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    Have you ever been accosted by cave spiders, only to find yourself woefully low on buckets of milk?

    Well, I have the mod for you!


    Bottled Milk is a mod that adds Milk Bottles, items that function like milk buckets, curing all status effects when consumed, but can stack up to 16 by default (this can be changed in the config file). This makes milk far easier to carry in large quantities, ensuring that you don't have to fill half your inventory to be safe from status effects.

    Milk Bottles can be obtained by using a glass bottle on a cow (this can be disabled via config). Alternatively, Milk Bottles can be crafted using a milk bucket and one or more glass bottles (see below for recipes).

    The mod also adds Splash Milk Bottles and Lingering Milk Bottles. These behave like their potion counterparts when thrown, and remove the status effects of any mob they hit. (They can be prevented from removing certain effects or disabled outright in the config file.)


    Bottled Milk supports Glitchfiend's Tough As Nails mod! If TAN is installed (this mod can be used without TAN), Milk Bottles will replenish 6 thirst points (3 droplets) when consumed, the same as a milk bucket. (supports 1.11.2 AND 1.10.2)


    Milk Bottle

    Recipe for 1 Milk Bottle.

    Recipe for 2 Milk Bottles.

    Crafting Milk Bottles returns the empty bucket. Milk Bottles return an empty glass bottle when consumed.

    Note: A single bucket of milk can make 2 bottles at most by default. Additional recipes can be enabled in the config file to get more milk from a single bucket (up to 8 bottles per bucket).

    Splash Milk Bottle

    Recipe for a Splash Milk Bottle.

    Lingering Milk Bottle

    Recipe for a Lingering Milk Bottle.

    1.11.2 v1.2:
    + Cows can now be milked with bottles directly. (this can be disabled in the config)
    ~ Fixed bottles being destroyed when milk is consumed with a full inventory.

    1.10.2 v1.2:
    + Cows can now be milked with bottles directly. (this can be disabled in the config)
    ~ Fixed bottles being destroyed when milk is consumed with a full inventory.

    1.10.2 v1.1:
    + Added Tough As Nails support for 1.10.2!
    ~ Fixed crash on server startup.
    ~ Milk bottles no longer cure effects that are immune to milk.

    1.11.2 v1.1.1:
    ~ Fixed crash on server startup.

    1.11.2 v1.1:
    + Added Tough As Nails support! If TAN is installed (optional), milk bottles replenish 3 thirst droplets (6 thirst points), the same as a milk bucket.
    ~ Milk bottles no longer cure effects that are immune to milk.

    1.10.2 v1.0
    + Backported the 1.11.2 version to 1.10.2.

    1.11.2 v1.0
    + Released the mod.


    • Cake recipe using milk bottles?

    Thanks for reading! As always, feedback is appreciated.

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    Quote from Redwolf501

    is it updated for 1.6.2?

    Perhaps reading the OP and comments could enlighten you. You would be especially enlightened if you would do that before asking. To hasten your enlightenment, the answer to your question is no.
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    Does anyone know the IP? I donated $15 but I can't find it.
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    I don't know much about this mod, except that mixing Magicks, or elements, or whatever those keybinded things in the bottom right-hand corner are, produces really cool effects, but when I right-click with the Magik Book, the game crashes.
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    I feel proud of the underground Temple of Carnage I (legitimately) built in my Hexxit survival world. Here are some screenshots (Biomass Farm not shown):

    Think.... How many people have an occult sacrificial chamber in their basement? I do.
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    Quote from Humanded

    Wow no life!

    Ditto to you, good sir.
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    Long ago, the Ancients who built the Stronghold and dug the Abandoned Mineshaft grew tired of the Overworld. They had conquered it fully and completely. The mines empty, the underground cities built, and every monster slain, they seeked to create new
    worlds in which to further prosper. They combined the translocational and transdimensional properties of Ender Pearls with the going-through-ness of doors to create a gateway to another world. The new worlds were as the Overworld had been in the
    beginning; they were dark and empty. The Ancients created new strongholds within these worlds, using their dimensional doors to link them all together. They stored valuable treasure guarded by harrowing traps, in case any thieves should attempt to invade
    their many realms. They knew not what lied beneath their strongholds, but every outlaw they caught was sentenced to be thrown into the void below, never to be seen again. These criminals did not die, as the Ancients had thought from their research into
    the Void, but instead they were sent someplace else. If dimensions can be thought of as stacked on top of each other, iron doors lead one layer down. Wooden doors, on the other hand, lead one layer up. The Overworld is on the very top of this stack. But,
    as stacks go, they must all have a bottom. All of the outlaws that were sentenced in the time of the Ancients were sent to the very bottom world, a place known as Limbo. It is a land of perpetual darkness and endless mountainous plains. Those sent there
    were actually doomed to wander this lonely world for all of eternity, for in Limbo, all living things are both immortal and invincible. As if that weren't enough to drive the most sensible man to insanity, there were also the eyes. Red, glowing eyes that
    watched over them, curved downward in a frown, as though they were evil. These were the eyes of the Monoliths, rectangular entities that were responsible for the creation of Limbo. They harbor a dark power that allows them to shape worlds from nothing,
    and to travel between those worlds as they please. They wait behind every wall of every dimensional Stronghold to this very day, occasionally carrying the hopeless screams of some forsaken soul wandering through the bottom of the stack when they enter
    the area behind the walls. If one was so foolish as to confront one of these horrific eyes, it would use its power to send them to Limbo, the homeland of the Monoliths. There are thousands of eyes down there, waiting for some unfortunate soul to approach
    them, so that they can bring them back to the place where they first arrived in Limbo, to suffer all their worries all over again. If you think that the poor people wandering through this endless abyss have each other for company, you are dead wrong. All
    living things are invisible to every other living thing in Limbo. To them, they are all alone. They cannot touch each other, for they cannot collide either. It is worse than the Nether, the End, the Void, or any other alternate world. It is the epitomy of

    Although it may seem pathetically hopeless, all is not lost for the ones trapped in the bottom of the stack. For you see, at the bottom of Limbo, the stack wraps around in some places. The fabric of reality that each world is made of
    forms holes in the bottom that one can jump into. Doing so will bring one back to the top of the stack, the Overworld. Upon arrival, a small patch of reality on which you become situated unravels, leaving the earth beneath resembling a small piece of
    Limbo. Fortunately, not much of the world is unraveled, so you don't have to worry about anything being destroyed. Unfortunately, you could literally return anywhere. You could be three blocks from your house, the middle of the world, or any other
    location. There is no knowing how far you will have to travel once you escape. But, this would not matter to most. The important thing would be that Limbo is far below them, and they may never have to wander aimlessly through its desolate plains again.
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    Y'know, caffeine has two F's. Just thought I'd point that out.
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    Hey! i made a video for this mod! you can check it out here: ] Hope you like it!

    Nice video, but just a few pointers: The Ender Orb teleports the mob you are looking at with if you're close enough, the Omega Defender Orb spawns Iron Golems, the Water Orb is used for going up very high or crossing ravines (you would do this by swimming upwards while repeatedly using it, or by periodically holding down the spacebar to stay in the water while you go forwards through the air), and the Animal Orb only spawns animals on uncovered grass (the grass around you was covered by snow, so it didn't work). I hope I helped =D
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    You might want to add the Defender Orb's use to the Orb Uses spoiler.
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