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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from Wolftopia»

    EDIT: Just thought of something. Do you guys think the Engineer will be too similar to PAMA from Minecraft: Story Mode? Do you think the Controller should be mobile?

    I like the beacon beam idea. As for story mode, we came up with the Engineer on our own. So what if a Minecraft spinoff also thought up the idea of an evil supercomputer? Plus the Engineer is more steampunk than digital.

    I thought the Engineer would be immobile, as it's strength is mental not physical. Perhaps the Engineer could analyze the player's actions and spawn the best auto/shock/jugg ratio based on their actions. And even though technically the Engineer is only the red eye, in the game's lore the entire gear is him. The battle consists of the player destroying blocks around the room that are part of it's "system". The eye only follows the player around and shoots the laser.

    Ice Trolls

    Official Description: The Wintry’s bigger badder cousin, the fearsome Ice Trolls inhabit the Frist’s crystal caverns. If you see one, run.

    Alternative Names: Frost Troll (or giant), Frist Troll, Yeti, Goliath

    Ice Trolls would be hostile mobs spawning underground. With 1.13 cave air will replace regular air in caves, so this shouldn’t be too hard to add. Ice Trolls, for some strange reason, will never go outside preferring to let the player escape than see the sky. If it is spawned outside it will rush to the nearest cave, if there is no cave it runs in circles.

    However, this will rarely be a concern, as trolls typically spawn in the cavern depths (though most caves are at least somewhat lit from the crystals). Trolls are not common, in most mining expeditions the player will not run into them. In the rare event a troll does spawn nearby, they are thankfully very loud.

    Trolls have a good sense of smell, able to pick up players from as far as 24 blocks. But Trolls are hoarders, and they keep their precious jewelry to themselves. If a player mines a crystal, all Trolls within a 48-block radius will be alerted (if there are any).

    The ice troll has two attacks- smash and snatch. The first and most common is smash. The Troll will throw on of it’s fists into the air and smash the ground, causing a damage to all players within an 8-block radius. You can avoid smash by keeping a far distance from the slower troll or jumping right as the hand is about to come to the ground. Smash deals 6 health points each.

    The second attack is snatch. The troll will rush up to the player and try to grab them with it’s hand. If the hand touches the player model, it will “snatch” them. The player is moved up and towards the face of the troll, where it “bites” them. Afterwards the player is dropped, and fight continues. While snatch only deals 4 health points, the main point is to give the player the “freezing” effect. During freezing, your hearts turn icey blue and you periodically lose the ability to move for a second. This could be fatal when trying to counter smash.

    In order to defeat an ice troll, you’ll need strong armor and quick reflexes. Jump the smash attacks and avoid snatch at all costs. Trolls act sort of like minibosses. You will almost never find two together.

    Ice Trolls have 100 health points, equal to an iron golem. When killed they drop a Troll Tooth/Fang (alternatively Yeti or Goliath). The tooth can be used to brew a Potion of Freezing. The negative of freezing is the Potion of Warmth. During warmth, the player cannot be affected by freezing at all (very useful in blizzards). Soups will provide the player with 30 seconds of Warmth after eating, but for a longer more practical source use the potion.


    A bit related, a bit unrelated.

    Brass trumpets are one of many loot items found in the gear. These instruments appear to have been constructed by the creators of the gear for fun, before the apocalypse. Now all they do is gather dust. The player can use the trumpet by holding right click, and a simple note will play.

    When a trumpet is played most surrounding mobs will react. Passive mobs spin for a short while, as if they are dancing along with the music. But the main purpose of these is for hostiles. When played a trumpet will call the attention of all hostile mobs within a 16-chunk area.

    All the mobs will rush towards you, which makes trumpets very situational. You should only play one if you have full diamond armor and feel confident in your combat abilities. Otherwise you will not be very happy. But if you can fight off the mobs you be rewarded with loads of loot. This can come very handy for hunting the rarely spawning ice trolls.

