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    I support!

    For all those "AV specialists" who are ranting about how antialiasing only works on curves:
    EDIT: Please resize to 100%, the lines got blurred for me

    And for those who say it will take forever to implement, it is as simple as adding a few lines of code to tell the graphics card to turn on antialiasing, and adding a menu button SO YOU CAN TURN IT OFF IF YOU DONT LIKE IT OR YOU HAVE CRAPPY INTERGRATED GRAPHICS.

    Also, I like what that other person said about a custom shader to antialias the edges of textels, heck, notch should just add custom shader support into minecraft. For now, I don't think MSAA (only does the edges of polygons) will help very much, notch should just add full scene antialiasing to get everything covered. It would only be for those with good gfx cards though.
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    Just something I whipped up in a couple days. There's no textures or anything, just a proof of concept to show that raycasting is a feasible way to render a game like Minecraft. I will eventually add textures, dynamic chunk loading, and more. The advantage of raycasting over polygons is that effects like lighting and reflections are trivial to do - just send a ray towards the light and see if it hits anything for the former, or send a ray in the direction of the reflection for the latter.

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    Quote from slehob

    if you delete system 32 mine craft becomes awesome
    i heard it on the forums but never tried it myself:)

    It works great on 64 bit systems!
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    Sonic Ether, I tried your v8 shaders, and everything works great, except for a couple things. When God Rays are enabled, it looks pretty in the day, but at night, when you look at the ground, towards where the sun would be as it revolves under the world, you can see the rays coming out from the stars, it is something you want to disable during the night, or enable for the moon. Also, Boekh DOF seems to be broken, when I enable it, the game renders without shaders.

    When you are testing your shaders, do you manually copy the files into minecraft.jar? I am working on a batch file to automatically install a set of shaders in the .jar file. I'll share it with you if you are interested.

    As a reminder, if you are looking for support, make sure you provide relevant info, including:
    Operating System
    Java version
    Video Card
    Video Drivers
    RAM (both main and video)
    Minecraft, Optifine, Shader version
    Shader Configuration (Default, Lite, Ultra)
    Other mods, texture packs.

    And anything else which you think may be relevant.
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    We should make a page on Dax Nitro's wiki dedicated to this shader pack.
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    Quote from Beraphim

    I installed OptiFine, and I run it through MagicLauncher, and it works fine and dandy. I install this mod on a clean minecraft.jar, with administrator privileges, but whenever I open minecraft to test it - with MagicLauncher - it doesn't seems to do anything at all. It's as if only OptiFine were installed.

    What am I doing wrong here?

    You have to install Optifine manually, and first, because this mod overwrites some Optifine files. With Magic Launcher, the files for this shader are overwritten again by the Optifine files as the JAR gets patched on-the-fly. After that, you can still use Magic Launcher with other mods.
    Quote from Mikko1123

    First off, this is the greatest mod I have ever seen. Quite top notch if you ask me. I'm hoping to see this go compatible with water shading at some point in the future, because that would send minecraft into a whole new world of BEAUTIFUL, mind-blowing awesomeness.
    So, I'm getting a new desktop in a few days, I'm not too computer savvy, but my father is. So I was hoping someone could help me with some specs for what I would want if i was to run this mod or even other shaders. Also, Sonicether, I checked out your acidplanet page, and I'm definitely a fan. I'm a musician myself and I would be highly willing and wanting to do some sort of collab, if you'd be willing to talk.

    For these shaders, you will want a decent CPU, any Sandy Bridge, Phenom ii, or Bulldozer will do, and a very good GPU. I would go for a GTX 560 at least. (Many AMD cards seem to have rendering errors). Also, at least 4GB of RAM. As for the water shaders, we will have to wait for Daxnitro to add environment mapping support.
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    posted a message on Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders [compatible with Minecraft 1.12.2 via OptiFine]
    Quote from mortos_

    my hardware:
    CPU= Inter Core i5 CPU M520 @ 2.40Hz (4 CPU's) ~ 2.4 Hz
    RAM= 6.00 GB (5.86 usable)
    GPU= ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

    I'm using the lite V6 version of this mod after I tried the normal one.

    I have the most up to date smooth optifine



    those are two examples of my problem. Sorry it took me so long i had to creat an account and learn how to do all this stuff.

    That is most likely because your GPU does not have enough power to use these shaders. The 5470M is a _very_ low end card, I'm pretty sure it is outperformed by some of the newer Intel integrated GFX. You can try lowering the shadow map resolution to 256 or 512, but you will still be struggling to run these shaders :/

    Quote from Moneyman93106

    How do initial this with MCpatcher?

    You don't. Read the installation instructions in the OP.

    Sonic, here's a suggestion to improve performance: Have each block rendered as completely solid or not, do not do any texture lookups to determine what is transparent and what is not. That would mean you can't see the sun shining through leaves, for example, but it would mean that the shadow map is rendered much faster.
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    There should be a mod where you can make drugs in minecraft that toggles this effect on, along with reducing your field of view to about 45 degrees, randomly changing which direction you go when you move forwards, and enabling mouse smoothing.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)
    Quote from IronWill1991

    Try running MC with GPU disabled and see how much fps dip. One of my brother's computer was getting 20fps without 9500GT. When I installed 9500GT and he is getting over 100fps. Having a graphics card can make a difference. You seem to fail to realize this mod uses more on GPU than before.

    Without the mod, all that Minecraft does is draw textured and vertex shaded polygons, which is not very hard on the GPU, albeit lots of them, taxing the CPU, so only a discrete entry level GPU is required to run the game. This mod adds lots of complex shader calculations to the GPU, shifting the bottleneck back to the GPU on all except the very best systems.
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