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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series (Spellbound Caves II out now!)
    Quote from Vechs»

    Spellbound Caves II for the Super Hostile Modpack is out on Early Access!! Check main post.

    Oh, sorry for the break from mapping, btw, I went through a YouTuber phase and also spent about 1,000 man-hours making the Super Hostile Modpack.

    Looks amazing! Might try it out soon.

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    posted a message on [Alpha 1.2.6] Menuz; An in-game inventory editor! 100+ Downloads!!!
    Quote from Wackywars»

    It crashes my minecraft, bs I will not download this again. 👎👎

    did you have any other mods installed? did vanilla run fine? when i installed this, it worked fine.

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    posted a message on Rugged Horizons link?

    If the Dropbox link ever breaks, here's a MediaFire download that I will probably forget, therefore it will remain.


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    posted a message on Forge 1.6.2 installer does not run.

    I got the client running for Forge 1.6.2 thanks to MultiMC. I just need the server so I can show it to my friend.

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    posted a message on Forge 1.6.2 installer does not run.

    Isn't it possible however? I do know that the client has an integrated server.

    Then there is also the Forge Universal .jar that sits inside the installer, maybe I can add that to the vanilla server jar? And then get the libraries from somewhere else?

    And I need to mention, that the case of the mod is more of "this mod exactly" rather than "this mod has those features, let's use it!"

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    posted a message on Forge 1.6.2 installer does not run.

    I had a similar post to this, but that is already old, so reviving it would not be desirable.

    Currently, when I run the Forge 1.6.2 installer, it won't run. Not anything like Minecraft won't run, I mean this:

    I'm trying to get the server for Forge 1.6.2 ( so I can play a mod with my friend. The mod itself hasn't updated since 1.6.2.

    Can anyone help me fix this issue, or tell me any other way I can get the server jar? If so, that would be very helpful.

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    posted a message on [200000+ DOWNLOADS!]Adventure Time Adventure Map!

    Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v99u06b1su5jpj3/Adventure_Time_Adventure_Map%2521.zip/file

    Remember to click the "here" button to actually get to the link.

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    posted a message on How much RAM is needed for a Forge server running the latest version?

    I'm looking for some paid server hosting for more server customizability, and I'm wondering what would be enough for a Forge server running the latest version (1.16.5 or 1.17.1).

    The server will generally have 2 players on it, maybe 3 (just maybe), and will only be running up to 5 mods at once. It's just a small server running between me and my friend for mod reviews on my YouTube channel. I just want to know what would be the RAM needed to have the server running somewhat smoothly with a couple mods installed.

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    posted a message on Are shaders mods?

    It's been a while since I've been on here.

    Anyway, would you guys consider shaders to be mods? Or would you consider them to be something else? I don't mean in the technical sense (as shaders do "modify" the game), but in general. Please let me know.

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    posted a message on Java or Bedrock?
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    (I'd give many of my own examples but it is clear the the moderators hate me for making any mention of my own mod)

    That's because you've done it too much, son.

    Mojang's code is just hilariously bad, they clearly have NO idea what they are doing if modders can achieve 10x+ the performance! That's also at 32 chunk render distance on a quite old system (both the CPU and GPU came out in 2014, and the CPU was criticized for poor performance).

    Also no wonder my game runs at like 20 FPS with OBS recording on as well as having a low end device dating from 2012...


    I would prefer Java over Bedrock. My reasons are:

    - Mods. Lots of mods.

    - Ability to change versions.

    - Maps. Lots of maps.

    - Nostalgia. I grew up watching people playing Java, I'm gonna be playing Java myself.

    Also, the "performance" issue on Java is because Mojang has poorly coded the Java Edition itself (which has been stated in the above post), and therefore it doesn't run at peak performance. You can see proof looking at the above post where TheMasterCaver shows over a 13x improvement in performance with mods.

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    posted a message on How do I get mods that have broken downloads?

    There are a couple mods out there that I will use in the future, however some of these mods have broken downloads. An example of this is the Minecraft 3D mod by SCMowns.

    How can I obtain such mods? I could post on the thread asking for a download, but that would be "necroposting" and most of the time it will get shoved back page after page without any answers. And I need to get these mods in the future because I will use them in the future (like within the next year or two) most likely, and I don't really like just keeping files sitting on my PC I have no use for.

    Also for certain reasons, I can't use Discord so I can't just go on some Discord server and ask for the mod. So what is the most reliable method to obtain them?

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    posted a message on How to make a jar mod for beta 1.2
    Quote from MCLx86»

    Risugami's ModLoader did exist.

    Yes, and in order to use it, what you need to do is add it to the Beta 1.2 jar as a jar mod, and also delete META-INF.

    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    The only potential issue is that MCP (at least as of 1.6.4, I haven't used any other version) copies assets from the .minecraft folder when you install it, which has changed since then (prior to 1.6 the structure was different, with a "bin" folder; if the assets and libraries were also different then MCP won't be able to find them).

    MCP only began copying from the .minecraft folder when 1.6 came out IIRC. So the OP shouldn't worry too much other than he will have to set up the bin folder himself.

    (Note: ModLoader can be downloaded from mcarchive.net)

    You should check the Javadoc for ModLoader Beta 1.2, it contains useful info. And also check out The Zyga's ModLoader tutorial, it's really useful.

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    posted a message on Adfly Sucks

    The issue with most of these adf.ly links is that they are mostly on older topics, dating from 2011-2015 mostly. The issue with that is that 9 times out of 10, the original creator has been long gone from these forums, meaning they won't edit the posts to give a direct link, especially now considering that forum activity has significantly decreased since those times.


    Personally, what I've found to get past adf.ly links is generally foolproof.

    I have this adf.ly skipper extension on my browser which skips the 5-second ad bit.

    However, whenever I land onto the part where I need to enable notifications, I just decode the destination URL, because if you look at the little search box where it shows the current URL, what adf.ly does is it encodes the destination URL inside of the website URL, so I decode that. Then I'm good to go!

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    posted a message on Part 1 of 1.17?
    Quote from Pokemate91»

    well that's stupid. a lot of minecraft fans are going to be mad at this lol

    They have actually split updates into 2 before. Beta 1.8 was the Adventure Update, and 1.0 is the Adventure Update II.

    To be fair, this wasn't very well known if I'm correct, but still.

    Eh, I think we're more patient than you give us credit as a fandom.

    Wait until you hear about the 8 year olds.

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    posted a message on height limit

    The new height limit will be added in 1.18, and to my knowledge it should be the same as what it was in 21w06a. That is subject to change of course.

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