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    posted a message on How i think minecraft pvp should work

    Um, you know how every other PvP game out there works? You hold down a button to attack. There's none of that CPS nonsense with other games. Why doesn't Minecraft just adapt that? It would make so much more sense, and would be much better for our fingers lol.

    What games use holding down a button for every attack? And remember that even though it would be easier on your fingers, holding a button would take away any skill. The person with the better gear would be guaranteed to win regardless.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from ZaffreAqua»
    div class="quote-body">

    Mammoths should just be axed. We haven't really discussed them much and I don't see what they can add to this dimension.

    Regarding the Sorrowind, IMO, it should probably be a bit bigger, and have a slightly higher aggro range. I'd also suggest a slgiht adjustment to its look or shape. It seems a little bit generic, although I don't want to stray too far from its current form. Perhaps something similar to a zephyr. I also preferred the name Sorrowind. Unless anyone has any alternate ideas or opinions that can the the name. As for the shape, remember we want to keep it simplistic.

    -As for the cloud terrors, I may have come up with something else for them. Although because of this they may be named "prismites" instead.

    I'm thinking of making them a more crystal-like creature (still capable of flight) that disguises itself among large batches of crystals that spawn on the surface and underground. They would attack if you try mining their crystals, or if one spawns flying randomly, by trying to shoot one down

    Upon death, they drop crystals and/or crystal shards of varying color. If we haven't found a use for crystals yet, being able to customize armor and weapons (mostly visually but with very minor buffs), create colored light blocks, perhaps a sort of range weapon, or a sort of utility block. For shape, I can see about sketching one. Yes. Cloud terrors currently are too similar to Sorrowinds, this would make them unique and useful.

    Crystals could buff the durability of armor a bit, though it would mainly be decorative. They can also craft a stronger, reinforced glass and make rainbow beacons. We need a couple more uses for them though.

    For the slimes which I vote to call "slushes," I forgot, what was everyone's thoughts on that? Didn't I need to make something involving a visual for the tool it would provide?

    Originally I didn't want a slime variant, but if it's different from the others and hasn't a useful drop I think it could work well.

    Wolftopia: For the coloring, how about brownish (copper/bronze) with gold trim?
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    posted a message on Bamboo Forest
    Quote from Shroom_Kid»
    IntroductionThe Bamboo Forest would be a new, somewhat rare biome that would spawn in the overworld. Obviously, it contains tall bamboo trees. It would make a great addition to the game, since more biomes would be cool and add diversity to the landscape. So, let me go a little more in depth. Liking this so far, more biomes is always good.
    BambooThe Bamboo trees are different then normal trees. First, they aren't full blocks, and their dimensions are similar to that of a fence. However, it is slightly shorter than a fence, so you can still jump over them. How do the logs stack then, or connect with leaves? This would mess with the blocky grid. Secondly, They grow much taller than normal tree, about the height of a jungle tree, Agree with Wolftopia, this is too tall. Maybe half the height. Thirdly, in order to craft Bamboo Planks, the player must use four Bamboo logs instead of just one. This is to prevent the player from getting too much wood, since there would be a ton of them. There's a ton of wood in all the biomes. What makes this different? Not only is it unrealistic, bamboo trees are also unnecessarily complicated. and Finally, unlike other trees, you can't get Bamboo leaf blocks. Now you are just limiting the player's building opportunities. Also, Bamboo trees can be different colors too. Either yellow or Green, depending on if you find them in a Green or Yellow Bamboo Forest. Neat, I assume this means green and yellowish wooden planks. Agree with wolfotpia that a hybrid forest could work.
    Bamboo planks have a unique look to them unlike their carbon-copy cousins. Instead of just looking like a bunch of planks mashed together, they look like a bunch of bamboo sticks...mashed together. This creates a very unique looking pattern and is perfect for making a cool looking house. Also, like all the other planks, they also have stairs and slab variants. However, you have to craft smooth bamboo to make them, which is crafted by . Smooth Bamboo works well for floors and ceilings, and looks similar to normal wooden planks, only shinier.
    PangoPango would be a new, neutral mob that spawns in the Bamboo forest. It looks similar to a Giant Panda, except they're bipedal. Oh no. One of its defining features is a long piece of Bamboo that it drags around. When aggravated, it will use this log to whack whatever provoked it, dealing roughly 5HP of damage. It has 50HP, and, upon death, drops a Bamboo Club. The Bamboo Club would be a new weapon that deals 10HP of damage. However, before each swing, it has to be charged in order for it to deal its full amount of damage. No no no now this sounds like a poor mod. Do you really want the best weapon in the game to be a bamboo club dropped by a panda? Imo diamond should always be the strongest. But if you really wanted to make another strong weapon, shouldn't it drop somewhere late game you have to work towards (ex: the end). Not a bamboo forest you could spawn in day one. Also how often do pangos spawn?
    Responces in bold. I like the basic idea but some little features create more problems than solutions.

