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    posted a message on What Would You Do If You Saw Herobrine in Minecraft
    I would first take a screenshot like I do whenever I find a spider jockey or a charged creeper, and then type in /kill Herobrine and see if it would work. If it does work, I'll jump over him and take another screenshot of me standing on his corpse before it despawns. B) If that didn't work, I'd run into a Nether Portal and escape in a safe place in the Nether, while making sure that he follows. The mobs should get him. If the pigmen don't catch him, then the Ghasts and Magma Cubes probably will. Then I would probably do what nazz99 would do.
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    posted a message on Worst Usernames you've EVER seen?
    The way I see it, most of the bad usernames are the ones that join the word of a mob and other words that one might think sound cool, like "enderlord13" for example. Seen a lot of those. No offense, supercreeperman05.
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    posted a message on Community Creations: Epic Ghast Cannon Tower - Survival Mode
    Wow. I think this would be great for a PVP server. It definitely would be, wouldn't it? The only major problem I can seewould be is that a skilled enemy player would deflect the fireballs right back at the tower to damage the tower, possibly killing the Ghast with it's fireball. :unsure:
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    posted a message on Complex [1-2 Players]
    Very humorous and clever map.
    I remember the sign next to the iron door: "I told them many times WRONG DOOR!
    We want pistons" That made me laugh. At one part, I stepped through a piston
    door. It's a trap! It was a dead end, and a dispenser dropped out a Creeper. I, being nimble, barely jumped out before the Creeper detonated. I just found a warp in the map. I remember the button that said, "In case of Pigman Rage, Press button. That's a very nice house you have there. ;) And the thing is really sneaky and smart. There's a button in one room saying "Press button to exit the Complex"; I knew something was wrong. So I pressed it. And I fell right into the yawning Void. I can't believe I was dumb enough to casually press that. :) It's quite easy to get lost- well, that means you did well, Qmagnet. :D

    I would rate it 10/10. No, really, it's the best map I've ever played. Keep them coming, Qmagnet! :lol: :-(o):
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    posted a message on Cows will eat grass, like sheep.
    This here is a totally harmless idea. :)
    Has anybody gone over to a farm once and watch the animals do the things they do every day? Cows eat a lot, you might think. Perhaps it would make sense if you could see cows eating in Minecraft. With the upcoming horses, too, maybe it would be pleasant seeing cows and horses eating grass sometimes. After all, don't all cows eat a lot? (And they eat grass.) They really can eat.
    As we know so far, grass can be picked up and then placed back with the use of shears. What if you held grass in your hand? Might the cows follow it, until you put the grass back where you found it? Would be cool.
    See, it's nice to change the animals sometimes. Remember recently, pigs will not eat wheat. They eat carrots! I find it satisfying seeing all the passive little animals in the game in one place. (Well, except for squid. They don't eat, and they need water.)
    One gives the ocelot a few fishy treats, and joy-joy-joy as the kitty befriends them. The tamed wolf wants meat, too, and would prefer some cooked meat with his doggy friend. They then have puppies. The pig wants some carrots. You give some carrots to the pig and his buddy to breed them. Finally, the cow, mooshroom and sheep prefer old-fashioned wheat.

    We can maybe try having different animals eat different foods. If the cows eat grass suddenly, then how about we don't ditch the wheat. Maybe some animals have two favorite foods? :D
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    posted a message on Is this to much? How do you like it?
    Quote from kernymi

    Way too cluttered.
    I like my room clean and empty.

    Same here. I like a few lava patches here and there rooms when two don't have to share the same legroom space. Unfortunately, one does not simply clean their room when told to and if necessary. :\
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    posted a message on The Scribblenauts Pack [Update 10/22/16] [Custom Music, Random textures, Random mobs and more!]
    Hey, guys! You're doing a really great job on the texture pack. :) Keep this is mind, though, as I have some critism and suggestions.
    See, remember the black text the pack uses for signs and books? Well, apparently- it's basically unreadable! Just look at it. I think the text needs to be more handwrited. Right now it looks like a printer made it with a pile of big, bold pitch black ink cartridges. Perhaps somebody could find text that would look like some person used a pencil to write it? It'd look more scribbly, if ya'll know what I mean. ;)
    Good choice on the yellowish-white quartz, Joeismoe and SirMelty! Looks top-notch, if you ask me.

    Keep up the good work. I'm trying to do a texture, but hey!- I'm new to texture packs, so could you guys give me some tips? :D
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    posted a message on Seed with amazing potential loot!
    I swear that I saw the legendary 5-block high cactus. You almost always see only 1-3 block high ones, but sometimes you'll see a 4-block cactus that is basically impossible to ignore. Or... well, that! I visit the desert every three days to check on it. I usually lose my head and get lost, but I got my hands on some redstone, and made a nifty compass.
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    posted a message on Does anybody have any interesting seeds?
    Go here:

    I found an amazing seed here, for 1.5.1, and let me tell ya, you're really going to notice to great details. Of course, this isn't for everyone. But just most people. Some hardcore miners out there may be dissapointed about the not-so-easiness-to-mine-diamonds. Still, all the adventurers, photographers, graphers and botanists should be impressed. ;)
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    posted a message on Seed with amazing potential loot!
    Check out this amazing seed I found!

    Seed: 1789248750

    Okay, I took lots of pictures, but I'm too lazy to show them on this post. (And for King Sam Spoiler's sake. :Notch: )
    You're gonna love some at least half of the seed.

    -A squid colony, straight in the desert somewhere
    -A lava lake inside the taiga forest (where you spawn)
    -A spectacular 5-block high cactus!
    -Where did that house go?! (You'll probably get lost easily. Better craft a compass)
    -And more!

    You'll be rich soon. :D

    Oops! I forgot- this seed is compatible with 1.5.1, I'm sure. That's when I found it... okay.
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    posted a message on Make a funnier caption!
    Look, my pet rock is evolving!!

    Here's my caption. Think you can do better? :D
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    posted a message on If the above avater is going to kill you
    You're Batman, I'm now a cunning detective and I pull that Batman disguise off, showing a Creeper hippie. It's embarrasing for you, right? :SSSS:
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    posted a message on Funny Death Messages
    _FireBall207_ found a Squid. :Water:
    _FireBall207_ turned on the juice and see what shakes loose! :SSSS: :tnt: :Furnace: :sand:
    _FireBall207_ is only amuteur Ben Franklin. :Iron:
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    posted a message on For The Love Of Notch, STOP COMPLAINING
    Quote from TheEndermanLord

    One of the most polite rant posts I've ever seen, and for once I totally agree. Thanks for being civil!

    I would probably post a "You Don't Say?" image if that would change the subject. :) But I think that's the kind of thing you get infractions for, once again. Oh, good 'ol moderators...
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