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    I’m using the Tough as Nails mod which is all good apart from one thing. I cannot boil water in a furnace at all to purify it, nothing happens and it just doesn’t work. Furthermore the “config” button is darkened in the “mods” tab and I cannot change the Mod’s config. The only problem I’ve noticed is that in game it says the mod is made for an older version of the game which isn’t true since I’m playing on 1.19.3 and the mod is the 1.19.3 version. Any help https://1921681254.mx/ ? I’ve found nobody with the same issues.

    my issue has been solved

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    So me and my friend want to play modded Minecraft 1.16.5 over lan. Yes we are in the same house we are on same WiFi. Laptop 1 is the host and has McAfee installed and laptop 2 doesn’t. Laptop 1 is the host as its stronger, but every time laptop try to connect to the host it gets stuck in encrypting and gets the error- Internal Exception: Java.I’m.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host I have tried everything turning off the firewalls, adding the ip of laptop 2 to laptop 1s McAfee settings, updating and restarting, removing all the mods and trying on vanilla Minecraft, allowing Java connections through where ever I can, I have tried everything but I can’t seem to stop the error. Worst part is if Laptop 2 host laptop 1 can join the hosted world no problem https://xender.vip/ . But since it’s older and weaker this isn’t viable. Does anyone have any idea on a solution for this problem? We are using Minecraft 1.16.5 with forge 36.2.39 though this problem persists in every version of Minecraft https://omegle.onl/

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