    Partial Support.
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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    I also like the shocker model, but I don't know about the ballon color. It reminds me of a mushroom. I think white would be better. Also the gray could be swapped for something more steampunky. But the model itself is great.

    Since we already have riding frores and we're starting to hit the limit on mobs, maybe we should cut mammoths. They don't have much of use anymore nor do they have that many unique behaviors.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)
    Quote from steam66»

    We've apparently changed to calling it the "Engineer", which is a better name IMO. It is still a tossup whether there's multiple Gear dungeons and Engineers, but I believe he would be a single boss in his own right, with a boss bar and all that. Would probably warrant a crafting recipe like the Wither too, in case you wanted to fight him again.

    There should be multiple Engineers (and gears) so on servers different people have a chance to get his drops. Also the engineer drops a variety of things, so you'd want to attack many gears to get em' all.
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    posted a message on "Bloom Effect" Option In Video Settings

    This looks nice. Would this also affect the sun?


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    posted a message on Dragon
    Quote from ErikTDB»

    I think I am the first one who ask for a real life mythical creature to be add in Minecraft.

    I am dying inside.

    The Ender Dragon is close enough to a dragon. Your logic that "the ender dragon is not a real dragon so we need a real dragon" doesn't make much sense. I'll support a dragon idea that gives the dragon a proper use and balanced reason to be in the game. How powerful would dragon armor be, and I don't think dragon shells are realistic. You do realize dragons don't aren't real, right?

    How would such a fast mob work on in the enclosed Nether? I fear it would get stuck in the environment. I think the attack should be different from that of a blaze.

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    posted a message on How to be a better builder.

    You could watch youtube videos that show timelaspes of people building something while they explain what they're doing. I watched a series on Building Erebor from the Hobbit movies, and while I'm by no means a great builder I think I learned a lot of from it. They are also entertaining to watch.

    Of course you can only become good at something with practice. So just mess around and work on making it as nice as possible. I suggest stay away from bigger builds until you feel comfortable. Also it's important to note most builders on servers use worldedit to make their designs so huge.

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    posted a message on Collaborative Suggesting- The Frist Dimension (all welcome)

    At the current state we've come up with a lot of neat ideas, but for most of them haven't closed the discussion. The current list of potential mobs:

    Wintry- Wolftopia has mentioned a plant called frostlength that these creatures eat. We should finalize what exactly that is.

    Mammoth- With tamable frores mammoths are all but useless. One idea I had for them is when ridden they slowly take the player to the Gear, as if they are on a pilgrimage to the ancient site where it was constructed. Shift right clicking would toggle this on and off, so they could still be controllable.

    Frore- This ties into the mammoth question. If we still intend on making frores tamable, who will it work? I think the best way would be the rarely find an abandoned egg, and should you take care of it it'll hatch and be your friend. Remember that the foremost priority of frores is to be a hostile threat.

    Badprenup's Cloud- We need to decide a name. Names previously suggested: sorrowind, frigit, boread, gust, chill. Everything else is done.

    Cloud Terrors- Only the concept has been suggested. We still need to work on the full appearance and spawning rates. The behavior may end up more annoying than interesting, and the name may be too similar to the appearance of the cloud mob.

