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    posted a message on [64x,32x] Battered Old Stuff (200,000+ downloads) (WIP) (24-Dec-2019 update)

    Always loved this pack Ozbillo. I hope you are still working on it. I saw your last updated were back in December so it looked promising :)

    If you are interested, most of us from TAU joined the TAU discord https://discord.gg/MnWxSeU

    It would be refreshing to see some of your textures again.

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    posted a message on BEASTRINIA- Pixelmon Server Looking For Builders To Help Build An Online Adventure Map

    This server has been in the works for over a year and we're looking for experienced builders to help us finish our map for Beastrinia. The map is not a replica of Pokemon in anyway, it is freestyle builds. Our own world. We aren't paying for this position but, you are allowed to have copies of your builds that you help us build on our server.

    What you will receive as a Builder:

    - Builder Permissions on our Server
    - Whitelist to our server.
    - Freewill and equal input on ideas for the world.
    - Building experience.
    - World Edit
    - A server to play Pixelmon on, without worrying about others or it going down.
    - Being taught some techniques for world edit and building by FIlmjolk and Annahstas.
    - Any custom texture or block that you will need for a build will be made for you upon request.

    Our server has a discord if you are interested in working with us. Or if you would like to connect with either I or Filmjolk you can reach us there.

    Our Discord:

    What we are looking for:

    - A group of people who love building just like us and want to be creative and implement ideas.
    - People who we can teach and learn from in building.
    - People available at least 3-4 times a week for several hours for building cram sessions.
    - No drama
    - No bullying
    - People who are dedicated to a project and hardworking.
    - People who are willing to only work on the Beastrinia Project with us.
    - Adult peoples (meaning those who act like adults, age is not a factor.)

    What we are hoping to accomplish:

    A fun realistic experience in the Pixelmon/Pokemon world for all ages. New generation items and original items. Adventure and places to discover. Leveling, real life like life feeling (but with Pixelmon), and fun to be encountered. We have so many things planned that it is hard to put into words for the forum because we want it to be a surprise and a new server experience for everyone who loves Pokemon and those new to Pokemon/Pixelmon!

    If this is something you think you would be interested in please contact us right away! We will get back to ASAP! You will meet a group of people already who can become life long friends to build with, play Minecraft with or other games. It just takes joining us in this adventure for Beastrinia!

    What is Beastrinia?

    Beastrinia is actually a very famous Pixelmon Texture/Resource Pack used by many big Youtubers when playing Pixelmon. A few to mention are Joey Graceffa and PixelDip.

    You can see our pack here:

    Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

    We do ask that if you are a Twitch or Youtube Video Developer that you do not make videos of the server before the server is finished. No posting images or discussing it on Social Media in any format. Thank you for your understanding.

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    posted a message on Texture Error

    If you only want the Beastrinia torch models in Excalibur, then simply take the "torch.json" and "torch_wall.json" from the "assets\minecraft\models\block" folder and replace the ones in Excalibur with Beastrinia.

    I can tell from your picture that you have successfully added the torch.png and the "assets\minecraft\models\item\torch.json"

    However, this model only represents the held item. The item and block frolders inside the models folder cover different types of models. The item folder is only for held items and gui, while the block folder keeps all the block/placed models.

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    posted a message on How to disable block rotation

    aah ok, thanks! I should get back into making my packs PE compatible.

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    posted a message on Xray Ultimate 1.12 compatible

    Not a bug. Servers have obfuscation. In most cases this means that they can limit what information they will send to the player. So if your computer does not have the information, it won't see more than 2 blocks deep (for block updates) from and counting the exposed block/s. But it all depends on how well the owner/owners have adjusted their server..

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    posted a message on Equanimity "2 Million Downloads" [32x] [1.11.x]

    ok so...


    Observer block, netherwart block, red nether brick, bone block, removed grass models, concrete sand, grass path top.

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    posted a message on Equanimity "2 Million Downloads" [32x] [1.11.x]

    Hmm, really strange, I can't seem to find bone block, netherwart block or red netherbrick. I had the textures finished and thought I released them before. Must have deleted them. Oh well... I'l just whip up some new ones, The netherbrick was just a recolor anyway.

    And I might just remove the grass model even if I do like it. Gives more volume to grass :/

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    posted a message on Equanimity "2 Million Downloads" [32x] [1.11.x]

    Try Equanimity lite for a grass "fix" as it's not something which can be fixed. The fix is to remove the additions since minecraft does not support partial ambient-occlusion .

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    posted a message on How to disable block rotation

    Is there a way to disable block rotation in a texture pack? Similar to blockstates in resourcepacks? I really don't like the random grass sand etc rotations.

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    posted a message on Decorative Blocks - Vertical slabs, wallpaper, and more!

    This looks really promising. Something which should have been implemented into Minecraft a long time ago.

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    posted a message on Modern 3D

    Been busy with some stuff and ctm hates me.

    But here is all sandstone and the last quartz textures along with sand, bedrock and granite.

    I do intend to release the pack in different resolutions when I'm done with the block textures. Just don't feel like changing all the resolutions each time I change my mind about a block right now.

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    posted a message on Custom textures for unused blockIDs?

    you can however get extra blocks by adding a custom texture to double slabs and other not so frequently used models etc.

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    posted a message on Xray Ultimate 1.12 compatible
    Quote from Shourin»

    "Download for 1.11.2" button is click bait Takes you to a page for a twitch app. Not a resource pack download.


    very funny ;)

    Dunno what curse is doing atm... Seen it on all other packs/mods etc lately. All I can say is to use the button next to it, that one seems to still work.

    I guess it's part of the twitch minecraftforum merge? I might just remove the widget and use different links that take you to the actual download, Really don't like that minecraft forum is messing with us like that.

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    posted a message on Resource Pack Artist needed for Animation Server

    I started using blender a lot myself for texturing and 3d models. I have never done random textures in blender but I know it's possible since I'v read about it before, so you should then easily use either random tiles or a larger tile sheet to break free from the "repetitive" textures. Vanilla minecraft can do random tiles without any mod.

    I could maybe texture some stuff, but first and foremost you should go check with conquest and doku (contact them and check their licenses etc) to see if you can't simply build onto their work.

    Some of my previous work. It's from my medieval pack which has been on hold for some time.

    But to be honest, you guys might be looking for somethign like John smith, I would say that it's in between conquest and doku. Seeing how conquest was based off of it.

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    posted a message on horizontal within horizontal

    you replace the middle piece with the second horizontal and should get 2 different blocks on each side.

    horizontal ctm 1:





    That's a regular ctm, now we matchtile C to a second horizontal ctm.







    What happens for me though is that it does not use 2 new end tiles and I get this:


    It completely ignores D and E

    the top one is what I want, the bottom one is what I get:

    I tried to imitate the decoration on the base of the pillars outside the new york public library.

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