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    posted a message on AE2 Tech Add-On
    Algo made some changes to the API for rv1 alpha, i do have an alpha build up on curse that is compatible with rv1 alpha. you can download it from here it is build #81.
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    posted a message on AE2 Tech Add-On
    AE2 Tech Add-On is an Add-On to Applied Energistics 2 which adds new machines and items that are designed to interact with the AE2 Grid. AE2 Tech Add-On was designed with the idea of automation in mind, making it easier to automate such things as an ore processing facility.

    For mod downloads and information check out the Curse Forge page
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 Crash
    Yea, i am having the same problem, but only on one sever. All other servers i play on are fine, and single player works ok too.
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    posted a message on Facing Blocks 2-60 Players
    awesome looking map hubertus. Good job and good luck on future maps.
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    posted a message on (*≧▽≦)Lunar-Isle(≧▽≦*) - [Tekkit 3.1.2] [Forestry] *Discontinued*
    Hello Helvetia,
    My friend VulpisNoctis and I (FireBall1725) would like to apply to be added to your server. We are both highly skilled builders that are looking for a new place to call home.

    Let me tell you a little about us for your application,
    I am 29, my in game name is FireBall1725 and VulpisNoctis is 22.

    As for our exp with tekkit, i'm not sure a number would really be easy for me to say, but it might be easier to break it down by the main mods
    • Computer Craft / LUA - 9 out of 10 - we can do almost anything with a computer in minecraft and have made some advanced computer programs
    • Red Power 2 - 9 out of 10 - Vulpis and I have spent a lot of time working with mostly redpower and have figured out so much, our finest achievement is the HV solar panel machine. We have also figured out how to make very advanced machines that create no server lag
    • IC2 - 8 out of 10 - Know most of IC2, know how to build and make the machines and how to hook them up to make automated factories
    • Build Craft - 7 out of 10 - We dont use build craft too often, We favor using IC2 or Red Power 2 over build craft but are able to use their materials when needed
    • Forestry - 7 out of 10 - We have made some really cool automated factories that produce wood / hummus and other materials and tools that use just the forestry equipment. Forestry has some other things like the electric engine that we use more often than the other stuff. As for bees, that would be our only weakness with forestry.
    • EE - 8 out of 10 - From transmutation to condensing to making some flowers we both love using EE, EE is used in most of our machines to provide the raw materials needed in making the final products.
    • Rail Craft - 6 out of 10 - We have just started playing around with railcraft, making a fully automated train station, We have picked up most of it, but there is yet still more to learn
    As for the other parts of tekkit, We both have been playing for a long time, but still have room to learn some new stuff.

    We would love it if you would allow us to be added to your server as we both feel we have a lot we could offer. We both love building towns just full of machines that do everything from make timers to solar panels.

    As for if we installed forestry, yep we have.

    Our Skype info, mine is FireBall1725 and vulpis' is steven.brelsford

    I noticed that you have 3 different types of applications here, and we would welcome anything that you could offer us, but if you are looking for staff still we would also like to be considered for a staff position.

    I have been mod / admin / etc on many servers and currently own the Crafting Corners network, a medium size network which has both a regular server and tekkit server. I am also a server host, and host 6 servers mainly for my friends and have all the knowledge that goes with maintaining a wide number of servers all with different configurations and plugins. My friend Vulp was a mod and admin and then op on the last server that we were on.

    We have some pictures of machines and buildings for you to look at

    Central Train Station - Powered by rail craft and computer craft

    PVP Arena

    High Voltage Solar Panel Factory (top view)

    all of them can be seen here:

    FireBall and Vulpis
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    posted a message on H-Craft Tekkit CLOSED [1.2.5] [24/7] [No-PVP] [Whitelist!] [Survival Games!]
    Hello Everyone,
    Just a quick update, we added the Crafting Table 3 Mod back to tekkit, so you will need to add it to your tekkit game. To save you the time, we have already patched the 3 files that you are required to patch and have uploaded them to dropbox.

    To patch your game you will want to navigate to the tekkit directory, so go to Start -> Run (windows XP) or press the Windows key + R (Vista + 7) and type in the run box %appdata% from there you will want to open the .techniclauncher folder and then the tekkit folder

    These 2 files go into the mods folder

    this file goes into the bin folder

    Replace the files if you are asked too.

    If you have any issues please let us know.

    we have decided to not use it at this time, as people were having issues with the mod.
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    posted a message on H-Craft Tekkit CLOSED [1.2.5] [24/7] [No-PVP] [Whitelist!] [Survival Games!]
    Quote from Yamnasm

    However, Fireball1724 has offered his services as a server-host. This is really great news, because this means we can run the server again, and now with less lag than before, which means we can have more server-activity with more players, at the same time.

    Close, its FireBall1725 :D
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    posted a message on H-Craft Tekkit CLOSED [1.2.5] [24/7] [No-PVP] [Whitelist!] [Survival Games!]
    Hello, Here is my application to join

    IGN: FireBall1725

    Age: 29

    Bans?: none

    Why you should be whitelisted: I am an advanced builder with both minecraft, tekkit, and other mods. When it comes to Red Power, IC2 and Build Craft, I can make some amazing things. As far as redstone goes, there isnt much that I cant make. The thing that got me known was my computer I made with full color display (used a plugin to change wool colors for the display). As for my knowledge of Minecraft, I own a large server and run a few others that are not mine so I have quite the knowledge on how to fix problems. I even have a few public plugins that i have made up on bukkit dev.

    Country: United States
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    posted a message on Craftadventures:10 month running | 20 Slots | creativ map | market system | iconomy | citys | own islands | npcs | multicultural
    This is a great server, it is defiantly one of my favorites. If you are looking for a good server to call home, check this place out. The server staff are great people, there is plenty of stuff to do, and there is always something new to find.
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