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    Quote from Telodzrum

    I wouldn't put it past Umbrella to own Aperture as a subsidiary.

    OK, you got me there, It still pisses me off though.
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    Time to LP this ****! HELLZ YA!
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    Will be playing this map soon with theawesomeonehhh P.S. I'm felixandkenji in Keengamings subscribers.
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    The First Ever Map Created by Felix&Kenji Productions!

    Caverns and Caves is a 12 testchamber map Including:

    Jumping puzzles by firefly157 (Quake Pro FOV: is STRONGLY Suggested)

    Redstone Puzzles by 3t9l.

    and other puzzles included in the map


    Here's a Lets play by TheEpicGameTime's own theKGGames!

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    Happy birthday Minecraft the whole world loves your game and this proves it!

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    Yo what's up people I'm here to review your maps just post the link and a few pics and tell me why I should review your map after that when I PM you that your map is reviewed I'll post it on this thread thank you. P.S. If some of you are wondering why your maps aren't being review I need to see pics or a trailer!

    Robotinator's "The Clock":

    This map was well build and the puzzles were good but the ending was kinda bullcrap I wont spoil it but i give the map a

    "Escape the Facility":

    I don't think anyone can top this well build took me 3 hours to beat it cause of the extreme puzzle and its was A-MA-ZING! Gave me the portal feeling without the portal gun of course and a fantastic storyline with a FANTASTICAL ending I give this map a


    It kinda reminded me of the inception movie seeing everything in a distorted puzzle format with the lava being a huge challenge for me it was exciting! not to mention the story line and how its so AWESOME I give this map a

    "Castlevania REBIRTH!":

    I love the Idea of an RPG game where you name your character and his best friend not to mention all the great structures that went into this map but the spawners did lag a bit but I digress this map is Amazing and I give this map a
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    You are Trapped in a little island with many disturbing noises and decide to look into the secret room... AHHH! ZOMBIE! Noticing this you see 5 chests each has the same amount of supplies, You grab whats in one of the chests and start fighting. Just letting you know... there's no... way... OUT...!
    This map was based on the fighting system from call of duty: black ops Zombies.
    Idea of sandbox survival came from jojinator97.

    Needed to complete map and release:

    Floor 01
    Floor 02
    Floor 03
    Floor 04
    Portal to Up-Grade Room

    ITS FINISHED! Here's the link! Version Beta 1.7.3!

    The Starting room:

    Floor 01:

    Staircase to Floor 02:

    Floor 02:

    Floor 03:

    Floor 04:

    Entrance to Up-Grade Portal:

    Up-Grade Room:

    Feedback is helpful and so are ideas thank you.
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