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    Ffx's Survival Server:
    IP: FFx95.no-ip.biz
    Location: New Jersey, USA
    Port: 25565

    Server Information
    Survival server
    -Game mode is on HARD
    -Only 3 mods

    -Recovery hall contains food to get you going
    -Armory gives you some Armour if you wish to PvP or take a few to go.
    -Vault gives no real purpose :P

    -No griefing in enforcement zone, griefing is allowed past the enforcement zone. (The server will tell you when you have left the enforcement zone.

    -What counts as griefing:
    • Destroying other player's territory without their permission.
    • Looting their chests,
    • Spam killing. (killing 1-3 times in the recent 10 minutes will not be considered griefing)
    • Chatbox url spam.
    • Booby-trapping other player's territories.
    -No asking for OP, for the majority of the time even I won't have OP. (I will set myself OP when rules have been broken.
    -I really don't have many rules, short and sweet, just don't be a jerk.
    -Being friendly and helping out others will grant you brownie points with me. (Meaning I'm willing to overlook a non-serious infraction once in awhile)
    -Good and friendly builders will be granted ability to modify spawn.

    I'm just a regular guy trying to have some fun. I like to personally greet everyone new to show they're welcomed. I don't mind griefing much I personally find it as a way to play around with other people, reason I've allowed griefing at the appropriate zone. I am friendly and like to communicate with others, trust me if you think of a topic I will find a way to keep it going. Anyways I believe friendly and helpful people should receive rewards for going out their way (occasionally I might reward players with items ingame, or extended access for being helpful), at the same time I believe people out there to just annoy others should really just mature up a little, there's a limit between playing around and being a jerk.

    Lets have a little fun, shall we? I'm holding rewards for collecting dragon eggs. I am open to suggestions for new rewards and I will add anything that seems fit (NO TNT!). Anyways in spawn I put a board up showing rewards for collecting dragon eggs. Of course you must give them to me (the dragon eggs) to receive the reward. I have done the liberty of spawning dragon eggs all over the place (over 5 stacks) some in easy to spot places and some in hard to spot place, some you might need to mine, a few are in nearly unobtainable places (HINT: spawn). Dragon eggs are not that easy to obtain, there's a trick that needs to be done to collect them, research around on how to obtain them. Have fun and good luck! I am open to more suggestions for activities that do not require additional mods.

    Rewards board:

    EDIT: I would love to receive feedback from your experiences at my server. Suggestions will also be appreciated (such as how to decorate spawn, managing my server better, ect).
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