ease. To counter this, we have fishing. Why chase after little fish when you can have them to come to you?
    4. This places fishing in the middle of the food harvesting systems, more consistent yet slower than hunting animals, and quicker yet less reliable than crops.

    Red concrete is the water block where the bobber lands. The yellow area is where fish might take the bait. Fish not in the red or yellow zones will not be attracted to the bobber, unless they swim into the zone. This applies on the y axis as well.


    As it stands, the range of a fishing rod is very small. You can increase the range by adding bait to your rod. Bait acts like arrows, when you right click your rod with some bait in your inventory the bait is automatically added to the rod. If you do not attract any fish, you will keep your bait- but if a fish grabs the hook and you don’t pull it in time the bait will be lost.

    While you could fish without anything, it’s much more efficient to use bait. The first bait is very easy to find, with each bait progressively harder to obtain.


    Worms are the universal bait, and in Minecraft serve as the first, most common bait. The average player will use worms, while the later baits are for advanced fishermen. Worms can be found by destroying dirt blocks, at the same chance as flint with gravel. Worms do not replace the dirt block, so you are guaranteed to get your dirt back.

    Right now, dirt doesn’t have a use. Worms would change that.

    Bread Crumbs

    Putting one bread into the crafting table will yield four bread crumbs. Bread crumbs increase the radius even more, giving them an edge over worms. But unlike worms, bread crumbs come at a cost. Don’t use waste your bread on crumbs unless fishing is your main food source.

    Nether Beetles

    How these beetles made it to the Nether, we will never know. What we do know is they found a way to thrive there. Nether Beetles can be found rarely when Netherrack is destroyed, half as often as worms do with dirt. As they are rather hard to obtain, nether beetles are only used by the most dedicated fishermen.


    The greatest bait in the game, the mysterious nightcrawler increases the radius of your fishing rod to 5 extra blocks. But getting one isn’t easy- you’ll have to confront a phantom!

    Phantoms only drop these 75% of the time, so don’t expect to have these in bulk. If Mojang adds a new drop for the Phantom, Nightcrawlers can instead be found in End City chests.


    Treasure stays roughly the same. At random intervals, the bobber will drop down (but the bobber must be in the water for more than 5 seconds). If you right click during this time you will pick up treasure. It might be hard to see, so pay attention! Fish will never be picked up, so you know if you’re getting treasure or fish. So yes, you can still “fish” in empty waters.

    Fishing enchantments work the same as before. Luck of the Sea increases the chance of good treasure. Lure increases the chances for a fish inside the yellow area to take the bait.


    To summarize, this new fishing system finally gives fishing (and fish mobs by extent) a use. It makes fishing more strategic but also easier to understand. It even puts an end to AFK fishing. The new baits provide new uses for dirt, netherrack, and the phantom.

    With the current system, Update Aquatic has made fishing redundant. This new system, instead of cowering down, takes advantage of the fish mobs to create a more engaging fishing experience.

    Thanks for reading. I might not respond for a while because I've gone fishing.

    If you enjoyed this thread check out a similar suggestion for improving fishing by Wolftopia. That thread focused purely on AFK fishing.

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    posted a message on Mermaid Villages

    This sound cool, more features for the ocean is always great. Maybe they attack with tridents?


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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't going to die.... Its going to be murdered...
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    This data says that Minecraft is still becoming more popular. Much more so - the number of active players has nearly doubled in only 1 1/2 years:

    I'm getting tired of these "Minecraft is dying" threads. They have become redundant, every comment keeps an endless circle going. The OP thinks Minecraft is dying because its old but has no evidence for it. People comment on why he's wrong. Then MasterCaver makes a superb post with great evidence showing that Minecraft is not dying, but only growing. I applaud you for continuously taking the time to reply to these threads with such determination.

    It's gotten to a point now we could make a separate forum just with these "Minecraft is dying" threads if we wanted to. The suggestions forum has a rule in which any thread that is similar to another active thread is locked, as it's redundant. I think the same rule should apply here.

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    posted a message on Reintroduce the Far Lands

    What's so special about the farlands? They aren't beautiful. No one used them, you'd have to spend days of your life to get there in the first place. And once you get there, then what? It's not like they removed blocks or mobs. The farlands weren't even intentional, their removal overall helped the game. Why are people acting like the farlands were the best part of Minecraft?

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