About Me

Hi. I'm Steax (that's not my real name). I'm from Ukraine. I'm a fan of modded Minecraft, and I do not just play it, I make modpacks by myself. All my available works are on CurseForge, and very recently I decided to place them here too. They can be found on this (no link at this moment) thread. Packs are published from the name of HotSteak Modpackery, a team in Modded MC that is created and managed by me. I will represent it on this forum. HotSteak makes modpacks, and will make mods in future, maybe. It is very young, so I'm the only member of this team, at this moment. But I have a lot of plans for this organization, so...
I'm new on this forum, so I think it makes some things obvious for you. But I learn very quickly.
The other thing is that I film my modded series for YouTube.
Look's like that's all I wanted to write.

Sorry for my English. Thank you for reading. Best wishes to you))

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