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    posted a message on [Creation] [1.6] Luigi's Mansion Replica
    Seems interesting! I'll try it out.

    I had played it a while. You did a really good job! Thanks for the map, anyway. :D
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    posted a message on My First Survival House! :D
    Woah, sweet texture pack! How can I find it? :) Anyways, one thing about this: You placed a torch just above the bed. You'll probably get your head burnt out if you sleep like that! [Laughs] +1
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    posted a message on Swamps are now actually USEFUL?
    The swamps gave a nice, calm feeling to the active atmosphere in the near biomes... well, until those darn witches come out to play. And speaking of slimes, it would be cool if we had new colors of slimes. For example you could find orange slimes out in the desert sometimes, and make orange stickypistons! :lol: That would be sweet...
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    posted a message on Nice little seed I just found.
    So, I was screwing around with world seeds in Minecraft for a while Guess what I found? I spawned in a forest smack in the middle of a pack of wolves. Come on, see it for yourself! Here's the seed.

    ERROR 404

    Thanks for taking the time! :Diamond: ;)
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    posted a message on How do you call a Creeper?
    I call them Pain Reactions when they're close to a cluster of other hostiles! :Sheep:
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    posted a message on Please do NOT make leather needed for new book recipe!!
    Quote from servo270

    Rotten flesh is a very usefus dog food recipe, and a good food souce if you have a bucket of milk handy.

    Nononononononononono, you've got it all wrong.

    Why yes, rotten flesh will not poison a dog whatsoever while giving them health, but is that even nutritous at all?
    The answer is no. A good owner gives all of their wolfs quality food, filling their bellies with bacon, sausage and all delicious meat, while making the air smell like a mix of nom noms and happiness. :3 Meanwhile, rotten flesh makes great fertilizer but nobody believes it's true. (aka jeb hasn't added it yet.)
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    posted a message on Sick trapdoor house entrance!
    It's a hatch. Yippie. -_-
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    posted a message on Want to Build Your Own Lego Chicken?
    Cool Story Bro.

    Tell it again. *presses unsuspicious green button*
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    posted a message on New enchantments
    Cook: When you kill pigs/chickens/cows with it, they don't set on fire but they will drop pre-cooked meat. (I)

    Critical: Increases the chance of criticals. (III)

    Spawn: Gives a little chance of mobs dropping spawn eggs of themselves. (II)

    Thanks for reading! Here's a porkchop. :Ham:
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    posted a message on What was your reaction to your first Spider Jockey?
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