About Me

Hey. My name is FilmmakerJ, also going by FilmGamerJ, depending on the platform.

I am an illustrator, a voice actor, a filmmaker, and am now working towards developing some games to explore animation and coding.

In a very profound way, putting together my first real build in Minecraft is what sparked my new interest in game development, as the entire process not only involved planning, and trial-and-error, but a lot of asset modification, modeling, texture painting, the kind of thing that one might find themselves doing when making a simple 3D game. Perhaps for the Doom engine. I've also been toying around with Minecraft since it's launch year back in 2011, and have found myself coming back several times to explore the fractal landscapes, but never before to actually build something. Now that I have, it's quite an exciting feeling.

So now I'm here to share with you my Minecraft projects, both Maps and Resource Packs, that I think others might enjoy. But if not, at least I created some things that I had a passion for, giving them all the time and attention they needed to look just right.

Always remember, when you really care about a craft, quality should be a top priority. Maybe not THE Top, but up there.


2D Animation deeply inspires me. I have a life-long interest in collecting as many hand-drawn feature films as possible. That goes for anime too. I adore my fair share of anime series and movies.

As I said above, I'm an illustrator. Love to draw fan-art and caricatures most of the time, especially crossovers. Those are hella fun.

I'm also a voice actor. Been developing my skills for over 10 years and am now trying to make a workable freelance career out of it. Not sure if I'll succeed, but I'll keep at it. (you can probably tell I have an extremely broad range of interests, LOL)

I'm a regular Playstation and PC gamer. Simply depends on the title and whether I think mouse controls work better. That's especially true with FPS's. I'm in no position to get a PS5 this year, and it looks like Sony won't have enough for all who want one in 2020 anyway. So I'll gladly wait till 2021, but you can bet your buns I'll buy one.

Smooth Jazz all the way. Pop and Rock are great when I'm in the right mood. But most of the time, I love to either pull up some Paul Hardcastle, some Yuji Ohno (he composed 90% of the Lupin the 3rd franchise), or video game soundtracks like Sly Cooper, that just put me in a calm, comfortable mood.

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