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    I have already done some UHC with my friends thanks to this "all in one command", now we would like to solve the problem about the commands not working on versions like 1.14 and 1.15 cause it could be cool to play UHC on the recent versions

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    EDITI'm a Mac user and I'm having a very strange issue with this xray mod (with 1.14.4 version). When I install it I open minecraft and I can see the xray options on settings but the game it's like "not opened at all". I'll try to explain: when you open any program in Mac it appears down in the programs bar the icon of the program opened (java in this case) and with a black point on the bottom. The problem it's that when I open Minecraft using a version with the xray mod installed, the icon indicating that java is running minecraft does not appear and so when I enter a world my mouse doesn't disappear to let me move the camera as it should be. Also I cannot use the keyboard so I can't move. As I say I hadn't never reported something similar... I'd really appreciate any help.

    EDIT: I haven't seen that the solution was posted on the previous page, I am sooo happy, I had been trying to solve that issue for hours. Thank you so much.

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