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    "Noble Cinemas"

    A virtual movie theater to satisfy those cinematic cravings

    With thousands of movie theaters still closed throughout the world, I was inspired to create this build as something special for others to explore. But, I was also inspired to build this due to recent nostalgia.

    See, I actually used to work in a movie theater about a year ago. In fact, it was this very same movie theater. And due to my extended time there, I got to be very familiar with the grounds. So, through a combination of photographic memory, and user-submitted images from Google, I was able to look back in time to see every side and interior space, allowing me to recreate this theater, block by block. In every way, this is a very personal build for me, that I'd like to share with you.

    A True-to-Life Exploration Map:

    As I said, this build map is an accurate representation of a real place that I used to work at, and features all the trappings of a mega-plex theater.

    It features 14 Screens, 7 bathrooms, 2 janitor's closets, 2 manager's offices, several stock closets, and a fully realized projection booth.

    The build process was actually quite exciting, because I was able to see how every room aligned and connected to all of the rest. I chose to make some exaggerated adjustments to the scale of the everything to feel "accurate" to the viewpoint of the Minecraft character, which did lead to some spaces being awkwardly squashed. However, 90% of this build is true-to-life. Meaning that when you walk through this, I made sure it felt like the real building. And I take pride in that kind of realism.

    DOWNLOAD Links:

    Here you can download the map either directly, or through PlanetMinecraft.

    "Noble Cinemas" - DIRECT Dropbox Link
    "Noble Cinemas" - PlanetMinecraft Link

    Resource Pack REQUIRED

    In order to enjoy this map properly, you'll also need to download the Resource Pack I built, titled, "Movie Theater OVERHAUL," which features 70 custom blocks and textures. Without this pack, over 40% of the map will look incredibly bizarre, due to the blocks that have been replaced with alternate models.

    I designed these unique models (e.g. recliner seats, frozen ice machines, office computers, etc) in order to enhance the realism of the theater space, and to recreate both equipment and aesthetic elements that I distinctly remember from working there.

    "Movie Theater OVERHAUL" - DIRECT Dropbox LINK
    "Movie Theater OVERHAUL" - MinecraftForums LINK
    "Movie Theater OVERHAUL" - PlanetMinecraft LINK

    I've also created a tour / behind-the-scenes video (included below) that explains a bit more about the construction process. So check that out too if you're curious.

    Also, if there are any items or textures you think should be added to this pack, please let me know. =)

    Featured Images:

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    Movie Theater OVERHAUL

    A resource pack to bring the cinema experience to life!

    Currently featuring 70 original Models and Textures, this resource pack was designed to work in conjunction with my new "building" map, "Noble Cinemas - A Virtual Movie Theater." But has the capacity to be applicable to other similar builds, and city maps.

    "Noble Cinemas" MAP - Forum Link
    "Noble Cinemas" MAP (alternate LINK)

    Half of the models relate to equipment and furniture you would find on the front end, where the customers would be, while the other models and textures relate to equipment and furniture you would find on the back end, where only the employees can be. So this is why I've included things like file cabinets, banker boxes, office computers, audio meters, power switches, those sorts of things.

    Currently, I think this pack does a good job at capturing the spirit of the movie theater I used to work in, and in that regard, serves my movie theater map rather well. However, there are plenty of additional blocks, and even items I could attempt to add to make this pack more complete.

    Before-and-After Comparisons:

    For now, I think this pack serves its purpose. But, should anyone have any specific suggestions for what could be added and would like to make requests, please do. I'll definitely have opportunities to make some additions in future. I already have a few in mind.


    "Movie Theater OVERHAUL" - DIRECT Dropbox Link

    "Movie Theater OVERHAUL" - PlanetMinecraft alternate Link

    Pack Details

    For convenience, the pack includes a detailed text file showing which blocks or block textures were replaced with what item. And I'm including that same list here for your reference.

    TEXTURE & MODEL Reference Sheet: (in order of appearance in Inventory)

    (All Directions are in reference to the model's front side. As in, "their Front is facing North," or "their Front is facing West")

