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    posted a message on Nerf baby zombies.

    Also, in the poll, can you remove the whole "i like getting brutally killed by them" part of the poll. I fell like you are trying to lead us away from that answer =/

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    posted a message on TheMasterCaver's First World

    Man, this stuff requires so much dedication, and I love it! I love every single one of these posts. These worlds are insanely cool, and I would love to see more activity on here!

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    posted a message on The Voyager - A Minecraft Story

    Yay! A hole in a hole! JK, but I am really enjoying the journal! Keep it up!

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    posted a message on The Official Achievement Suggestions Thread
    Quote from Aura_Fox»

    Karma Kill a Creeper using TnT

    Raiders of the Lost Block Open both Loot chests in a Jungle Temple

    But Wait, There's More! Find the hidden Gold Blocks in an Ocean Monument

    Miner 49er Mine 49 ore blocks

    Thriller Night Kill ten zombies over the course of one night.

    I was Born in the Darkness Kill a Bat with your fist

    A Big Mistake Enchant a wooden tool

    Stay Gold, Pony Boy Ride a horse with Golden Horse Armor while wearing a full suit of Golden Armor

    Game over, man! Anger more than one Enderman at once.

    I'm Dirty Dan! Throw a Snowball at a sponge block

    Seriously, this game really does need more focus on achievements, they are some of the few things that actually give you in-game goals to work toward.

    I love that joke from SpongeBob xD I am laughing so hard!
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    posted a message on The Lost Island (Journal)
    Quote from Charlito153»

    Entry 23:

    What a stylish zombie with its golden booties!

    I didn't even know Zombies could spawn with only foot gear... I thought it always went chance at helmet, and when that happens, chance at Chestplate, and when that happens, they have a change at leggings etc... Weird...
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    posted a message on Iron Gates!

    Hello, and I just thought of an idea for Iron Gates! They would be a 2x2 block of Iron Bars but there would be a little lock design for it.

    It would mainly be for when you have a big iron bar fence, and it would connect to the iron bars. It could be opened by hand, but it also could be with redstone. When it is opened, it will make a faint creeking noise. The spoiler has the the crafting recipe and what it looks like. It would not be able to generate naturally and would break if you have a stone, iron, or diamond pickaxe. That's about it! I hope you enjoy the suggestion!

    Image of it and its crafting recipe!

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    posted a message on Launcher 1.6.13 problems

    When i try to load minecraft, i keep getting an error message saying it can't download the new launcher. I'm not sure how to get on minecraft if i can't download the launcher! Help? It just keeps saying "Unable to update the Minecraft Game Launcher"

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    posted a message on Carpeted stairs! [23 supporters, and counting!]

    I was thinking, since there aren't blue stairs, purple stairs, Green stairs, and stuff, i was thinking, what could Minecraft makers do to make colored stairs. Then it hit me, Carpeted Stairs!

    This can be world crafted and could be crafted.

    World Crafting, what is it? If you dont know, read this paragraph. If not, go to the next paragraph. If you were to world craft something, its like creating a nether portal, you don't use inventory or the crafting bench to use it. You build the portal. Also, the Wither. You don't use a crafting table to craft it. Thats

    world crafting.

    Anyway, so the crafting recipe would be

    C= Carpet

    A= Air

    S= Stair

    A A A

    A C A

    A A S

    Inventory crafting:

    C A

    A S

    Due to the poll, this is shapeless craftable, so all you need is a carpet and a stair anywhere in the inventory/ crafting table and it will be the same.

    It would then appear as the carpet goes on the stairs, so the surface would be black if you chose a black carpet, red if you chose red, etc.

    World Crafting

    OK, im really bad at doing this paragraph, so i will edit it alot. So, what you will do, you will shift-click the stair with the carpet in your hands, and as simple as that, you have a regular carpeted stair.

    Again, more poll results. The carpeted stair would not have the sides covered.

    Can i get a banner for this suggestion? I would but i don't know how. Can someone please get a banner, i'll put it up, credit you, and you won't be forgoten (i guess)

    Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

    Random other things


    The sound would not be regular stairs for carpeted stairs. It would be the sound of walking on wool/carpet.

    Mob spawning:

    Mobs can't spawn on carpeted stairs.


    Instead of the stair being at a .500 at the middle step, it would be a .550 and the top step would be at 1.100

    Water would wipe out the carpet.

    redstone can't be placed on it.

    If you were to try to place something on the top step, it would float like it would trying to place something on a carpet.


    Thank you Secretplop for the picture!

    Q- Will the sides be covered

    A- No, the poll results say "NO"

    Q- If you break the stairs, will the carpet like stick to the stairs or will it drop?

    A- It would stick, but this can change later


























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    posted a message on The Ultimate List of Epic Fails

    I was building a house with lava walls. Forgot the ground holes.

    firespear1000 went up in flames

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    posted a message on What is this?

    The hole or the water?

    The water, it has happened.

    The hole, you probably made or spawned weirdly

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