    Ice Trolls- I reskinned the mutant zombie to try and get something close to it's appearance. I spent hours trying to get the darn 1.7.10 mod to run.

    Wind Spirits- Just suggested. I like the idea of a tornado mob, but I think it should be kept to only one variant. I also fear we may be adding too many mobs now...

    Gear Mobs

    Automations, Shockers, and Engineers- For the most part these are done. Steam, could you finish the coloring of the first two? Alternatively someone could make a model. Lastly we'll need the drops decided on, probably just copper scarps with the rare chance of a musket (or crossbow).

    Villagers- Because this seems everyone has their own opinion on this topic, let's make a poll on which NPCs should be added. The options will be Tundrans, Wolfmen, Neither (no NPC's in the dimension), and Other (please comment). I still feel like NPCs wouldn't fit that well into the Frist, currently no other dimension has villagers and the ones you've presented (while interesting and with impressive drawings) just don't fit imo. But this is a collaborative thread so we'll see what the majority thinks.

    Juggernauts- Now this sounds good. I like how we have an anti-speed (shockers) anti-tank (juggernaut) and middle ground (automations). These could function almost like minibosses throughout the Gear. Their sound could be a deeper version of automations that breathes terror into the player. But they should become more common once you get to the Engineer's room. I like the concept for it, but I think the head should change to differentiate it from the Autos and fit with the brute theme. I'm imagining it built into the body, almost so that it is one giant rectangle, with a long narrow "eye" running across. Like this:

    See the source image

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    posted a message on Pandas

    If Pandas were added this way they'd be more of a nuisance than anything else. Why bother to tame a Panda when all it will do is deplete your food and sometimes even steal from you? Perhaps Pandas "eat" sugar cane whenever it grows past 3 blocks and then return it to you? This could automate the sugar cane farming process. Regardless a tamable mob should have a use.

    Also I think Pandas should spawn in a new biome, the Bamboo Forest. That's more of a nitpick though.

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    posted a message on How i think minecraft pvp should work

    Mojang doesn't update 1.8 anymore, so any suggestion for combat would only be for 1.13+. As ScotMiser said this would take away all the skill from PVP, imo it's worse than spam clicking. The point of 1.9 combat isn't that we need cool downs between strikes, it's that there needs to be a skill to fighting rather than just spam clicking (or holding down a button).

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    posted a message on Why did people vote for the Phantom? It's a useless addition to the game most players won't even encounter.

    Phantoms clearly resemble birds, and they have a striking similarity to manta rays. Both these perfect species are being hunted down by poachers. We can't teach kids that killing creatures is ok. As a matter of fact adding Phantoms to the game would be animal cruelty.

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    posted a message on Ridding the phantom.

    If you intend on posting to suggestions, you'll need to put a lot of work into making your idea presentable. People there take things very seriously. If you would like help on the specifics (how exactly to ride the phantom) or presentation (pictures and intro/conclusion) you could PM one of the more established suggestors for advice. I'm sure they'd be happy to assist you.

    Welcome to the forum. The site doesn't crash often.

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    posted a message on Underwater Ideas

    1. Sharks - Similar to dolphins, but much bigger and attack the player. Drops 0-2 shark teeth. Sadly, I doubt this will ever happen

    2. Underwater caves - Caves found underwater that contain kelp, limestone, sea grass, and some rare ores. Could you go into some more detail? Would the ores be regular rare ores (gold and diamond) or new ones? Regardless it would be interesting if there was a benefit to mining underwater.

    3. Liquid Magma - Like lava, but found next to bedrock. Its texture looks like magma block. When placed in water, it doesn't create obsidian. Instead, it behaves like normal. A small aesthetic feature, I don't see why not. I suggest you rename it just "magma" for simplicity.

    4. Trench - Found deep underwater and contains magma block and liquid magma. Good

    5. Sunken Treasure - Found in underwater caves and the seabed. Contains tridents, armor, gold, and sometimes diamonds. Sunken ships are already planned, I don't see why this is needed if we already have ships.

    Responses in bold. I agree with most of these points, though they could use more detail. Support.

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