    1. Stripped Jungle Log + Horizontal = Starlight Sconse | OFF
    2. Crimson Slab [Bottom] = Projector Control Screen (Facing EAST)
    3. Warped Slab [Bottom] = Projector Control Screen (Facing WEST)
    4. Cut Red Sandstone Slab [Bottom] = Hot Dog Warmer (Facing EAST)
    5. Purpur Stairs = Recliner Seat | Head Rest (Omni-directional)
    6. Cobblestone Stairs = Recliner Seat | Seat Cushion (Omni-directional)
    7. Cracked Stone Bricks = Black Auditorium Curtains
    8. Brick Stairs = Recliner Seat | Armrest Base (Omni-directional)
    9. Stone Brick Stairs = Recliner Seat | Armrest Cap (Omni-directional)
    10. Chiseled Nether Bricks = Steel Mesh Trash Can (Omni-directional)
    11. Sandstone Stairs = Cubby Organizer (Omni-directional)
    12. Andesite Stairs = Soda Fountain (Omni-directional)
    13. Polished Andesite Stairs = Auditorium Steps (Omni-directional)
    14. Polished Blackstone Slab [Top OR Bottom] = Plastic Riser (Omni-directional)
    15. Granite Slab [Top & Bottom] = Brown Glazed Terracotta Slab (used for carpet slopes)
    16. Blackstone Slab [Bottom] = Empty Register Drawer (Facing SOUTH)
    17. Anvil = Poster Frame Cap (Omni-directional)
    18. Chipped Anvil = Electronic Register [with Cash Drawer] (Omni-directional)
    19. Damaged Anvil = Electronic Register [sans Cash Drawer] (Omni-directional)
    20. White Carpet = Office Chair [+ Gray Carpet base] (Facing SOUTH)
    21. White Glazed Terracotta = Banker Box (Omni-directional)
    22. Gray Glazed Terracotta = Fax Machine (Omni-directional)
    23. Light Gray Glazed Terracotta = Frozen Ice Machine | Dispensor Nozzles (Omni-directional)
    24. Cyan Glazed Terracotta = Frozen Ice Machine | Flavor Signs (Omni-directional)
    25. Green Glazed Terracotta = Green Star Block
    26. Dispensor = Soda Syrup BiB | Open (Omni-directional)
    27. Jungle Pressure Plate = Popcorn Kettle (Facing NORTH)
    28. Acacia Pressure Plate = Popcorn Kettle (Facing SOUTH)
    29. Crimson Pressure Plate = Office Computer (Facing NORTH)
    30. Warped Pressure Plate = Office Computer (Facing EAST)
    31. Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate = Office Computer (Facing WEST)
    32. Dropper (all textures) = Soda Syrup BiB | Closed (Omni-directional)
    33. Redstone Repeater = Recliner Seat | Adjustable Footrest (Omni-directional)

    TEXTURE SWAPS: (exact texture names where applicable)
    1. gold_ore = Audio Channel Meter
    2. iron_ore = Auditorium Controls
    3. blue_wool = Auditorium Curtains
    4. redstone_ore = Power Switch
    5. emerald_ore = DCP Harddrive Ingestion Bank
    6. yellow_stained_glass = Popcorn Warmer | Kids Pack
    7. lime_stained_glass = Chip Warmer
    8. blue_stained_glass = Water Bottle Packs
    9. green_stained_glass = Popcorn Warmer | Large Tub and Medium Cup
    10. dark_oak_leaves = Dark Purple Bushes
    11. furnace_front = Microwave (Omni-directional)
    12. iron_bars = Black Metal Bars
    13. magenta_glazed_terracotta = Black Arrow
    14. Scaffolding (all textures) = Metal Shelving
    15. skeleton [for Skeleton Skull block] = Hand Dryer (Omni-directional)
    16. wither_skeleton [for Wither Skeleton Skull] = Tiny Speaker (Omni-directional)
    17. Loom (all textures) = File Cabinet Drawer (Omni-directional)
    18. Smoker (all textures) = Water Bottle Fridge (Omni-directional)
    19. shroomlight = Starlight Sconse | ON
    20. Bee Nest (all textures) = Tiny Commercial Pizza Oven (Omni-directional)
    21. note_block = Audio EQ Controls
    22. birch_trapdoor = Mop Sink
    23. acacia_trapdoor = Metal Railing
    24. dark_oak_trapdoor = Black Mesh Grate
    25. observer_top = Popcorn Warmer | Bin
    26. Jungle Door (all textures) = Auditorium Doors
    27. Acacia Door (all textures) = Front Glass Doors
    28. Dark Oak Door (all textures) = Employee Combination Doors

    PAINTINGS TEXTURE SWAPS: (exact texture names)
    1. alban = Auditorium Showtime Screen | Burgundy
    2. aztec = Auditorium Showtime Screen | Green
    3. aztec2 = Auditorium Showtime Screen | Cyan
    4. bomb = Auditorium Showtime Screen | Blue
    5. courbet = Sweet Vending Machine | Sign
    6. kebab = Auditorium Showtime Screen | Brown
    7. match = Sweet Vending Machine | Left
    8. plant = Auditorium Showtime Screen | Purple
    9. skull_and_roses = Sweet Vending Machine | Right

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