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    IGN: fergyson123

    Why Do you want to be a tester? I want to be a tester because when i came across this server and read the lore i fell in love. I love dystopian fiction and survival minecraft. when i saw this server i found plenty of twists on classic minecraft vanilla and a really good backstory.

    How did you get on the exodus? I was only eleven when my dad, a scientist, got the call. he told us we were going on a "trip" and we all packed and went in the car. we were driving all day and night. while i was sleeping i heard my parents argue. i remember "Earth being destroyed??!!" and my dad saying "We will be okay. we will go to NASA and board a ship."

    When i went on the ship i was tired and bored. i saw people getting in strange tubes for a "nap" i went in one and i fell asleep. i woke up and spent the next 9 years underground training to fight the hellish ghouls and make earth back to the way it was before. I wanted to make humans strong again. I currently live just outside one of the safe zones and I help people and kill power-hungry people.

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